Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James S. Porter , 1 South 43 West

James proved up a quarter in 21, 1S 43W in 1892, so he was one of the early settlers. .

It's possible that this is a relative of James R. Porter, a well-known merchant in Wray and Haigler, who cash-claimed and timber-claimed land near Haigler in 1890 and 1892.

James Ralston Porter died in 1909.

Haigler, Nebr., is home to the first female postmaster in the United States--Mrs. Arabelle Porter. Mrs. Porter was appointed postmaster in 1882.
"When James Porter unloaded his knocked-down frame house and started rebuilding it near the Three Bar Ranch, old Jake Haigler was heard to complain about "the country getting too crowded" but most of what Haigler said was in jest. Everyone who knew him said Haigler was one of the best neighbors anyone could have, with his door always open to everyone, even sodbusters. Haigler might not have been quite so neighborly if he had known the newcomers nailing together numbered boards would, in a few short years, be responsible for starting a town which would bring hundreds of people to the nearby rangeland. Porter talked about going into the cattle business himself, but his true calling was retail merchandising and politics. He started with selling, putting politics on the back burner of his mind for a few years. As soon as their home was finished Porter and his wife, Arabelle, decided to open a store. Customers were so few and far between that those who came from any distance were invited to stay overnight with the Porters. Inviting customers to spend the night was not just a business gesture. Arabelle Porter was so lonely on the new frontier that she looked forward to customers as people to visit with first, store customers second. "

James S. Porter married Cora Wendell April 22, 1885, in Littleton Colorado.
This is likely the one who was prominent in Garfield County, Colorado in 1900-1940. Their children were born inthere in the 1890's too, so this one is not likely.

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