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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas M. and Mary (Deeds) Robison, 1 South 43 West

In 1880 Macoupin County, Illinois, Presley Robinson and Elizabeth are both 57, with James A. 27 a trader in stock , Thomas M. 24, a teacher, Lonia A. 21, and Margaret B. 18.
In 1888, Thomas M. Robison was "S.W." in the Wray Masonic Lodge.

Thomas cash-claimed eighty acres in 10, 1S 43W in 1891, and Thomas M. "Robinson" cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 1S 42W in 1892.
Helen Robison, Aug 4, 1895 - March 23, 1896 is buried in Wray, lot 2 3 10 6.

Adelle B. Robinson timber-claimed eighty acres in 28, 1S 42W in 1900 - in the middle of the Rosencrans ranch.

THOMAS MARSHALL ROBISON, whose demise occurred at Wray, Colorado, on the 1st of February, 1897, was a worthy native son of Macoupin county and was for some time engaged in the drug business at Chesterfield. His birth occurred near Greenfield, Barr township, this county, on the 11th of December, 1855, his parents being Presley and Elizabeth (Redmond) Robison, who were natives of Kentucky and Indiana respectively. The father, an agriculturist by occupation, took up his abode among the pioneer settlers of Barr township, entering a trace of land from the government. His demise occurred thereon when he had attained the age of sixty-six years. His wife passed away in Hettick at the age of about seventy-three. Unto them were born seven children, as follows: William, who is a resident of Tacoma, Washington; George E., living in Barr Township; "Doc," of Carlinville; James, who is deceased; Thomas Marshall, of this review; Lona, who gave her hand in marriage to Thomas Overby; and Belle, the wife of Charles Nelson.

Thomas M. Robison remained on the home farm in Macoupin county until he had attained the age of nineteen years and then followed the profession of teaching for several years. Subsequently he embarked in the drug business at Chesterfield in association with A. A. Gary. Removing to Colorado, he there took up a homestead and later went into the grain business at Wray, that state. There he continued to reside until called to his final rest on the 1st of February, 1897.

On the 6th of October, 1886, Mr. Robinson was joined in wedlock to Miss Mary E. Deeds, who was born near old Zanesville, in Montgomery county, Illinois, on the 3d of October, 1865, her parents being David and Mary A. (Bird) Deeds. Her paternal grandparents were Philip and Anna (Metcalf) Deeds, while her maternal grandparents were William and Mary (Stuart) Bird. David Deeds, the father of Mrs. Robison, was born near Carrollton, Greene county, Illinois, on the 22d of April, 1832, but spent the greater part of his life in Macoupin county. For a few years he made his home in Montgomery county. His demise occurred in Bird township, Macoupin county on the 27th of April, 1875, when he had attained the age of forty-three years. His wife, whose birth occurred near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on the 5th of May, 1833, still survives him and makes her home in Carlinville. They were the parents of eleven children, as follows: Elra P., who is deceased; William A.; Horace D.; George Edgar; Anna Belle; Mary E.; Joseph B.; Ernest L.; Charles F.; and two who died in early life. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Robison were born five children. E. Juanita is a graduate of the Carlinville high school and Blackburn University and also pursued a post-graduate course in the University of Illinois, winning the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the last named institution. She is now principal of the high school at White Hall, Illinois. Victor Blaine, who is likewise a graduate of the Carlinville high school and Blackburn University and did post-graduate work at the University of Illinois, now acts as traveling salesman for Meyer Brothers' coffee house of St. Louis. Clarence E., is a painter by trade. Helen Robison died in infancy and Mary is a high school student.

Mr. Robison was a worthy exemplar of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to the Greenfield and Chesterfield lodges. He took a deep and helpful interest in the work of the Methodist Episcopal church, to which his widow also belongs. The latter makes her home at No. 520 North Seminary avenue in Carlinville.

Thomas M. Robinson 1856-1897 is buried in Macoupin County # 86375748.
Mary E. "Robinson" was appointed postmaster September 14, 1897, until August 22, 1901.

1899 Wray "Miss Nita, Victor and Clarence Robison have returned to school and
are in their respective grades the eighth, seventh adn fourth."
In 1900 Mary Robison is the Wray postmaster, born Oct 1864 in Illinois, is widowed, with Juanita July 1887, Victor B. Dec 1888, - these three born in Illinois, and Clarence E. Mar 1891, and Mary Aug 1897
1900 Laird, Colorado items "Mrs. Robison and family and the Hoy boys were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Murdock Monday."
1900 "Ed Robison was in Wray Monday. He was not quite as cheerful as ussual. He says a four months' term of school is about the longest time he ever experienced."
1900 "Mrs. Robison and Miss Emma Sample spent the day Thursday with Mrs. Hedrick on the farm, and Miss Campbell acted as post-mistress."

1901 Wray "Mrs. Deeds departed for her home in Illinois Thursday, after an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Robison.

1901 Wray
1902 Wray "Jesse Grigsby disposed of Mrs. Robison's household goods at public auction, last Saturday afternoon."

In 1910 Macoupin County, Mary E. is 44, Juanita 22 is teaching school, Victor 21, Clarence 19 are both in college, Mary 12 is a scholar, and they have a teacher boarding with them.

1932 "Mrs. Mary E. Robinson entertained over the week end her daughter, Mrs. E.E> Jacobs, and husband, also Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs and daughter, Carol, of West Frankfort."
Mary (Deeds) Robison 1865-1950 is also buried in Macoupin County # 91172672.
"Mrs. Mary E. Robison, 86, died at 1:50 a.m. Fridav at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Robert H. Allison. She had been ill for several months. The body was taken to the Kuecks Funeral Home, and later was taken to Carlinville for services and burial. Mrs. Robison was born October 3, 1864 in Carlinville, the daughter of David and Mary Ann Bird Deeds. She was married to Thomas Robison, October 6, 1886 She is survived by two daughters, Miss Nita Robison of Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. Mary R. Allison of Pekin; two sons, Victor of Bloomington and Clarence of Tampa, Fla. One daughter preceded her in death. She was a member of the Baptist Church. "

Victor Blaine Robison is in Bloomington, Illinois when registering for WWI, born Dec 13, 1888 at Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois, a depart manager, married.
In 1920 Booomington, Victor is the Sec-treas of B.F. Hoopes & Son and buyer for J.F. Humphreys & Co.
In 1930 Bloomington, Victor B. and Madgie have Janice E., 10.
They're still there in 1940 - Janice and Madgie have no occupation, Victor has a wholesale produce company.

When registering for WWII, he was running Robison Seed Company in Bloomington.
1913 Wray "Roy Robison lost some cattle as did Clarence Robison." (this might be another one(

Clarence Everett Robison registered for WWI at Carlinville, Illinois, born March 8, 1891 at Wray Colorado, single., employed by a tobacco company.

In 1920 Macoupin County, Mary E. is 55, born in Illinois, Clarence 28 is a traveling salesman, and Mary 22 a public school teacher, both born in Colorado.

Clarence is married in 1930 Polk County Iowa, still a salesman for a tobacco company. He's 38, and Blonda C. is 32.
He's in Springfield Illinois when registering for WWII, still with Blonda Robison.

In 1930 Hollywood, Nita Robison is teaching high school, 43, and sister (?) Anna Robison is 32, also teaching high school. They're lodging wtih Annie McFarland, a German widow.
1936 Carlinville "Miss Nita Robison of Hollywood, Calif., and her mother, Mrs. M. K. Robison, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McClure, Wednesday evening. "
Anna D. Robison is a teacher in 1940 Los Angeles, 44, born in Illinois.

In 1940 Hollywood, Nita is 52, a registar for the public schools, sister Mary R. Jacobs 42, widowed is a home economist for a gas range manufacturer.
In 1962, Nita Robison "of Los Angeles, Calif, a former resident of Carlinville" statin that another former resident, Lucy Maththews Gaines had died."
1967 "Miss Anita Robison and sister, Mrs. Mary Allison, of Hollywood, California, arrived Tuesday by motor to visit Miss SSudie McClure and other friends in Carlinville and vicinity.
Nita Robison 1887-1979 is buried in Hollywood California # 6502359.

In 1930 Franklin County, Illinois, Mary R. is 32, married to Earnest E. Jacob, and they're running a hotel.
"Mrs. Mary Robison Jacobs, who resides in West Frankfurt, has advised her mother, Mrs. M.E. Robison, that the cyclone which devastated that city, passed within two blocks of their home." Marh 25, 1926.
Mary was born Aug 17, 1897 at Wray Colorado, and registered for SS in 1836 as Mary Robinson Jacobs.

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