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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Samuel W. Strong, 1 South 43 West

In 1880 Fayette County, Ohio, S.W. is 34, Fredona 33, Althera J. 12, Eliza E. 10, Willis T. 9, Louette 7, Harry M. 4, Corvin L. 2, and Benjamin four months.
In 1885 Seward County, Nebraska, "Samuil" is 39, Fredina 38, with Elma 15, Willis 14, Luetta 12, Harry 9, Corwin 7, and Lawrence 5.

Samuel W. Strong, born Sept 1846 in Ohio, is in Jasper County, Missouri in 1900, married 33 years to Fredona born January 1848 Ohio. They have Harry born Sept 1877 in Ohio.
1901 Ottawa, Kansas "Rev. Oscar McProud returned last week from an extended visit in Indiana. He was accompanied by his uncle, Mr. Samuel Strong, who is the"
In 1910 Elk County, Kansas, Samuel is 64, Fredona 65, with Harry M. 34. Both Samuel and Harry are carpenters.
In 1915 Ottawa County, Kansas, S.W. is 69, Fredona 67, and Willis T. 39.
Samuel, Fredona, and son Willis are in Ottawa County in 1920
Samuel W. Strong 1845-1922 # 65453788 and "Fadonia " 1847-, # 65453783 are buried in Ottawa County, Kansas.
In 1930 Ottawa County, Fadona 83 and Willis 59 are together, neither with occupations.

1934 Xenia Ohio " LEGAL NOTICE -Jane Froman. Dean Hauffhey, who resides at 1906 Walnut Street, Newcastle. Indiana; Luetta F. Morton, residing at Wray, Colorado, Althera Tarman, residing at Nevada, Iowa; Eliza Elma Jones, residing at 301 N. 5th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa; Labon Haughey, residing at P. O. Sheridan, Indiana; Corwin and Willis Strong, ; residing at P. O. Minneapolis, Kansas; and Daphne Stahl, residing at P. O. Lavalle. Missouri, will take notice that Marcus Shoup, administrator de bonis non with the Will annexed of Alonzo Johnson, deceased, on the 13th day of October,

1950 Council Bluffs, Iowa "Mrs. Fadonia Strong, of 4071 East Washington avenue, who was 103 Wednesday, says a sparing use of medicine has enabled her to live more than a century. She hasn't required the services of a doctor for the last 10 years. Celebrating, without "fuss and feathers," Mrs. Strong passed the day quietly with her daughter Mrs. J. W. Jones. Aside from few birthday cards and neighborly greetings, it was "just another day." She arose fairly early, listened to her favorite radio program after morning coffee and visited with her daughter. Chief topic of conversation was the deluge of birthday cards. Not forgotten was the Christmas greeting shower which pleased Mrs. Strong. She received nearly 50 holiday cards from relatives and friends all over the country. "The postman must think mother is the only one living in the house," exclaims Mrs. Jones. Her mother, who came to Council Bluffs six years ago from Minneapolis, Kan., has spent her entire life in the middle west. She is a native of Bowersville, O. She has been a widow since 1922. Longevity is common in her family. Both her parents attained the age of 98. One aunt lived to the age of 107. She has outlived five of her seven children. In addition to Mrs. Jones, another daughter, Mrs. Tina Morton, resides in Wray, Col. There are six grandchildren, three great grandchildren, and two great great grandchildren. None lives in this immediate area."

January 5, 1952 " Mrs. Fadonia Strong of 407 East Washington avenue, who would have observed her 105th birthday on Jan, 18, was found dead in her home early Friday. She "apparently died in her sleep," Woodrlng funeral home reported. In good health until her death, Mrs. Strong outlived five of her seven children. She hadn't required the services of a doctor for the last 10 years. Born in Bowersville, 0hio, Mrs. Strong came to Council Bluffs eight years ago to live with her daughter, Mrs. John W. Jones of the above address, She had lived her entire life in the midwest. She was a member of First Christian church here. Mrs. Strong last year celebrated her 104th birthday in bed. She had been confined temporarily to bed as a result of a fall. Since she passed the century mark, Mrs. Strong celebrated her birthdays "without fuss and feathers." She received a deluge of cards annually from friends and relatives on her birthday. "

Louetta (Strong) Morton1873-1964 is buried in Vernon # 21494651, marrying Urias Morton Oct 11, 1891.

In 1900 Benj. Strong is in Story County, Iowa -occupation "nothing" - brother of Alpha Terman born 1867 in Ohio.

"Nevada Evening Journal - December 1942 -
Mrs. Althea Tarman, 75 widow of the late Chauncey Tarman, died. Mrs. Tarman had been a resident of Nevada since 1893, when she came here with her husband, and three chilcren from Gridley, Ilinois. Born at Zanesville, Ohio, she united in marriage to Mr. Tarman in 1884 and their home was at Gridley until coming to Nevada.
Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Tarman, they being Mrs. Blanche Bremer of Ucross, Wyoming, Harry Tarman of Ames and Francis Tarman of Nevada.
She leaves also, two grandsons and two great grandchildren. The grandsons are Dr. Wayne Tarman and Tom Tarman, both of Ames. One step daughter, Mrs. Nellie Diamond lives at Dallas, Texas, while a stepson, Jesse Tarman, died in Nevada in January 1932.
The aged mother, Mrs. Samuel Strong, now in her ninety-seventh year, is still living, her home being at Minneapolis, Kansas; and with her lives a son Willis, an invalid for many years. There are also two sisters, Mrs. Urias Morton of Wray, Colorado and Mrs. J. W. Jones of Council Bluffs. Mrs. Morton was here for a brief visit only a week ago. "

In 1900 Lawrence County, Missouri, Corwin L. Strong, born August 1877 in Ohio, is married to Stella.
1902 Fort Collins, Colorado
1903 Fort Collins

In 1910 Yuma County, Harry W. is 44, brother "Carvin" 42, is a miner, married but no spouse , with Vivian 13. Vivian Fadonia Johnson, born Oct 11, 1906 at Wray to Corwin L. Strong and "Ossa Alberty" died August 29, 1989.
Harry M. Strong 1875-1928 is buried in Vernon # 79926378.

In 1910 Stella D. is in Lawrence County, married to Oscar E. Wright. They have "Lenerd" E. 4 and Sylva M. 2, Missouri, and Alva D. Strong, son, 9, born in Missouri.

Possibly the Vivian Strong, age 18, who married Stephen Foss, age 22, in Holyoke, Colorado Dec 3, 1924.

Vivian Strong, age 22, married Nils E. Johnson, age 27, in Boulder, Colorado March 19, 1928.

Vivian F. Johnson October 11, 1906- August 29, 1989 is buried in Hampden Memorial Gardens, Denver.

In 1920 Alva D. Strong is in Idaho, nephew of Charles E. Rice - or Lydia F. Rice 36.
Alva D. Strong married Elsie Danley in Minidoka, Idaho December 7, 1922.
They're in Los Angeles in 1930, with Virgil E. 7, Stella P. 5, and "Carwin" D. 2.
Alvia D. Strong, age 70, married Minnie A. Jensen March 25, 1972 in Gelenn, California.

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