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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William L. and Emma (Bullard) Willis, 1 South 43 West

John Willis married Rachel M. Heck January 15, 1846 in Rock Island, Illinois.
(Her father was John Heck, of Rock Island, Illinois :
mother "Mrs. Sarah Heck, whose maiden name was Wivill, aged 84 last Mar. 22, died this Thursday. She was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., and married John Heck on 30 Aug 1814. They came to Rock Island, Co., Ill., in May 1844. Of 13 children, these are now living: Phillip, Elizabeth, widow of Josiah Gamble, William, Rachel, wife of John Willis of Creston, Ia., George, James F., Josiah. She lived on her farm in South Moline for 33 years. -Thursday 8 April 1879."

In 1870 Union County, Iowa, John is 57, Rachel 45, with Arestus 21, Everett 16, Wm L. 14, Carrie 12, Arthur 9, Arminius 7, and Ulysses 5.

In 1880 Union County Iowa, W. L. Willis is farming, 24, with Emma 20, and Coral E. five months.

William proved up a quarter in 1, 1S 43W in 1893, and extending into section 6, 1S 42W.
In 1900 Yuma County, William is a railroad laborer, born January 1856 Illinois, married 21 years to Emma Feb 1860 Illinois, with Coral E. Jan 1880, Iowa, Fred B. Sept 1884 Iowa, Fern D. March 1886 Iowa, Victor E. Apr 1893 Colorado, and Charles R. June 1896 Colorado.
In 1904 William was a witness for the claim of Guy C. Douglass of Haigler, Nebraska - other witnesses Freeman F. Bullard, William L. Waters, and Fermer D. Bullard of Laird.

In 1910 Wray, William is a carpenter, and they have Fern 24, a farm laborer, Victor 16, Charles 13, and John B. grandson 4 born in Colorado.
Next household is George Bullard, a salesman 31.
1914 "E.L Willis left Sunday for a visit in Denver and other points before returning to his home in Creston, Iowa. Mr. Willis spent a week with his brother, W.L. Willis and family.

William 1856-1938 # 81494563 and Emma C. 1860-1948, # 81494507 are buried in Wray.

1899 "Coral Willis and Charles Bullard purchased the Doling brothers livery barn. The Doling boys will devote their entire attention to their cattle interests."
Coral E. Willis married Minnie Mason April 3, 1901, recorded in Yuma County.
1901 "Mr. and Mrs. Coral Willis moved into their new home Wednesday.
(Minnie's sister Emma Grace Mason married William Coston, and is buried in Wray.)

In 1910 Yuma County "on the Idalia road" Coral E. is 30, with Winnie 30. They have Sadie A. 7, Orville M. 5, Mina B. 3, and Glenn one month, all kids born in Iowa.
In 1914 Coral was appointed the Wray marshal and street commissioner, replacing Wm. Johnson, who resigned.
In 1917 Coral was the branch priest for the LDS church in Wray.

In 1922 Robert Hampton of Independence, Missouri, ordered the Rattler. "Mrs. Hampton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Coral Willis, also reside at Independence."
Coral 1880-1928 is buried in Independence # 81494507 , with Minnie Susan (Mason) Willis 1879-1929, # 72712281.

Fred was in the Navy in 1910, serving on the USS Nebraska.
Fred Bullard Willis registered for WWI in Tulsa, Oklahoma, born Sept 4, 1884, married to Rowena E. Willis.
He applied for social security, born at Creston, Iowa to William Willis and Emma Bullard.

Fred is buried in Omaha, per # 73060989, buried May 4, 1950.

1903 "Fern Willis is a new typo at the Gazette office.
1908 "E.L. Cunningham, of McCook and Fern Willis have opened a pantatorium in the building south of the City Meat Market, and are prepared to do all kinds of cleaning and pressing. A shine stand is lso to be a feature.

Fern D. Willis married Virgie Grant Dec 24, 1910, recorded in Yuma County. "Fern Willis and Vergie Grant, elopers from Wray, Colo., were apprehended in Omaha and returned home by Sheriff Devlin of Wray. Willis is 26 and the girl 14 years of age.

In 1920 Laird precinct, Fern is farming, 33, married to Vergie L.25, with Edna M. 8, Elma H. 6, Mable F. 3, and Ester E. three months.
1923 Mr. and Mrs. Fern Willis are the parents of a son, born Sunday, April 22nd.

In 1930 Fern is in Akron, Colorado, working on the railroad, married to Vergie 35, born in Colorado, with Edna 18, Emma H 16, Mable F. 13, Ester 10, Billie W. 8, Charles R. 6, and Helen J. 4.
In 1940 Hall County, Nebraska, Fern - a signal man for the railroad - and Virginia have William 18, Charles 16, and Helen 14. - all were in Denver in 1935.

Fern D. Willis 1886-1958 is buried in Denver # 97259671, with Virginia 1895-1978, # 97260186.
Edna Willis married Arthur Maag in January 1931.


1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bullard and nephew, Charles Willis, returned Monday from their visit in Denver and Arvada. They were accompanied on their return by Mrs. Will Fisk, as sister of Mrs. Bullard, who resides in Arvada. Mrs. Fisk will visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Drummond and with other relatives for some time."
Charles R. Willis married Jeanette Calkins April 1917, recorded in Yuma County.
In 1910 Kirk precinct, Jeannette is 14, with parents Luman 48 and Mary Calkins 50. Sister Lily A. is 17.

Charles Raymond Willis registered for WWI in Laird, born June 15, 1896 at Laird - married to Jeanette May Willis. He said his father was born in Moline Illinois.
Jeanette M. (Calkins) Willis proved up 320 acres in 31, 4N 43W in 1920, and Lillian A (Calkins) Schelly 320 acres next to her in section 30 and 31, extending over into 4N44W..
In 1930 Yuma County, Jeanetta M. Willis is living with her sister Lillian A. Schelly and her family north of Wray. Mary L. 11 and Lylas L. 7 are with them.

Charles Raymond Willis married Mrs. Jeannetta Mae Willis, both 31, in Greeley June 15, 1927.
In 1940 Jeannette M. Calkins is a telephone operator in Wray, 44, divorced, with Mary L. 21, a presser, and Lylas 17, both born in Colorado.
Charles Willis 1884-1961 is buried in Wray # 81494429.

May 25, 1973 Greeley Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schelly, 2622 15th Ave. Court, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at St. Patrick's Church in Holyoke, Sunday, May 20. Hosts for the family gathering were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Carruthers of Holyoke. Also present were the Schelly's children, Gloria, Pattie and Doltie, all of Greeley, and Alan Schelly and Mr. and Mrs. Don (Cathy) Schelly, all of Fort Collins. Gene Brophy and Tom Schelly were married in Wray, May 21, 1948, and came to...
Schelly is a federal meat inspector at Monfort's and Mrs. Schelly is employed by the Greeley Medical Group. Other relatives present for the celebration included the couple's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brophy Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Schelly of Wray; also Robert Schelly, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brophy Jr. and David, Janet and Brad, also of Wray; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baucke and family, and Tom and Nora Brophy, all of Yuma; Mr. and Mrs. Perry Carruthers and the Rev. Leonard of Holyoke; Mrs. Mary Rose Schilling of Brush; Mr. and Mrs. Emmor Allen, Miss Jeannetta Calkins, Jay McKim and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Squire and family, all of Denver; Mrs. Marion Greenfield and family of Greeley and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Landswork of Arizona."

One daughter Mary Lois (Calkins) Allen-Owings 1919-2007 is buried in Littleton, Colorado # 22153690
Emmor Allen 1915-1984 is buried in Littleton # 139095981.

FindaGrave # 139095958 says Jeannetta M. 1894-1984 shares a marker in Littleton with Emmor and Mary L. Allen.
Long Beach California, May 1967 "CALKINS, Thomas A., 4035 E. Vernon. 60-year member of Masonic Lodge No. 71, FAM, Wray, Colorado and 50-year member of L.B. Lodge No. 888, B.P.O. Elks. Surviving, wife, Euta E.; daughters, Mrs. Norma Buford and Mrs. Opal M. Legarra; sisters, Miss Jeanetta Calkins and Mrs. Lillian Schelly. Service Wednesday, 10:30 a.m., Dilday Family Chapel. "

Victor Willis married Ethel Hampton in March 1913, recorded in Yuma County.

Victor Earl Willis 1893-1958 is buried in Las Vegas # 117255200.

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