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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Frank S. and Eliza S. Hollman, Robb



Eliza is likely the Eliza Shadduck who married William Keeler in 1877 in Thayer County, Nebraska.
In 1880 Fillmore county, William is farming, 52, born in Canada, with Eliza 27 born in Pennsylvania.

In 1885 Fillmore County, Wm. Keeler is 37, with Eliza 32, and adopted son Arthur 8.

William Keeler 1827-1890 is buried in Nuckolls County "Husband of Eliza" # 28460077, with Ray H. Keeler dying 1888.

Frank is probably the son of Hiram Hollman born 1838 in Illinois, and Julia 1846 Indiana.
In 1880 Richland County, Illinois, Hiram is farming, 41, born in Illinois, Julia 34 Indiana. Leroy is 14, Frank 12, both born in Illinois. Jasper 9 was born in Indiana, and Marietta 5 in Illinois.

Hiram is buried in Seattle 1838-1920 with Julia (Emery) Hollman 1845-1921.

Lee R. Holman 1866-1943 died in Kitsap County, Washington. (Emery Charles born 1899 was his son)
William Jasper Hollman 1870-1924 is buried in Skagit County, Washington.
Mary Etta Cameron, born about 1874, died in Skagit County, Washington December 23, 1916.

Frank S. Hollman 24 married Garaldene F. Keeler 19, in Akron  Aug 28, 1891, according to the typed index cards put into the state archives. BUT the actual certificate says Frank S. Hollman and Mrs. Eliza S. Keeler, both of Eckley, married at Akron on August 28, 1891.

Because Paul born in 1890 is listed as a stepson, father born in Maryland, Eliza must have married a Keeler, had Paul in 1890, and then married Frank in 1891.

Frank cash-claimed 160 acres in 5, 1S 45W in 1893, and then proved up 160 acres in section in 1901.

In 1900 Glendale precinct Frank S. Feb 1869 Indiana, has been married eight years to Eliza S., April 1855, Pennsylvania.  She's had five kids, four living.  Pool H. stepson of Frank, born Sep 1890, Burr C., son April 1892, Lee G. son Oct 1894 and Josephine June 1896, daughter, all four born in Colorado. Paul's father was born in Maryland, the other three's father was born in Indiana. Paul is a stepson, so his father Keeler must have died between 1889 adn 1891 or divorced.

1900 "Mrs. Hollman and Mrs. Linder of Vernon were shopping in Yuma Wednesday."

1900 "E.S. Holman of Vernon was in Yuma Saturday."

1900 "Mrs. Frank Holman of Eckley was shopping in Yuma Thursday."

1900 "Frank Holman unloaded cattle at Eckley last week which were placed on his ranch at the head of the river."

1900 "A little son of Frank Holman's had a foot badly fractured by being thrown from a horse one day this week."

Eliza S. Hollman, formerly Eliza S. Keeler, proved up on 160 acres in 6, 1S 45W and 1, 1S 46W in 1895 and timber-claimed a quarter in 1, 1S 46W in 1902.

There's a Frank S. Hollman Feb 27, 1868 - Feb 19, 1904 buried in Wilson Mesa, San Miguel County, Colorado.

February 1904

In 1910 Uintah County, Utah, Eliza is widowed, and all four kids are with her.

In 1920 Paul is in Seattle, 28, grandson of Hiram and Julia. Emery is 20, born in Washington. Both are laborers.

Josephine Holeman (sic), 18  married Fred Wilson, 23,  October 9, 1914 in Meeker, Rio Blanco County.  Fred Roy Wilson registered in Meeker, saying he was born there Aug 6, 1891.

We try to document what happens to the family ranch, as told by Robert E. Wilson. Taos Jun 2009.

One half of the shares of the ranch were given to Claude and his brother Fred, about 1930(?).  The remaining half of the shares went his wife, Minerva.

 Fred becomes manager of the Flag Creek ranch, as Henry T. is less able to run the ranch.  Claude focused on other activities.

 In 1924 Claude is defeated for re-election for county clerk and takes the family to California, for the winter. In the spring of 1925,  Claude moves his family to the "shed" on ranch for the summer. In the fall of 1925, the family moves back to Meeker.

 Claude runs for County Clerk in 1928? and is elected.

  Fred obtains controlling interest in the ranch when Minerva passes away, in 1941. Half of her shares pass to Fred, giving him 50%, other half are given to Goldie, Bessie, and Beatrice. 25% of the ranch (Claude's share) is now controlled my Mary Louise.

Between 1935 and 1941, Mary Louise assists Fred in running the ranch, mostly doing the bookeeping. Fred and his son Henry believe Mary Louise has no involvement in the ranch. Fred retires and moves to California, Henry runs the ranch until the end of WWII.


In 1920 Rio Blanco County Fred R. Wilson, 28 is married to Josephine 23, Colorado.  They're living with Henry and Minerva Wilson.

In 1930 Fred and Josephine are still in Rio Blanco, with Henry, 10 and Evaline ten months.

In 1940 Meeker town, Rio Blanco County Josephine's marital status is unclear.  With her are Henry 20, Evelyn 10, and Wilma Rae 7.  Fred is out on the ranch, saying he was married, with two hired hands.

Josephine A 1896-1943 and Fred R. 1891-1956 are buried in Highland Cemetery, Meeker

Wilma R. Wilson married Verne C. Taylor in Los Angeles Feb 15, 1960.

Mrs. E. S. Hollman married George W. Adams July 14, 1915.

Paul Keeler Hollman registered in Rio Blanco County, Colorado, saying he was born Sep 14, 1890 at Vernon, Colorado, and was single.  He died in Los Angeles Jan 17, 1964, mother's maiden name Keeler.

Burr Hollman registered in Shoshone County Wyoming, saying he was born April 20, 1892 in Ecklie (sic) Colorado, and was supporting his mother.

Burr C. Hollman married Marie E. Parie April 19, 1920.

Glen Lee Hollman registered in Montrose County, saying he was born Oct 11, 1896 in Umey, Colorado (sic), and that his father was born in Washington, D.C., nearest relative Mrs. E.S. Adams of Montrose.

In 1920 Montrose County Eliza is 65, married to George W. Adams, 50 Missouri, a milkman.

She died in 1921, per Montrose city cemetery records   26513282

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