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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William H. and Anna Ingle, Steffens

In 1880 Smith County, Kansas William is 25, Anna 21, with Martha 2 and Ernest 1.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas William June 1853, Anna May 1857, have Mattie Nov 1876 Iowa, Ernest April 1879, and Ralph W. March 1885, both boys born in Kansas.

In 1910 Franklin County, Nebraska William, Anna, and Ralph W. are running a hardware store in Marion.

1911 "Mr. Ingles is building a house on his homestead."   - because the other article refers to Ralph Ingles, a "Mr." Ingles would be his father.

William H. Ingle proved up on a quarter in section 5, 1N 49W, WASHINGTON COUNTY, COLORADO, in November 1917.

In 1920 Washington County he's 64, born in Tennessee, wife Anna E. 50, born in Illinois

Yuma Colorado Pioneer  February 10, 1927

W. H. Ingle died at his home some 11 miles southwest of Yuma Sunday morning.  He had recently had a severe attack of influenza and had evidently fully recovered.  On Sunday morning he complained of having a pain across his chest and that he found it rather difficult to breathe. 

The deceased was born in Tennessee nearly 73 years ago.  The family came to Colorado about 1910 and settled on the farm where he breathed his last.  Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon and the body shipped to Fargo, Oklahoma for interment.  78706034

In 1930 Fargo, Oklahoma Anna is widowed, living with daughter "Matta" Perrin, 52 , her husband Andrew 50, and son Waldo 15.

Matta E. Perrin 1877-1934 is also buried in the Fargo cemetery  78775299


1911 "John Ingles has put in about four acres of potatoes."


1911 "Ralph Ingles is now building his house on his homestead."

1911 "W.M. Wittlake has rented his blacksmith shop to Ralph Ingle, and will go out the first of the week with his threshing outfit."

1912 "R. W. Ingle" is a pitcher, center fielder, and right fielder for the Yuma baseball club.

1913 "J.E. LaTurno, Ralph Ingle, and T.J. Tuttle, Jr., were up to Akron last Friday, where they furnished the music for a dance in the evening."

1913 "Ralph Ingle went to Riverton, Nebr., Monday, where he will accept a position as engineer in a mill and elevator."

"Ralph Ingle came in from Riverton, Nebr., Monday, having an enforced vacation from his duties there, owing to a very sore arm."


Ralph W. Ingle married Kathrine Nicol September 19, 1914. 

In 1902 William Ingle of Glenwood Springs had assigned Gertie E. Patterson his rights for claiming Desert Land in 6S 89W, with four witnesses from Glenwood Springs.  Glenwood Springs is in the north end of that township.

1908 "William Nicol of Glenwood Springs was down this week looking over his land investment with which he expressed himself as being highly pleased."

In 1910 Katherine was 12, with parents William 46 and Margaret 32 Nicol, farming north of Yuma.  (William B. Nicol had married Maggie Landeour August 7, 1895 in Glenwood Springs - he was 21, she was 18)

Paul Landauer cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 3N 47W in 1890.  Son of John and Katharina (Schneller) Landauer, he was born 1864, dying in 1946, buried in Hillboro, Oregon.


John 1835-1888 and Katherina Landauer 1843-1920 are buried in Yuma
Landauer Ignatius 1888 Original 142

In the same lot is a Sheedy infant dying in 1888 and three Kisling names, (two entries for Louis Kisling 1896)

Landauer Stella (Schneller) 1933 Original 95

Landauer Carl 1941 Original 95

Katharine "Katrina' Landauer married August Beckman July 29, 1890,

He died 1899 - buried in Yuma  48448281

In 1900 Yuma County Katharine Beckman is widowed, born Sept 1844 in Austria.  Carl Landauer Nov 1878, Mary Aug 1883, and Vencil Jan 1886 all born in Austria.  Katrina has had ten children seven still living.

Fred Korf married Mary "Laudawer" August 27, 1900.

Mary Landauer Korf died 1954

Wenzel Landauer signed a WWI draft registration card on September 12, 1918 at Yuma, Colorado giving his date of birth as January 28, 1886. Age 32. Description: tall, medium build, gray eyes, dark hair. He was working as a carpenter for W. R. Beavers in Yuma. Signed: Wenzel Landauer.



Looking for info on my g-grandfather, his parents, siblings, etc. He was born in Scotland about 1875, married Martha Landauer, probably in Yuma, Colorado. They had three children, Katherine C., William, and Anna M.
James R. Ogle

In 1920 Delta County, Colorado William and Maggie are farming - in this census she says she was born in Germany, immigrating in 1889, naturalized in 1890.  They have Anna Margerie 4 and William John 1, both born in Colorado.

That 1889 immigration date is the same as Wenzel Landauer in Yuma -with Katie visiting "her uncle Carl Lindauer" that's almost certain.

All four Nicol are in Glenwood Springs in 1930, running a bakery.

NICOL, Martha. (b 3, p 185), March 30, 1934, at home. Funeral, April 2, 1934, from Chapel, with Rev. W. L. Kennedy. Age, 57 years, 8 months, 20 days. Father, John Tandauer, born Germany. Interment, Rosebud cemetery.
Charged to Katherine Ingle, Glenwood Springs. Secured by her Estate.

NICOL, William. (b 3, p 22), May 4, 1931, at home. Funeral, May 7, 2 p.m. at Catholic Church, Rev. Carrigan. Occupation, Baker. Aged 67
years, 5 months, 11 days. Interment at Rosebud cemetery. Charged to Martha Nicol, Glenwood Springs. Order given by Martha Nicol, secured by his Estate.

Anna Margarie Nicol, 22, married Harry L. Kunkle, 34, in Glenwood Springs October 5, 1937.  In 1940 Glenwood Springs Harry is a specialty salesman, and Anna runs a mangle hook in a hotel laundry.  Wonder if he's the Harry L. Kunkle in 1933 Denver married to Kathryn .....

Clifford Wayne Kunkle 1961-1979 Deer Creek Valley, Colorado - Kunkle was the son of Clifford W. Kunkle of Brighton and Saundra A. Hughes of Bailey; brother of John, Kenneth, Brenda and Lee; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Watson of Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kunkle of Denver.



1912 "Miss Katie Nicol, of Yuma, spent the week end with her uncle, Carl Landauer."

1912 Yuma graduation had music by the Ladies' Glee Club, with Miss Katie Nicol at the piano.  Nicol's orchestra provided the opening number of the program.

1912 at the B.G.F.F. club "Miss Katherine Nicol and Miss Etta Ruger furnished the excellent music.  Miss Nicol is an accomplished violinist, and Miss Ruger is equally proficient at the piano."

1912 "William Nicol moved into the new Schramm building Saturday last, and is now able to give his patrons a service second to none in Eastern Colorado."

1913 Rhoades now has his barber shop on the north side of the building formerly occupied by Nicol's cafe."

Ralph W. Ingle proved up on land in 2N 49W in 1915, so William and Anna might have followed him to Colorado.

Ralph Westley Ingle registered in Yuma, saying he was born March 19, 1885, nearest relative was wife Katherine C. Ingle.

In 1920 Ralph, 33, and Katherine 23, born in Colorado,  with William R. 4 and Matta Irene 2 are living on Weld Avenue in Yuma - Ralph is a machinist.

They're farming in Baxter County Arkansas in 1930, with William R. 15 and Mattie S. 13, both born in Colorado.

Mattie I. Ingle married Herman R. Ogle October 6, 1937.  Mattie L. Ogle is buried in Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction  Jun 10, 1916 - Feb 6, 1950.  Herman -April 12, 1916 - Jun 16, 1981 is also buried there, linked to another spouse - Isabelle 1925-1984 - she's buried in Palisade - about ten miles away.   Herman R. Ogle divorced in Grand Junction Nov 13, 1961.

In 1940 Ralph Katherine, and son John James Ingle 25 are farming northeast of Yuma - they said they had been in Glenwood Springs in 1935.

In 1955 Grand Junction "Kath C." (wid Ralph W) is a housekeeper, living at 905 North Avenue.

Ralph Wesley Ingle 1885-1947 and Katherine C. (Nicol) Ingle  1896-1983 are buried in Oak Creek, Routt County, Colorado  58424537


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