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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James and Anna (Custer) Biehn, sister Maggie B. (Biehn) and Wayne Bush, Happyville

In 1900 Smith County Kansas, James C. "Bilahn"  born April 1888 in Kansas, is with parents Frank 40 and Ester 39, siblings Ernest 17, Ethael 15, Maggie 14, John 8, Leo I. 7, and Dearl 2.

Anna G. Custer born Sept 1891 in Nebraska, is in Denver with parents David C. 47 and Mary A. 45, with Davi C. 19, Lee M. 11, and Howard R. 9.

(Howard Ray Custer registered in Yuma County, a well driller for David C. Custer, married with two children, born June 17, 1890 in Phillips Nebraska.

1911 - Jim Biehn had letters remaining in the Yuma post office.

Anna Custer married James "Biehm" Jun 24, 1913, recorded in Yuma County.

James Carl Biehn of Eckley registered in Yuma County, born April 22, 1889 in Riverton, Nebraska (so he probably knew the Goebel brothers well_)James proved up a quarter in 6, 1S 46W in 1920.

In 1930 Happyville precinct, James is 42, Anna G. 37, Loyde L. 13, Clinton D. 11, Byron M. 9, Dortha L.7, and Anna's father David S. Custer is 78.  Loyde and Clinton were born in Colorado, Byeron Kansas, and Dortha in Colorado, so thy had moved around a lot.

Byron  and Clinton and Floyd Biehn are  in Boulder in 1938, working at Western States Cutlery.

Lloyd L. Biehn married Amy I. Smiley Sept 25, 1937, recorded in Jefferson County.

Byron Biehn married Alta Rouks July 15, 1939, recorded in Boulder County.

Lloyd, a pressman,  is married to Amy, with newborn Joseph, in 1940 Boulder.  Lloyd L. and Amy I. were living at 1022 Grandview in Boulder in 1938.

Lloyd and Amy are in Oakland California in 1943, where he is a machine operator.  Jas (Anna) is also there, living at 9020 Sunnyside.

James and Anna are living at 2745 Pine in Boulder in 1956.

James  1888-1965 and Anna Gertrude (Custer) Biehn 1892-1969 are buried in Boulder # 114841108. Anna's probate was in El Paso County in 1969.

The David L. Custer dying April 18, 1839, buried in Boulder # 11103082 is probably Anna's father.  One tree said he was born Aug 4, 1852 in Cass County, Indiana, dying April 18, 1938 in Boulder.  His wife Mary Ann Crotser 1854-1923 - died in Denver, per the tree.

Byron D. Biehn 1942-1969  # 11101098., son of Alta Hoover 1922-1992 are both buried in Boulder

 Clinton Dale Biehn born Oct 14, 1918 died in Amador County, California Jan 5, 1990, mother's maiden name Custer.

Dorothy L. (Biehn) Jancola 1922-1997 is buried in Lakewood, Colorado # 41979373, wife of Fred A. Jancola.


Wayne H. Bush proved up 320 acres in 8 and 9, 1S 46W in 1918. - about two miles from James Biehn's claim.

In 1910 Yuma County, Wayne 31 and Maggie B. 33 Bush have Marion E. 16, Carl S. 3, and Leo L. four months.

In 1920 Happyville precinct, Wayne 41 and Maggie B. 33 have Marvin E. 15, Carl 13, Leo Lalburn 10, Bessie 7, and Harold W. 5.

Wayne and Maggie Bush divorced in Boulder County in 1924.  Wayne H. Bush married Mrs. Ermina M. Murphy April 5, 1929, recorded in Weld County, and Wayne Bush divorced Mina Murphy Bush in 1935 in Boulder County.

In 1930 Boulder, Maggie and Elzie Swift, a mail carrier, both 43, have Leo Bush 20, Bessie 17, and Harold 15.

Maggie B. (Swift) 1886--1975 and Elzie E. Swift 1886-1971 are buried in Boulder.

Marvin Bush 35, a tire builder,  and Mildred 24 are in Denver in 1940, with Donald , 5.H

Harold W. Bush, a deliveryman, and Della, both 25, are in Boulder in 1940.

Wayne 1869-1960 # # 93333408 and Ermina 1886-1972 are both buried in Boulder.

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