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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Isaac T. and Marion E. Birdsall, Happyville

Elizabeth T. Birdsall, age 22, died August 11, 1852, buried in Old School Baptist Cemetery, Orange County "D/o Zafania & Abigail.

In 1860 Warwick, Orange County, New York, Zepheniah Birdsall is 66, Abigail 63, with George 23, Isaac a school teacher- 22, and Jonas T. nine months.

Zephemah Birdsell, born about 1794, died March 1870 in Warwick, New York.

Isaac T. Birdsall is 36 in Orange County, New York in 1875, and his mother Abigail, 76, is living with him.  Abigail is with daughter Pernillia Warner in 1880 Winnebago County, Illinois  "Frederick Warner   married Permelia Birdsall, daughter of Benjamin and Abbie (Aekley) Birdsall, and of this union eight children have been born: George B., Ella A., Emma, Frederick W., Abbie M., Mary P., Harriet J. and Alfred C. " . Pamelia 1829-1896 is buried in Roscoe, Winnebago County # 89846029.  So is Abigail -1796/1798? -1887  # 89844902.   One tree said she was Abigail Wagner .

Isaac T. Birdsall is a teacher in 1880 Frontier County, Nebraska, single, 41, born in New Jersey.

"So far as the record discloses, McCook was without a school from Jan. 5th until April 16th, 1883, at which time J.T. Birdsall began a term as teacher in the Congregational Church.

Again at a date, which is not disclosed by the records, Miss Lillian Boyle was employed to assist Mr. Birdsall. The term ended with a picnic on July 18th, 1883. A report of the school affairs appearing in the issue of the Tribune for June 8, 1883, shows an enrollment of 67. "

He's in Red Willow County in 1885, single, teaching.

1886 "Benkelman (Nebraska)  Pioneer. The Prohibition Convention. Agreeably to call , about a dozen gentlemen met at the court house on Saturday last. W. O. Norval of McCook called the meeting to order , whereupon C T. Livermore was elected chairman , and I. T. Birdsall of Valley Grange , secretary. Considerable speaking was indulged in , mostly to the effect that the grand old republican party was equal to the occasion and that a new party was not needed to accomplish prohibition.

In 1900 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Isaac Birdsell, born Sep 1838 in New Jersey, has been married eight years to Marion, Oct 1867.  She's not had any children.  With them is Mable Kendall, March 1894 Nebraska, a ward..

In 1910 Eckley, Isaac "F." Birdsall is 71, born in New Jersey, married 19 years to Marion, born in Wisconsin.  John N. Mitchell 53 and Thomas Tombaugh, 42 both born in Iowa, are boarding with them.

1914 "Mrs. Marion Birdsall, of the Happyville country, was summoned to McCook, Nebr., yesterday by a message announcing the serious illness of her mother."

In 1915 Marion E. Birdsall of Eckley was a witness for the land claim of Wilbert N. Young.  Other witnesses were John N. Mitchell, Elijah Thurman, and Herman H. Turnbaugh.

Marion also was a witness for the claim of Elija Thurman in 1912.

Isaac proved up   two quarters in 4, 1S 46W in 1916.

Isaac Tailor Birdsall - 1838-1919 is buried in Eckley # 52879602.

In 1920 Eckley Marion Birdsall is 53, widowed, and John Mitchell, 63, single, a real estate agent, is boarding with her.

In 1930 Eckley Marion E. Birdsall is 62, widowed, and J.N Mitchell, single, a truck farmer, is boarding with her.

In 1940 Eckley, Marion Birdsall is 72, widowed, born in Wisconsin.

Marion E. Birdsall 1868-1954 is buried in Eckley # 52879603.


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