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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

 Wiley and Martha Ellen (Campbell)  Branaum,  son Jewett Maurice Branaum, Happyville

In 1850 Mercer County Missouri, James Branum is a blacksmith 36, Elizabeth 25, George 16, John 12, Martha 11, "Setha" 8, Margaret 7, Francis 6, Polly 4 and newborn Samuel.  All were born in Tennessee.

In 1870 Mercer County, Missouri, George "Brannam" and Rebecca are 33, with Joseph 9, George 7, Willie 4, Drusilla 2 and "Urotus" six months.

In 1880 Mercer County, Missouri, George "Brannum" is 45, Rebecca 40, with Joseph 21, Frank 18, Wylie 14, Drucilla 12, and Thomas 6.

Martha is probably be the daughter of James Campbell 36 and L. Janee 38 in 1880 Grundy County.  N.C. is 18, L.J. is 15, M.L. 13, R.E. 11, J.D. 9, Emerson D. 6, Sallie 1, and W.D. five months.  Letha Jane Campbell born 1842, widow of James F. Campbell, died in Grundy County June 11, 1926  # 9490930 - saying her father was James Brananum.  She's with James F. Campbell  # 9490927 1844-1918

Wiley M. Branaum  of Trenton and Ella Campbell of Trenton married May 3, 1891 in Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri.

(George W. Branaum 1836-1906 39093267 and Rebecca 1835-1915 # 39093489 are buried in Salem Cemetery, Mercer County, Missouri)

In 1900 Mercer County, Missouri, Wiley "Branam" born March 1866 in Missouri, Martha March 1867, Eugene 8, Bertha 6, Enith 5, Jewett 3, and Maggie 2.

Through the years there were several Meat Markets or Lockers operating in Van Wert, Decatur County, Iowa. During the year l909, there was a Van Wert Meat Market open for business on July 1.   W. Brannaum operated the "Red Front Butcher Shop" with it being located on the east side of Main Street, first door south of the Palace Hotel.

They're in Decatur County, Iowa in 1910, without Maggie, but have added Frank E. 7 and Iris B. 4.

July 1913 Pleasanton, Iowa "Eugene Branaum has come home for an extended visit with his parents... Gene, as he is commonly called, has been in the printing business for several years."

The 1915 Typographical Journal said "Sac City, Iowa - E.M. Branaum, age 23 years,; at trade seven years; learned trade in Van Wert Iowa, ; also worked in Ryan and Hydro Okla., and Valentine, Neb."

1919 Pocahontas, Iowa "E. M. Branaum has returned to Sac City from the service and resumed his old position as linotype operator on the Bulletin."
September 1923 "CRETE, Neb..  H. Walsh, editor of the Crete Vldette, sold the paper, plant and building this week to E. M. Branaum of Sac City, Iowa. Mr. Branaum took possession on September  first. Mr. Walsh has been the editor of the Videtle for the past nine years. He purchased the Auburn Republican about six months ago, Mr. and Mrs. Branaum are experienced newspaper people."

(Eugene M. and Grace Branaum divorced in Greene County, Missouri in November 1947.  He might be the Eugene M. Branaum 1892-1985 Col U.S. Army - with Donna 1895-1987 buried in Springfield National # 401508.)

October 17, 1918 Pleasanton "The Branaum sale held Saturday was well attended and everything sold for good prices."

November 1918 Leon, Iowa "W.W. Branaum loaded his household goods Friday to be shipped to Colorado where they expect to make their future home.  Mr. Branaum and family leaving Sunday in their car for an overland trip."

In 1920 Happyville, Wiley is 53, Martha 52, Bertha 25, Jewett 24, and Frank 18.

Wiley owned 120 acres in 1, 1N 47W in 1920, so he must have purchased it from the original claimant.

Wiley May Branaum is in the Knowles Mortuary list for 1929, and is buried in Eckley.

William Branaum eleven pages later, no date.

In 1930 Wauneta, Nebraska, Martha is 63, widowed, born in Missouri, a servant in the Hans and Anna Hansen family.

Martha Branaum is in the 1937 Yuma County directory, "Eckley, pensioned."

In 1940 Martha is back in Eckley widowed, 73, and son Frank E. is with her.  Frank is a driver for a trucking company.

Martha died in October 1941 and is buried in Eckley.


Jewett Norris (should be Maurice) Branaum of Pleasanton, Iowa, a farm laborer, born June 22, 1895 in Modena Missouri, registered in Wyoming, saying he was working for Henry Flohr of Encampment, Carbon County.

Jewett M. Branaum married Carolyn Rice Sept 11, 1926, recorded in Jefferson County.

In 1910 Eckley precinct George E. Rice is 36, Esther M. 31, Florence G. 14, May R. 12, Jethro W. 10, Eugene K. 8, "Mettie C. " 5, and Ella C. 1.  George 1874-1967 # 49613574 and Eshther May (Bowers) Rice 1878-1973  #49613584 are buried in Eckley

Caroline N. Rice was 15 in 1920 Vernon, parents George E. 46 and Ester M. 42.  Siblings are Eugene M. 18 and Ellen C. 11.

Jewett proved up 280 acres in 34, 1S 46W in 1922.  He also was hired to teach District No. 98 in 1922.

In 1933 Jewett M. Branaum (Carolyn) is in El Paso, an inspector for Immigration.

The Eckley Cemetery has a Carolyn RICE Branaum 1905-1935 "At Rest - in Memory of our Daughter"

In 1940 Pueblo, Colorado J. Maurice Branaum is a welfare investigator, 43, Emma Mae is an interviewer with the state employment office, 40, born in Kentucky, with Joan 11, Jean 8, and James W. 7.  All were in Buena Vista, Colorado in 1935.  (Ima Mae Moore was a newspaper promoter in 1930 Pueblo, single, 30, born in Kentucky).  One tree said Ima and Jewett married May 27, 1939, and that Ima died March 27, 1994 in Denver..

Jewett, born June 22, 1896, enlisted July 11, 1917, released May 31, 1919, and died Oct 4, 1984.

He probably died in Pueblo Colorado -

Jewett (Joe) M. Branaum {6-22-1896 / 10-4-1984}

•Laid to rest in Franklin Kentucky at Greenlawn Cemetery
•Had 1 son and 2 daughters 
1.Jean Honeycutt 
2.Joan Walden 
3.James M. Branaum 
•Had 2 wives 
1.Carolyn Rice (Nettie) Branaum 
2.Ima Mae (Moore) Branaum {Married on 5-27-1939}
•Had 2 brothers 
1.Eugene Branaum 
2.Frank Branaum

This is probably an uncle.  1945 

Joan Carolyn Branaum Walden, born Aug 17, 1928 in Colorado Springs, died Nov 7, 1983, buried in Eckley # 53151374.

James Maurice Branaum was born in El Paso Dec 27, 1932 to Jewett Maurice Branaum and Nettie Carolyn Rice.

James Maurice Branaum, born about 1933, married Elizabeth Ann Hawker, born about 1946, in Wilson County, Texas April 5, 1966.

James -1932-1981 is buried in Fort Logan # 3337940.

Had 6 sons and one daughter 
1.James Branaum 
2.Marc Branaum "Marc Branaum is a retired Air Force Sergeant who spent twenty plus years in the Air Force. His career took him to Guam, The Philippines, Korea and Japan. In the mid 1980's he was stationed in Germany and supported Desert Storm from there as well as from Turkey. After retiring, he spent time in Japan and England installing software for Air Force computers. Veterans and their needs have always been a concern in all of his dealings and reason he has written this book. "
3.Joseph M. Branaum
4.John Paul (Branaum) Tufte 
5.Carolyn Bishop
6.Brian James Douglas (Branaum) Tufte 
7.Jeffrey A. Branaum


Iris R. Branaum, July 10, 1905- Feb 4, 1911 is buried with Maggie in Van Wert cemetery.


Ivan Charles Beach 28- son of F.S. Beach and Eliza Morey - and Enith Branaum  19 - daughter of W.M. Branaum and Martha Ellen Campbell - married June 3, 1914 in Decatur County, Iowa.  This is the second marriage for Ivan.

In 1920 Happyville   Ivan C. 32 and Enith A. 24 Beach have Kermit 10 and  Hazel 11. 

In 1930 (Index has BEAK) they're still in Yuma County.

In 1940 Ivan and Enith are over in Ridgway, Ouray County.

Ivan C. 1885 -1978 and Edith A. 1895 - 1976 are buried in Eckley


Maggie, daughter of W. Branaum and Martha Campbell, was born March 8, 1898 in Missouri, and died April 8, 1910 in Van Wert, Iowa.

Maggie C. Branaum "dau of W & M Branaum" is buried in Van Wert, Iowa # 23194101


Frank Branaum had a record with the State Corrections.


Bertha M. Branaum married Orn French Sept 5, 1930, recorded in Washington County.

Orn is a highway worker in 1940 Eckley, 56, born in Nebraska, Bertha 46 Missouri, and they have Ruth E. 7.

December 14, 1951 "Yuma. Colo., Dec. 14  ). "Orn French, 67, of Eckley was killed instantly tonight in the collision of an automobile and a truck two miles west of here. State Patrolman Darold Hartsook, said French was a passenger in an automobile driven by his wife Bertha, 58. Hartsook said the car and a truck driven by Jesse L. Waite, 23, of Fleming collided. The officer said icy roads contributed to the accident. Mrs. French was taken to Yuma hospital. She suffered a possible fractured skull, severe cuts and bruises. Ruth E. French, 18, was cut and bruised. Waite escaped uninjured although his truck overturned."

Orn 1883-1951 # 52879581 and Bertha 1893-1952 # 52879580 are buried in Eckley.


William J. Branaum married Imogene Stacey Oct 2, 1919, recorded in El Paso County.

William Stacy Branaum was born July 29, 1920 in Dallas, Texas to William Joe Branaum born in Trenton, Missouri and Imogene Stacy born in Quincy Tennessee.

In 1924 Dallas, Texas, Wm. J. (Imogene) is a salesman at Flippen Auto Co, and they live at 1000 Oak.

In 1925 San Antonio he's a "trav"

In 1930 Englewood, Colorado William J. 31, born in Missouri, and Imogene 31 born in Tennessee, have William 9 and Joseph H. 4 both born in Texas.  William is a sales manager.

They're in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1934.

In 1922 T.B. Branaum  $9.00 and Wm. Branaum $46.54 were paid for work on Yuma County roads.

Wm. Branaum was paid $21.67 for work on Yuma County roads in 1923.


Henry S. Groscup married Anna M. Miller June 15, 1925, recorded in Denver.  

In 1930 Colorado Springs Anna M. Groscup was 23, born in Colorado, married to Henry S. 43, with adopted daughter Winifred C. Groscup 3 and their son Henry S 2.  Henry and Anna Marie Groscup divorced in El Paso County in 1931.

Frank M. Brannom married Anna Marie Grosscup in Golden, Colorado, June 17, 1931.

This Frank Brannom is a different branch, son of Samuel, grandson of John.


August 5, 1948 Francis Branaum, 31, of  411 Sixty Fourth street in Des Moines was killed early  today when the car he was driving went out of control at a junction north of Des Moines  and rolled over four times. Deputy sheriffs quoted witnesses as saying that Branaum, a car salesman was driving 60 to 70 miles an hour shortly before the vehicle went out of control. Witnesses said Branaum apparently was attempting to make a right turn onto highway 64 while southbound on highway 141 northwest of the city."

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