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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Chester C. and Elizabeth F.  (Chapin) Chadwick and her sister Clara (Chapin)  and John Wales, Happyville

In 1870 Des Moines County, Iowa, Thomas Chadwick is 48, Nancy 50, both born in Pennsylvania, with Andrew S. 19., John L. 16, James H. 14, Wm. Asa 12, and Chester C. 10, and all the kids are reported born in Iowa.  They're still there in 1880 and 1885.  (Thomas V. Chadwick 1821-1901 is buried in  Des Moines County, per # 41734191, and Nancy 1820-1904  # 41734258)

In 1860 Chickasaw County, Iowa, Cyrus R. Chapin is 31, Emeline 27, Clarrissa 5, and Charles 2.

Emeline is single in 1870 Stephenson County, Illinois, with Clara 15, Charles 12, Elizabeth 10, and Cora 7.

Emeline A, wife of Cyrus K. Chapin is buried in Stephenson County 1834-1915 # 18722378  So is Cyrus 1828-1865 # 18722472.


The 1901 Wray newspaper said that Chadwick arrived in Yuma County March 20, 1889.

Chester cash-claimed two quarters in 1S 46W, one in 1891 in section 29, and one in 1892 in 30.

Chester C. Chadwick married Elizabeth F. Chapin March 20, 1892, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1900 Chester C. born Oct 1860 in Iowa, Elizabeth F. July 1860 in Iowa, have been married eight years.

In 1901 C.C Chadwick was the treasurer of the Glendale Cemetery Association, Vernon.

In 1910 Vernon precinct, Chester C. born in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth in Massachusetts, both 49, are farming.

In 1914 C.C. Chadwick was the secretary of the Vernon Local of the Socialist Party.

They might be in a rooming house in Denver in 1920 - no age or place of birth, just Chester Chadwick and Mrs. Chadwick.

Chester is in the Knowles Mortuary, Yuma, records for 1921, Elizabeth 1923.



In 1900 Emmiline A, born March 1834 in Ohio, is in Denver with daughter Cora B. Sherd May 1863.  James L. Sherd is 38, born in Illinois, a carpenter.



In 1880 Stephenson County, Illinois, John F. Wales is 28, Clarra L. 25, with Clinton A. 3.

They're in Glendale precinct  In 1900, having cash-claimed land in 1S 45W in 1890 -  John F. Wales born April 1852 in Illinois, Clara L. March 1855 in Illinois, Clinton A. Sept 1876 Iowa, Maud E. June 1883 Illinois, and Emmett R. Nov 1889 Colorado.

In 1910 Vernon precinct, John and Clara have only Emmett.  Emmett Wales married Mabelle Sharrett Nov 16, 1910.  She had been in Wray precinct in 1920, with her parents Lafayette A. and Susie M. Sharett, sister Alma W. 10.

In 1920 John, a real estate agent, and Clara are on Wellington Avenue in Yuma.   Emmett is also in Yuma, a painter, married to Mabelle E. 30, born in Ohio, a saleslady in a hardware store.

John married Stella Wisdom July 21, 1928, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1930 Wray, John is married to Stella M. 58, born in Ohio and her daughter Imogene L. Wisdom, 19.

John F. 1852-1938 # 79896268 and Clara 1855-1927   # 79896125 are buried in Glendale.


Grace, born Dec 1881 in Illinois, married Floyd Shively, and they're in Glendale in 1900

Grace 1881-1965 # 14872816 and Floyd A. Shively 1880-1959 are buried in Glendale.


Clinton A. Wales married Myrtle E. Zion Aug 2, 1901, recorded in Denver (at that time the county seat for Vernon).  Gladys Luella Wales 1904-1925 is buried in Eckley # 53151376.

In 1920 Vernon precinct, Clinton A. and Myrtle have Marjorie H. and Gladys L.

In 1930 Vernon precinct, Clinton A. 53 and Myrtle E. 47 born in Nebraska have Margrie, 28, born in Colorado.

Clinton A. is in Vernon precinct in 1940, 63, living alone.

Clinton Arthur Wales 1876-1952 is buried in Eckley # 53151375



Maud Wales married R.W. DeVose April 19, 1907, recorded in Yuma County.

Maude Ella DeVore 1883-1959  # 79894238 and  Robert Wesley DeVore 1873-1970 are buried in Glendale.



Emmett R. and Mabelle are in Fort Collins in 1927, where he is a painter.

Mabel C. Wales is in Wray in 1940, divorced, 42, born in Nebraska.,

Mabelle 1888-1984 is buried in Johnston, Colorado 26482792

Myrtle E. Wales was probated in Morgan County in 1964.

The Rootsweb trees say Marjorie and Myrtle are buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson County, Colorado

MARJORIE HAZEL WALES, b. 04 Oct 1902, Vernon, Colorado; d. 20 Dec 1963, Denver, Colorado Burial:   Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, Colorado


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