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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Frank D. Justice and Leona (Eastin) (Simons) Justice / Justis, his daughter Dosia (Justice) (Nelson) Williamson, Happyville

 possible cousin Lee Roy Justis, Wray 

1857 Bureau County, Illinois marriages - Zenas Justice and Catherine Morgan, by David McCance.

In 1870 Indiantown, Bureau County, Illinois, Zenas "Justiss" is 33, Catherine 31, Sarah 12, Alice 10, and Ida 2.

Frank D. Justice is 9 in 1880 Keokuk County, Iowa, born in Illinois, with parents Zenas 45 Indiana and Catherine 43 New York.  Ida C. is 12, born in Illinois and sister Jessie A. 2 Iowa.

In 1891 Emmet County, Iowa, Zenas is 54, Catherine 52, Frank 21, and Jennie 10.

In 1900 Palo Alto County, Iowa, Zenas born July 1836 in Indiana, married 43 years to Catherine M. Oct 1838 New York, have only Genevieve Jan 1881 Iowa.

Zenas 1836-1927 is buried in Pierre, South Dakota  # 72064086 - so is Catherine M. Justice 1838-1911  # 72063991.

Ida married George W. Blacker, and in 1920  they're in Vernon.

Blame C. and Margaret Colson Blacker came to Yuma County from Jewell County. Kansas to their farm, northwest of Vernon, Colorado in 1914. There was a one-room frame house there which Blaine (better known as Pete) made livable as he was very handy at carpenter work In later years he made a very comfortable six-room house, using the small house. The place was half broken out and half range land which made a hardship on the neighbors when he fenced in the pasture and they lost the use of it. A well was drilled with just a pump head, a wash tub was used for a tank which was filled by pumping by hand for the livestock to drink. Lacking a scoop shovel many loads of corn were loaded into a wagon with a bucket and hauled into Eckley, Colorado with a team, leaving before daylight and getting back after dark There were no graded roads and the ruts were very deep and sandy and it was hard to get through.
There was a restaurant in Eckley that served meals family style for twenty-five cents. It was a popular place for the men hauling corn. Other crops they raised were potatoes, watermelons, and also pigs, chickens, and milk cows,
Blame built all the improvements on this farm himself with the help of his father, G. W. Blacker, and his brothers who had settled on the north half of the same section.
Three children were born to this family, Geneva H. Wakefield, Vera F. Rockwell. and Ross L Blacker. The Blackers were members of the Eckley First United Presbyterian Church and the Eckley Grange.
Mr. and Mrs. Blacker lived here until they  retired and moved into Yuma. Colorado in 1947.  Blaine 1891-1966 # 52879604 and Margaret H. Blacker 1895-1988 are buried in Eckley.
A HISTORY OF EAST YUMA COUNTY This is a collection of general history and family histories of East Yuma County from 1868 through 1978.

Ida C. 1868-1944 and George W. 1867-1945 are buried in Wray.  George W. Blacker, born in 1867. at Waukon. Iowa, moved at an early age to Hardy, Nebraska, where he met Ida Justice, daughter of the Justice family who were more Indian than any other blood and had been born in Mitchell, South Dakota, in 1868. She had moved several times before she met George W. Blacker They were married in Hardy and were still living there when their oldest daughter Elsie was born.
There were eight children in the family: Elsie, Rena, Mable, Guy, Blaine, Ernest. Fred, and Roy. They moved many times, landing in Jewell County. Kansas, in the early 1900's. In 1913 or 1914 they moved their family to Yuma County, first living on the Christy place but soon moving to a place they bought five miles west and one and one-half miles north of Vernon. They lived there with all but their three oldest children who were already married, until their retirement.
George and Ida were real pioneers and worked hard to establish their home and raise their large family. George farmed and enjoyed life and friends. Ida did beautiful handwork of crocheting and sewing and enjoyed helping others, keeping house and cooking good food. Ida's health failed after they retired and moved to Wray. She died in 1944. George was unable to care for himself after his wife's death; so he moved back to the farm to live with his son Fred's family. He died in 1945.
Elsie married August Peterson and moved to Yuma County. Her story is in this book. The son Guy stayed in Jewell County. Kansas, all his life. They had two sons. Blaine and wife Margaret moved to Yuma County. They had two daughters, Geneva (Wakefield) and Vera (Rockwell), and a son Ross. Ernest and wife Cecil lived in Yuma County many years but moved to Tacoma, Washington where both died
Fred and Fern moved to Fort Morgan, where Fred did construction work. Rena (Foster) Harrison lives in Scottsbluff. Roy and wife Edith are now retired and live on Clay Street in Wray. Mable Rice the youngest and husband Gene are retired from farming and live in Yuma By Evelyn Peterson.
A HISTORY OF EAST YUMA COUNTY This is a collection of general history and family histories of East Yuma County from 1868 through 1978.

1917 "North Eckley" items "George Blacker and family started for Jewell county Tuesday for an extended visit with relatives."

1917 "The Grange rabbit hunt proved to be quite an interesting event.... Plates were laid for 65 guests at two o'clock.  Three hundred fifty-eight rabbits.  Mr. Justice, and brother of Mrs. George Blacker, won first prize by killing 38 rabbits, a 50 pound sack of granulated sugar."


In 1880 Marion County, Iowa, J. W. McKern, 25, and Viola, 23, have Ruth, 3, born in Iowa.

John Wesley McKern, a butcher,  and Viola Green had a son born  July 1884 in Ridgeway, Missouri

Ruth McKern graduated from the Ridgeway, Missouri High School in 1897.

In 1900 the McKern's are in Harrison County, Missouri, John born Oct 1854 in Iowa, a grocer, Viola Dec 1856 Indiana, Ruth Jan 1877 Iowa -a school teacher, Clyde Sept 1880 Iowa - a graduate of the Galton?  Mo D D Institute (he's also in the listing for the Missouri School for the Deaf in Fulton) , and Guy July 1884 Missouri.  Clyde is a tailor in 1910 McCook Nebraska.  John W. 1854-1910 and Viola 1856 -1938, and Guy 1884-1937 are buried in Harrison County # 21747328.

It looks like Frank married Ruth McKern 1900-1901 in Missouri, had Dosia in 1902, and then Ruth married Ralph Riley in 1904.

In 1911 McCook Ruth McKern Riley won a contest for historical information, winning a dress pattern.

In 1914 "Mrs. Riley and Miss Ruth McKern" of McCook were  delegates to a Nebraska suffrage convention.

In 1920 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Ralph T. railroad engineer, and Ruth Riley are both 42, Hugo W. Nelson, locomotive fireman,  22 married to Dosia 18.  Viola McKern 63, widowed is Ruth's mother.

  Ralph Riley registered for WWII in Illinois, nearest relative wife Mrs. Ruth McKern Riley.  But Ruth was divorced in 1940 Calloway County,  Missouri, a nurse  living with a widowed Ollie Palmer, 74.  She was divorced in 1930 Harrison County, Missouri, living with mother Viola McKern, 73.  Viola McKern 1856-1938 is buried in Harrison County # 21747329 with John W. 1854-1910.


In 1885 Crawford County, Iowa, John J. "Easton" is 31, Jane 29 - born in Van Buren County, Iowa, "Lenora"  8, Syble 6, and Frank Matthews, 13, born in New York.

In 1895 Crawford County, Iowa, Sybil "Eastine" is 15, born in Taylor County, Iowa.

Lena Eastin married Henry C. Simon July 4, 1897 in Denison, Crawford County.  Her father was John Eastin, mother Georgia Bradley.

In 1900 Sac County, Iowa, Henry C. Simons, farmer,  born April 1874 in Iowa , and "Seona"  born Sept 1876 Iowa, have Louis July 1898 Iowa and Nellie L. Jan 1900 Iowa.  Henry's father John Simons Sept 1825 Germany is also with them.

In 1910 Sac County Henry C. is 35, Leona 33, Lewis 11, and "Cloyde", 6.

In 1900 Glendale precinct Sibyl Eastin, born January 1879 in Iowa, is with parents John J. Dec 1853 Illinois and Georgiana Sep 1845 Iowa, married 26 years.  She's had four children, three living. John A. born Oct 1886 in Iowa, is with them, too.

 Nellie L. Simons, born January 18, 1900, died Feb 27, 1908 in Sac County, buried in Odebolt -

Volume 8, No. 35
Odebolt, Iowa
Wednesday Evening, March 4, 1908

Nellie Leone, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Simons of Wheeler township, died last Thursday morning of appendicitis, at the age of 8 years, 2 months and 9 days.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. G Weinhold last Saturday and interment was made in the Catholic Cemetery.

Leona Simons, 34,  married H.C. Simons, 36,  March 14, 1911, recorded in Yuma County. (wonder if they split and re-married, or a divorce was recorded as a marriage).   Henry had remarried by 1920, and was in Sac County with two more kids.  He was born in Vail, Iowa in 1874 and died in Sac County Dec 7, 1929.


1913 Vernon "A. Lohman has moved his goods into the Ed Lohman store building.  Mrs. Leona Simons has bought the building formerly occupied by Mr. Lohman."

1913 "Mrs. Leona Simons of south of town arrived home Tuesday morning from a week's visit with relatives in Wymore, Nebraska."

1916 Eckley "Mrs. Leona Simon, of Vernon, has opened a racket store in the old Eberhart and Sewall building.  She will also carry a line of millinery."

1916 Vernon "We are informed that Mrs. Leona Simons will soon move her stock of millinery to Eckley.  We are sorry to see these business people leave but are egotistical enough to believe that sooner or later they will be glad to come back to the land of their nativity."

1917 "Frank Justice of Eckley, was in Wray the first of the week attending to some business matters pretaining (sic) to a land deal."

February 6, 1919   The license says Leona Simons 40 and Frank 49, married at Eckley.

 Frank proved up 320 acres in 33, 1S 46W in 1921, but he owned the whole section in 1920.

In 1923 Frank was delinquent on taxes for his Yuma County land.

Leona (Eastin) Justice, dying 1935 age 58, is buried in Eckley  # 53005900

Dosa (Justice) Williamson - 1901-1964 is buried in Eckley # 53151399

In 1910 McCook Nebraska, Dosia Justice is 8, born in Missouri, stepdaughter to Ralph Riley, 32, born in Illinois, and Ruth 23, (second marriage of six years) 33, born in Iowa. Guy McKern, 25, born in Missouri, might be Ruth's brother.

One tree said Dosia married Hugo W. Nelson about 1920 in Missouri.  (Hugo might be a patient at the Steilacoom Washington hospital in 1930)

Walter M. Williamson married Dosia Nelson August 6, 1927 (J.P A.T. Orahood).   In 1930 Denver, Walter Williamson -a cook in a restaurant-  is 38, born in Kansas, with Dasia 28, Missouri, Helen Nelson 9, born in Nebraska, and Mary Nelson, 6 born in Colorado.

In 1940 Manhattan, Kansas, Dosia Williamson is 38, with Walter M. Williamson, 50, Kansas.  Helen Nelson, 19, born in Nebraska, is probably Dosia's daughter.  Mary Nelson is 16 in Topeka, Kansas, a maid in the Theodore and Cora Miller family.  Mary had been in Manhattan in 1935.



In 1920 Yuma County, John J. Eastin 66 and Georgie A. 71 are farming, and Lloyd J. Simons 15, grandson  born in Iowa, is with them.

  J.J. Eastin, who came to Yuma county in 1900, is a native of Illinois, to which state his parents went from Kentucky. He settled on a homestead twenty-five miles southwest of Wray and engaged in the cattle business. He came here with money and his ranch is already stocked with 100 well bred cattle. He has the utmost faith in the future of Yuma county and he feels fully convinced, from his experience and observation since he came here, that it presents possibilities - especially for a poor man - that surpass those found in any other section of the country. Recently the gentleman purchased the Ashley ranch of 800 acres, which is a valuable property.

     In 1870 Mr. Eastin married Miss A. Brayton, an estimable Missouri lady, and they have three children, to whom they have given an excellent education. Mr. Eastin is a genial gentleman, who is popular with all who know him.


In the 1934 Yuma County directory, Mrs. Leona Justice is living at Eckley.

In 1940 Denver, Lloyd L. Symonds is 35, born in Iowa, a laborer.  Helen is 34, born in Kansas, and Jlyn 11 born in Kansas.

POSSIBLE Helen might be the one buried in Inglewood, California - July 6, 1905-Nov 25, 1983, "died in Victorville."  # 79227929 and # 78694609 has Lloyd L. born Dec 14, 1902 - Sept 22, 1986.

November 9, 1908 Hutchinson Kansas

Body of Scott McKie Was Shipped to McPherson County Today. The body of Scott McKie. whose home was at Conway, in McPherson county, was transferred from the Santa Fe to the Rock Island line today. Last July Mr. McKie, having consumption, went to Greeley, Colo., for his health. On becoming worse he was put on a train there Saturday, but at Colorado Springs while the train stood at the station he died. The body arrived here this morning and was sent on this afternoon to Conway. The funeral will be held probably tomorrow at. Conway and burial will be at McPherson. Mr. McKie had intended to come to the home of his mother, Mrs. Jane McKie, in South Hutchinson. Besides the mother, a wife, two children, aged 2 mid  years, three brothers, Charles, Jesse and Glen and a sister, Mrs. Sadie Blue are left. The brothers and sister live here. The father-in-law, Mr. Bixby (Elias E. Bixby), of Conway. accompanied the body here.


Mrs. Ethel M. Muldrow, 85, who came here in 1909 from her native McPherson, Kan., and started teaching in 1910 at Creighton Elementary School, died Sunday in Or..... Mrs. Muldrow, 7550 N. 16th St., transferred to Wilson School in 1916 where she taught several years and later retired from Isaac School. She became a member of the First Presbyterian Church in 1918 and also was a life member of the Women's Association at the church. Services will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the church, 402 W. Monroe. Friends may call from 3 to 7 p.m.  today in the Arizona Funeral Home, entombment in Greenwood.  Survivors include two sons, Kenneth W. Mackey of Dallas and Karren E. Mackey of Phoenix; five grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren



In 1900 Gentry County, Missouri, Jane H. Mackey, divorced ??,  born Dec 1841 in Ohio, has Sadie J. Sept 1875, Scott July 1879, Glen Nov 1882, Jesse Sept 1886, and grandson Ambrose April 1894, all kids born in Missouri.  Ambrose is Ambrose M. Grimsley born April 30, 1894 in Gentryville Missouri, (Sadie's son- her first husband was Grimsley before she married Noah Blue).

Hannah Jane Mackey is buried in Hutchinson, Kansas.


In 1910 Reno County Kansas, Sadie Blue is 34, born in Missouri, widowed, with Ambrose 15 Missouri, Byron 5, Kansas, and Helen 4 Kansas.

In 1920 Reno County, Noah E. is 45, Sadie M. 44, Byron M. 15, Helen E. 14, and Albert D. 7.

Helen Estes Symonds born July 6, 1905 in Kansas, died Nov 25, 1983 in San Bernardino County, mother's name Mackey, father Blue.  One tree said she married James Lester Dyson in 1925, with no children.

Name of Deceased: J. "Jack" Lynn Symonds

Age at Death:  75 Death Date: 18 Apr 2003

19 Apr 2004 Newspaper Title: Daily Press,   Victorville, CA

Birth Date: about 1928

Locations Mentioned in Obituary: CA, CA
Hutchinson, KS, KS Hutchinson
Victorville, Victorville
 Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary: Dana Baier ,Robin Symonds ,Ryan ,Kyle Symonds ,Jeffrey Symonds ,Rebekah Swallow ,Jensen Symonds "Hank"
Jessica Hunter , Jack Symonds Samantha


Lee Roy Justis was born April 3, 1890 at Hollenburg, Kansas, and in 1900 Washington County, Kansas is with parents Charles Jan 1864 ndiana and Ida A. Aug 1863 Missouri, with Stella M. June 1887, Lee Roy April 1890, Ray N. May 1892, Aaron B. Sept 1894, and George V. Sept 1896, all kids born in Kansas.

Edith, per # 16766786, was born Oct 1885 in Elwood, Nebraska to Andrew Keithley and Ida Belle Moore Wilson, dying July 10, 1974 in Jackson County, Kansas.

1916 "Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Justice left Monday evening for Hollenberg, Kansas, where they will spend Christmas with relatives there.  Mr. and Mrs. Justice reside several miles northwest of Wray.  They will also visit in Steel City, Nebraska, before returning to Wray."

L.R. Justice owned 640 acres in 3N 45W in 1920.  That would be Lee Roy Justus, homesteading in 1919.

May 1919 Eckley items "The Roy Justice baby is reported ill."

In 1920 Yuma County L. Roy Justis is 29, born in Kansas, Edi 34 Nebraska.  They have Ida M. 4 and Jack V. 1, both Colorado.

Mrs. L.R. Justus received $4.90 from Yuma County for witness certificate.

In 1930 Jackson County, Kansas, L. Roy is farming, with Edith C. 44, Ida M. 14, and Jack V. 11.

Topeka State Journal Fri. 7 May, 1971, pg 26:
Lee Roy Justis, 81, Topeka, died Wed. at an Overbrook nursing home where he had been since April 22.
He was born April 3, 1890 at Hollenberg and had lived at Hoyt for 21 years before moving to Topeka 6 months ago.
He was a farmer and stockman and a member of the First United Methodist Church at Hoyt.
He was married to Edith Wilson on May 26, 1914. She survives.
Other survivors include a daughter, Mrs. K.W. Large, Topeka, a son, Jack Justis, Topeka, a brother, A.B.Justis, Bridgeport, NE., 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Services will be SatyesT at Mercer Funeral Home, Holton, with burial in the Mayetta Cemetery.  # 73104772

Jack V. Son of Lee H Roy & Edith Elma Wilson Justis. Husband of Mary Etta Hurst. 1918-2006 is buried in Jackson County.


Grace L. Justus recorded teacher experience in 1922 in Yuma County.

The 1914 Aurena Literary Society met with an essay by Mrs. Justice, and a dialogue including Esther Justice. Other performers were John Weaver, Oscar Batin, Thelma Tucker.

1919 "W.H. Justice, the smiling cashier of the Idalia State Bank, was a week end business visitor in Wray."

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