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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lyman H. and Maggie (Potterfield) Shackley, Happyville

Thomas Shackley died 1899 age 73 and Sarah A. dying 1909 age 82 are buried in Hazelwood Cemetery, Poweshiek County, Iowa. "Thomas Shackley was a resident of Grinnell, Poweshiek, Iowa, for over 40 years. He was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His health rapidly declined after he and his wife were injured in a cyclone."  Thomas is possibly an uncle, and that's why Lyman was in Iowa.

In 1850 York County, Maine, Samuel Shackley is 35, Francis 40, Lyman 6, Eliza A. 5, Daniel 3, and newborn Moses.

Samuel Shackly died July 1859 of consumption in York County, Maine.

Samuel Shackley 1820-1858 ? and Nancy 1890-1890 are buried in Riverside cemetery York County, Maine.# 113300203

In 1860 York County, Maine, Nancy Shackley is 51, Lyman H. 16, Daniell 13, Moses 10, and Elvia 16 a house maid.

In 1865 Essex County, Massachusetts, Nancy Shackley is 56, Lyman - a cordwainer -21, Daniel - a soldier - 18, Moses 14, Eliza 20, all born in Maine. 

Lyman H. Shackley married Maggie Potterfield Nov 5, 1869 in Powesheik County, Iowa.

In 1850 Wayne County Illinois, William Potterfield is 43 Lavina 38, M. daughter 12, D.G. son 10, W.P son 5, M.G. daughter 4 .  All were born in Pennsylvania except M.G. Illinois.

In 1860 Wayne County "Leannah" Ake, 39, Pennsylvania, married to Johnathan 42, with Wm. Potterfield 15, Pennsylvania, Martha G. Potterfield 14, Illinois, and five Ake kids Statira 13, Wm. C.13, Nancy J. 5, Philip 6, and George L. 4..


Catherine Porterfield Dubauld 1838 Fayette County, Pennsylvania -1907 died in Poweshiek County, per # 94272351.

In 1850 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, John Porterfield is 55, Elizabeth 48, Nancy 21, E . H. 20, Lucinda 18, Elizabeth 16, Sarah J. 12, James F. 10, Mary B. 8, Saml A. 6, and Margaret M. 4.

John Porterfield 1795-1862 is buried in Wayne County, Illinois # 122209985, Elizabeth (Thompson) Porterfield 1802-1860 # 122211825.

J.T. Porterfield, Mount Erie, Illinois, was born in Armstrong County Penn August 6, 1840 to John and Elizabeth (Thompson) Porterfield.  In 1850 his parents moved to Wayne County, Illinois.  Maggie Johnson was a sister.  SO THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE SAME MAGGIE.

Elizabeth Porterfield was born in Armstrong county, Penn. January 26, 1836. She removed with her parents to Mount Erie, Wayne county, Illinois in 1852.
She was married January 28, 1856 to Samuel Holmes, who survives. Eight children were born to this union; Samuel Eddie who died in infancy: and Mrs. Elaina Moore, Elmer and Alvin Holmes, Mrs. Marietta Powers, Mrs. Arizona Wyant, Ida and Murray Holmes who with seventeen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren remain to mourn the loss of a mother and grandmother.
Mrs. Holmes moved with her family to the farm near Climax, Kansas and in 1886 to Eureka where she resided until her death.  # 21373565

They're farming in Poweshiek County in 1870, no kids.

In 1880 York County, Maine, Lyman is 36, a grain merchant, with Maggie, 34, Pennsylvania, George 9, Iowa, Sarah 7 Iowa, Eliza 5 Maine, and Lyman E. 1, Maine.

Lyman cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 1S 46W in 1891 - others near him were Willis Soules, Perry Milner, Chester Chadwick, and John Spear.

Lyman had a record of a homestead application and a timber-claim application, but those weren't completed.

Also in 1891, Maggie Shackley was buried in the Yuma cemetery. -1845-1891 # 74267891.

Lila Shackley married John W. Weber March 8, 1893, recorded in Denver (at that time the county seat of Arapahoe County).

In 1894 Joseph H. Shackley was justice of the peace in Magee Precinct, Yuma County, performing a marriage at the home of Joseph Brower, about twenty miles due north of Lyman's claim.

"Lynam" H. Shackley registered to vote in Arapahoe County in 1894.

In 1900 Lyman, born October 1843 in Maine, is a shoemaker, living at 1408 Curtis Street in Denver, single.


Lyman H. Shackley married Mary L. Hill Sept 26, 1908, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Denver, Lyman is divorced, 66, a shoemaker, living with son George, a meat cutter, 39 his wife, Annie M. 31 born in Nebraska, and their daughter Marguerite 4, born in Colorado.

1913 "Lyman Shackley, of Englewood, Colo., was visiting in Wray Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  He was on his way home from eastern Nebraska, where he had been visiting a son."  (George P. Shackley is a painter in Cass County, Nebraska in 1920, 49, married to Anna M. 40)

In 1920 Denver, Lyman is 76, retired, living with daughter Sarah Duncan - 47, widowed,   Virgil 13, Bernice 10, and Max 7, all three born in Colorado.

Lyman is listed in the Knowles Mortuary on page 25, with no date, but it might be around 1921-1922.



"Vernie" Duncan married Sadie "Schackley" March 20, 1899, recorded in Denver.

In 1900 Arapahoe County (Argo precinct) Verne O. Duncan is a boiler-maker, born Aug 1873 in Iowa, has been married one year to Sadie Mar 1873 Iowa.  They have Cecil K. Oct 1899 Colorado.

In 1910 Denver, Oscar V. Duncan is a boiler-maker, 34, born in Iowa, married 12 years to Sadie, 37, Iowa.  They have Virgil 4 and Bernice 2.

Oscar Vernon Duncan born August 3, 1876, registered in Denver, a boiler-maker with National Potash Company, nearest relative William Duncan at the Old Soldiers Home in Leavenworth, Kansas.  The 1915 Kansas census has William, 71, a resident at the

William M. Duncan is in Iowa in 1856, 11, son of Robert and Mary Duncan.  Robert 1818-1904 and Mary Hunter (Murray) Duncan 1820-1878 are buried in Fremont County  # 43699288. "They married in 1843 and had 12 children. Mary died at the age of 58 years 8 months 20 days. Mary is buried next to her husband and two daughters. "

He's probably the one in Fremont County Iowa in 1880, 5, with William 35 and Amanda 28, Charles 10, and Robert 1.  William, a railroad laborer born April 1845 in Ohio, and Emanda Oct 1850 Ohio are in Denver in 1900, with Pearl May 1888 and Guy Oct 1890 both Kansas.  When Guy registered, he said he was born Oct 16, 1890 at Kenona Kansas.

In 1920 Denver, Lyman is 76, retired, living with daughter Sarah Duncan - 47, widowed, and her Virgil 13, Bernice 10, and Max 7, all three born in Colorado.

In 1930 Denver "Sadie" Duncan is 58 widowed, born in Iowa, a laundress.  Virgil G. is 24, a tin worker married to Esther 22, Minnesota, who is a checker at a laundry.  Max is 19, a shipping clerk at a curio store.

Sarah N. Duncan - 1872-1944 is buried in Fairmount # 32428897.  Her stone is the same style as C. Vernon Duncan 1876-1919.  Both are in block 55.  There's also an O. Vernon Duncan ...

Maxwell M. Duncan married Geraldine Halberg May 27, 1938, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Bernice A. Duncan married Wilbur V. Moses January 6, 1928, recorded in Jefferson County. In 1930 Denver Vincent W. Moses is an insurance salesman, 25, born in Ohio, married to Bernice 22.

In 1940 Denver Wilbur V. is a flavor- extracting chemist, 35, Bernice A. 32, and they have Wilbur V. Jr. 3.

Wilbur -1904-1997 and Bernice (1907-1981) are buried in Fairmount.  # 29634856.

Moses, Wilbur Vincent 07 Feb 1997 page 14B Rocky Mountain News  Moses, Wilbur Vincent 09 Feb 1997 page 6B Denver Post.

George Virgil Duncan (son of Oscar Vernon Duncan and Sarah Nancy Shackley) was born in Denver, Colorado. He married Esther Victoria Svenson, daughter of Christian Paulus Svenson and Mathilda Emily Johanson.

George Virgil Duncan and Esther V. Duncan divorced in Denver in 1938.

 George V. Duncan is a metal worker in 1940 Denver, 35, married to Opal M.  43, born in Missouri.


 Children of George Virgil Duncan and Esther Victoria Svenson are:  
George Vernon Duncan (son of George Virgil Duncan and Esther Victoria Svenson) was born March 21, 1934 in Denver, Colorado, and died December 15, 1999 (might be 1998) in Aberdeen, Washington. He married Patricia Allaenne Smith, daughter of Earl James Smith and Shirley Marietta Jones.

George Vernon Duncan 1934 -1998 is buried in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon # 46691708

 Children of George Vernon Duncan and Patricia Allaenne Smith are:

i.Jamie Christine Duncan.

ii.Paul Christian Duncan.
iii.Joseph Adam Duncan.



John H. Webber 1880-1923 is buried in Denver # 58847042

In 1910 Englewood, Colorado, Eliza J. "Luthye" is 36, now married to Leonhardt Luthye, 33, Wisconsin.  She's had five kids, one living, John Webber, 4, born in Colorado.

In 1920 Denver, Leonhardt is a pipe-fitter, and they have John 14, and Opal 7.

John W. Luthye is in Englewood in 1930, married to Edna L. 30, and they have Doris J. Luthye, two months.  (Edna Kay dying Nov 9, 1947 is buried in Littleton)

In 1930 Englewood, Leonhardt is still a pipe-fitter, with only Opal R. 16 who's married to James C. Ramey, 20 born in Texas, a truck driver on a ranch.

In 1940 Englewood, Leonhardt is a machinist for a railroad with Eliza 65.  Opal Ramey is with them, 27, with Barbara Jean 9 and Nancy Jane 5.

Leonhardt 1877-1954 is buried in Littleton # 116310828.  There are two Eliza Luthye in Littleton - one buried May 8, 1954 is in the same lot  as Leonhardt - unmarked  # 12437345.  Another buried Dec 10, 1940 is in the next grave.



In 1900 Arapahoe County, Colorado - in Argo precinct near Englewood, Edgar "Shakly" born August 1878 in Maine, is a coach cleaner at a railroad station.  He's with John W. Webber May 1871 Pennsylvania, a teamster, and Lila May 1874 Maine (that has to be  sister Eliza) with Florence M. July 1899 Colorado.

Lyman Edgar Shackley registered in Cass County, Nebraska, born August 21, 1878, a carpenter, married to Lottie May Shackley.

Lyman 1878-1939 # 19100797 is buried in Avoca, Cass County, with Lottie 1882-1922,  the daughter of William Betts & Mary J Goodrich.



George 1870-1962 is buried in Elmwood, Cass County, Nebraska  # 119892674.  So is Anna M. 1879-1963 # 119892672.

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