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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Fay Caldwell Wheeler, Happyville

In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, George Wheeler is 30, Myrta E. 29, Fay C. 9, Fred D. 8, Ross O. 6, Winnie M. 4, George A. 2 and Tain C. 76.

In 1910 Vernon precinct George and Myrtie have Fay 19, Fred 18, Ross 16, Winnie 14, George 12, Myrtle 8, Iva 4, and Ray five months.

Fay Wheeler married Sadie Barker August 16, recorded in Yuma County.

Fay registered with a Happyville address, born May 4, 1890 at Hardy Nebraska, with a wife and two children

Fay proved up 320 acres in 18, 1S 45W and 24, 1S 46W in 1917.

SADIE ELIZABETH  BARKER (MARY AGNES  BYRNE, JOHN ) was born September 16, 1891 in Omaha, Nebraska, and died May 04, 1966 in Issaquah, Washington. She married FAY CALWELL WHEELER August 16, 1910 in Wray, Colorado. He was born May 04, 1890 in Hardy, Nebraska, and died March 23, 1963 in Issaquah, Washington.
Children of SADIE BARKER and FAY WHEELER are:
  i.   AUSTIN LEE4 WHEELER, b. March 28, 1912, Wray, Colorado-Yuma County; d. July 20, 1999, Renton,Washington-King County-Valley Medical Center.
  ii.   CHARLES WORTH WHEELER, b. July 04, 1914, Wray, Colorado.
 . iii.   ULLENE FAYE WHEELER, b. February 28, 1921, Heartstrong, Colorado; d. February 01, 2000, Bellevue, Washington-Cedar Lawns-Redmond, Washington.

Fay registered for WWII in Seattle, working at Washington Iron Works, with a reference Mr. Austin Wheeler.

Fay 1890-1963 is buried in Redmond, Washington # 94028474.  The stone is the same style as Sadie E. Wheeler 1891-1966.

So is Austin L. Wheeler 1912-1999



In 1920 Boone County, Nebraska, Fay is 28, married to Nellie J. 23, with Gene F. 5 and Velma Jane 3 - all born in Nebraska. 

In 1924 Denver J.Fay (Nellie J.) is a laborer living at 3920 Perry, and at 4001 Newton in 1925.

They're back in Boone County, Nebraska  in 1930.

In 1940 Nellie is in Los Angeles (in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska in 1935), a housekeeper for Louis C. Schmal?, 68, divorced.


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