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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Fisk, Laird


1901 Wray "Fresh Kraut and celery at the Fisk market.  Fresh fish every Friday."

  1902 Wray

1902 "Mr. Hawkins of Michigan, brother of Mrs. F.K. Fisk of Laird and uncle of our Will Fisk, is here visiting relatives."

March 10, 1905 "A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Fisk, east of Laird, last Saturday, and Harris is as proud over the advent of the little Miss a (sic) can be, and well he should be."

Wilbur Fisk, who had been visiting relatives in and about Wray for the past two weeks returned to his work at McCook last Wednesday evening.  He is a brakeman on the Burlington/


  March 17, 1905 Wray

   September 1904

1905 "Walter Fisk and Ray Wells went up to Denver Wednesday on the excursion to attend the Epworth League convention."


  November 1907

  May 1910

December 1911  "Misses Emma and Jessie Williams entertained at a lively taffy pull last Tuesday evening at their home, Messrs. R.R. Blankenship, John Abbott, Clinton Fisk and Bernard Jennings, and the Misses Buna Dyar and Mayme Fisk.  We accused one of the young men of not doing anything but eating the taffy, but he proved to us that he pulled taffy as well as the rest, showing a good sized blister on his thumb as the result.  Music both instrumental and vocal were enjoyed making a very pleasant evening."



  May 1913

In June 1913 M.M. Fisk filed as administrator of the estate of Mary R. Fisk.  Heirs were:  William K. Fisk, Harry V. Fisk, Frank F. Fisk, Freeman K. Fisk, Myron M. Fisk, Wilbur W. Fisk, Arthur C. Fisk, Walter Fisk, Clinton B. Fisk, and Mary B. Fisk.

  September 1913

  March 9, 1916

  March 1917




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