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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Sylvester Cayou

" My uncle Erman Cayou said he had heard that my ggrandfather Louis Francois Cayou was a blacksmith in St Louis, MO. Was on his way home and two thugs robbed and killed him this was around the years 1848-1849. He was born June 9, 1821 in St Louis, MO. He married Leocadie Louisa Marechal. "

One poster wrote that Sylvester's mother Leocadie Marshall Cayou, widowed, married Adam Wombacher in 1850 in St. Louis.

"Sylvester Eustachius Cayou (son of Louis Francois Cayou and Leocada Lousia Marechal) was born January 26, 1847 in St Louis, Missouri, and died August 31, 1918 in Eckley, Colorado.
He married Mary Elizabeth Morris on June 08, 1867 in Washington County, Iowa, daughter of John Dickison Morris and Sarah Johnston. "

In 1880 Smith County, Kansas, Sylvester is farming 32, with Mary E. both 32. Mary E. is 12, John L. 10, Margett 9, Sylvester R. 7, James 5, and Ira 1.

In 1885 Webster County, Nebraska, Sylvester is farming, 36, Mary 36, Eliza 17, John 15, Maggie 13, robert 12, James 9, Ira 6, Willis 3, and Ralph 1.

In 1900 Smith County, Sylvester born Jan 1849 in Missouri, Mary Feb 1869 Ohio, have Ira Feb 1882, Wm. Sept 1881, Ralph April 1883, Clarence July 1887, and George Aug 1883. - the last three were born in Nebraska. Mary has had ten children, all alive.

November 9, 1911 "L. S. Lambert and family of Culver, Oregon, came to Eckley Sunday to visit Mrs. Lambert's sister, Mrs. Sylvester Cayou of south of Eckley. Mr. Lambert left his family there and Monday went to Haigler to visit his brother, Rev. W. R. Lambert, of north of Haigler. Mr. L. S. Lambert is a Salvation Army worker."

Sylvester E. Cayou proved up two quarters in 9 and 10, 1N 46W in 1917. Next to him Clarence E. Cayou in 1913, Ralph M. in 1913, and Willis in 1913., John Cayou\u in 1918.

Yuma March 2, 1917 "Ira Cayou returned from Chicago last week, in which city he had been with his father while the latter was recovering from the effects of an operation.l"
Sylvester 1848-1918 is buried in Eckley # 47615658, with Mary A. 1848-1916, # 47615598


In 1900 Yakima, Washington, Robert S. Cayou is a railroad laborer, born April 1874 Iowa, married five years to Ella E. January 1873 Ohio. Frank May 1897 and Clara April 899 wee born in Washington.

1904 Yakima "A good deal of excitement was caused on south .... street last Monday night about 10:20 o'clock when police officer Robert s. Cayou shot and killed instantly a man by the name of George Reed, who, in resisting arrest attempted to take the life of the officer. An inquest was held yesterday afternoon at the undertaking parlors of .... Bessions which resulted in the jury declaring actions of the. policeman to be in self defense and the shooting "justifiable homicide. George Reed was a well-known character among the tough element of the town. He was a sheep herder, cut tip drover and general roustabout. When well loaded with whisky he had the reputation for always appearing in the guise of a desperado or at least tried to impress his comrades as such. Monday night about 10 p.m. a young man by the name of Harry Hamlin was coming up ihe middle of the street in front of Tittle & Smith's feed yard on south ....street when he noticed a man coming towards him. Hamlin walked straight ahead apparently paying no attention to the approaching stranger when he suddenly ran into the muzzle of a pistol. The man with the gun made no demands, but succeeded in bringing forth a loud yell from young Hamlin who at the same time broke and ran in the direction of the Olympia saloon, and there met Patrolman Cayou, who had been attracted by the yell, and told him of the man with the gun whom he thought was a desperado. The patrolman itarted after the man and discovered him retreating in the darkness.... "Halt" demanded the officer, "throw down your .... and stop." The man wheeled in his tracks and aimed point blank at his pursuer. "Halt" the officer again called out and this time fired his gun in the air as he commanded the man to stop. A second time the gun was raised in aim at the officer, but the patrolman was too quick for his assailant and let fire in quick succession two shots both of which took effect. One bullet imbedded itself in the forearm while the other one struck just ...... the right lung and glanced across his breast entering the heart, ..... death alimost instantly. Patrolman Milryfield heard the shooting and hurried across ... Chinatown with a dark laintern. He was told the man was in the center of the street. Going over he found the body with life almost extinct and just as he had rolled him over and flashed the light in his face Policeman Cayou came up and exclaimed, "I've killed George Reed."
The coroner and Sheriff .... were at once notified. The sheriff took Hamlin in charge to hold him as a witness. At the coroner's inquest he said he was the man whom Reed had attempted to hold up. At the inquest held yesterday afternoon all the above facts came out and showed plainly that the officer was justified in killing Reed. He did not know, of course, who the man was but supposed him to be some highwayman looking for trouble. Reed was a middle aged man. probably ... or over. He has been employed lately by the ICoxee company looking after their cattle. He has given the officers here a great deal of trouble on previous occasions when drunk and always resisted arrest. His ... to the law on tliis occasion was just one time too often."

In 1910 Yakima, Washington, Robert S. Cayou is doing odd jobs, 36, with Ella E. 37, Frank 13, Clara 10, Dora K. 9, and Robert W. 5.

In 1920 Yakima, R.F. is 47, Ella E. 55, Fank 22, Clara 20, Dora 18, and Robert 14.

In 1930 Yakima Robert 56 and Ella 65 have only Frank, 32.

Robert Sylvester Cayou 1873-1945 is buried in Yakima # 67933500, with Ella E. (Hamilton) Cayou 1866-1944 # 67932964.
Thanks to the Yakima Valley Genealogy !

"Funeral services for Robert Sylveste Cayou will be held in Shaw & Sons chapel Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. The Rev. Oval Peterson will officiate and burial will be in Tahoma cemetery. Pallbeares will be Ray Williams, J. Elliott, Earl Anderson, Ray Symonds, George Schultz, and Lawrene Sheets."

Frank Cayou was born May 27, 1895 in Yakima to Robert S. Cayou and Ella Hamilton.
Clara Symmonds was born April 23, 1899 in Yakima, dying March 11, 1993.

Clara Symmonds, 93, died Thursday, March 11, 1993, in the Highline Convalescent Center after an extended illness. She was born April 23, 1899, to Robert W. and Ella (Hamilton) Cayou at Yakima. She attended school in Yakima and worked there until her marriage to Bert Symmonds in September of 1920. They lived in Wapato and Toppenish until the Depression, when they moved to Selah, where Mr. Symmonds found work. They moved to Grand Coulee in 1936 and Mr. Symmonds worked on Grand Coulee Dam. They lived in Spokane from 1942 to 1947, then moved to Waitsburg. They lived in the Milton//Freewater, Ore. area, Walla Walla and Kansas before returning in 1973 to this area, where Mr. Symmonds opened an antique-clock repair business in East Wenatchee. Mrs. Symmonds is survived by two sons, Russell of Wenatchee and Mel of Ephrata; a daughter, Ellen R. Noll of Seattle; seven grandchildren; and a great-grandchild. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1976; two brothers, Robert and Frank Cayou; and a sister, Doris.

Robert W. Cayou 1905-1987 # 102752891 and his wife Mary are also buried in Yakima.


1900 Kansas

James is in Leavenworth in 1900, born August 1875 in Iowa, married three years, a carpenter.
His wife Lucy is 20, with seven-month-old Sylvester. They're living in Nemaha County, Nebraska with her parents James 60 and Louis 53 McClain.

In 1908 Coos Bay, Oregon, Sylvester Cayou was in the First B. grade in the Marshfield public school.

In 1910 Spokane, Washington, James is a "bowman" working in hauling, 34, with Luch H. 30 Nebraska. Sylvester E. is 11 Nebaska, and Verna H. 8 Kansas.

February 1913 Wray Rattler - Liberty items "James Cayou has his house about completed on his homestead."
Yuma Pioneer "James Cayou and family are now located on their homestead, south of Eckley."

In 1914 Yuma, Verna Cayou was in the Second Intermediate room at the Yuma school.

In 1930 Kansas City, James - sells sewing machines - and Lucy are living with son Sylvester 31 and his wife Emma 26. They ahve Ruby 9, Sylvester Jr. 3.

James, born August 18, 1875 at Washington, Iowa, to Sylvester Cayou born in St. Louis and Mary E. Morris born in Illinois, died in Kansas City March 28, 1947, to be buried in Forest Hill - FindaGrave # 104547532. Informant was Lucy H. ayou of 4525 Spruce. James had been in Kansas City two years.
Lucy H. Cayou 1879-1964 is also buried there # 104547551.

So are Sylvester Cayou 1898-1958 # 53345033 "Colorado - U.S. Navy World War I", and Emma E. 1903 - 1998 # 53345057.
Ruby Louise Cayou, born March 29, 1921 at Kansas City to Sylvester E. Cayou and Emma E. Trinquial, was a Dodson in 1940, Tornquist in 1944, and LeGrande in 1945. She's buried in Independence, Missouri 1921-1992 # 95256669.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, next to Sylvester and Mary Cayou, Maggie born June 1872, married nine years to J.S. Reeves July 1876, have Beckie Oct 1893, Sadie July 1896, and Ida Oct 1897.

In 1910 Yuma County Jesse Reeves is 44 Nebraska, Maggie 38 Iowa, married 21 years. Rebecca 16 and Sadie 14 were born in Nebraska, Ida 11, Alma 9, Nina 7, and Howard 6 in Kansas, Robert 4 in Kansas, and Edward seven months in Colorado.
She's had nine children, eight living - even though one tree said John Sylvester Reeves was born and died in 1892, the Nellie Mae Reeves 1903-1906 buried in Wray might be their child # 68945366.
August 1913 "J. J. Reeves, of south of Eckley, went to Humboldt, Nebr., last Friday to visit his mother, who is sick."

August 1913 Wray "Jesse Reeves of Southeastern Nebraska, a brother-in-law of Mr. Munson, was in our vicinity the past week visiting relatives and looking around with the view of locating."

Jesse proved up a quarter in 9, 1N 46W in 1916, next to Sylvester and Clarence Cayou.

Edward Reeves 1909-1911 is buried in Eckley # 53151273. July 21, 1911 "The little 1 year and a half old baby of Mr. Jesse Reeves and wife that has been sick for some time, but was supposed by all to he getting better and would soon be well, took suddenly sick Sunday at 10 o clock and at 11 o clock was a corpse. The funeral was held at the house and was conducted by Rev . Love , Interment was on the farm."

The Arthur Eden Reeves 1917-1918 buried in Wray might be a child # 68945313.

In 1920 Wright County, Missouri, Jesse is farming, 53, Margaurite 48, Ida 20, Alma 18, Howard 15, Robert 12, Louis 7, Colorado, and Nina 17 in Kansas.

Jesse L. Reeves 1865-1936 is buried in Nodaway County, Missouri, # 77102421.
February 7, 1936 Maryville, Missouri "Jessie L. Reeves, 70 years of age, a resident of Burlington Junction died early Tuesday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Lore near Ottawa, Kan., where he had been ill for a short time. Death was caused by hardening of the arteries. Before moving to Burlington Junction a year ago, the Reeves family were residents for several years at Tarkio.
Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Methodist church in Burlington Junction.
Mr. Reeves was born at Humboldt, Neb, in 1866, and was married to Miss Maggie Cayou in 1912 (must be 1891).
Surviving him are the widow; four daughters, Mrs. Loree of Ottawa, Kansas, Mrs. Sadie Norman of Springfield Missouri, Mrs. Rebecca Baker of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Mrs. Alma Ahshuf of Mountain Grove, Missouri; three sons, Howard Reeves of Tarkio and Jessie L. Reeves, Jr.. and Robert Reeves of Burlington Junction."

February 14, 1936 " Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Harm funeral home for Jesse L. Reeves of this place, who passed away last week at the home of daughter near Ottawa, Kansas. Rev. W. D. Baker of St Joseph had charge of.."

In 1940 Margarete, widowed, 68 is with daughter Nina Loree 37 and husband Carl Loree in Douglas County, Kansas. She had been in Nodaway County, Missouri in 1935.

Carl 1890-1975 # 52698067 and Nina A. Reeves Loree 1902-1974 # 52698056 are buried in Franklin County, Kansas.
Alma Absher is in Wright County, Missouri in 1930, 29, saying she was born in Coloado, married to Ray F. 34. They're living with his mother Marian Absher 62 widowed.

Roy died August 21, 1936, to be buried in Thomas cemetery, # 49795676.

His parents were Marion Absher and Edith Workman, and his wife was Alma Absher of Mountain Grov e.
In 1940 Wright County, Alma is widowed, 38, born in Nebraska, living alone.

Sadie Norman died December 22, 1950 in Greene County, Missouri, to be buried in Greenlawn, # 81956979.
She was born February 14, 1895 to Jessie L. Reeves and mother "Cayow", informant husband Tom Norman.
Tom Norman died June 24, 1951, born Dec 31, 1892, a railroad carpenter, born in Texas, father Tom Norman.

In 1940 Atchison County, Missouri, Lewis Reeves is 27, a farm hand, with Verba 28 Missouri.
They have Verba Louise, ten months old, and Verba's kids Kenneth Tyler 13, Clifford Tyler 10, and Deloris Tyler 8.

In 1930 Atchison County, Missouri, Lewis is 17, a "boarder" with Ralph and Ellen Cayou - Ralph would be his uncle.

Jesse, born at Eckley Colorado August 11, 1912 to Jesse Lewis Reeves of Watson Missouri and Margaret Cayou of Iowa, died in Nodaway County. Informant was Verba Reeves.
Jesse Lewis Reeves 1912-1946 is buried in Atchison County, Missouri # 96578140, with Verba May (Crawford) Reeves 1911-1981. So is Kenneth W. Tyler 1927-1990...
Howard Ralph Reeves 1905-1978 is buried in Atchison County # 96578044.

One tree says Rebecca Reeves was born November 28, 1893 in Nebraska.

Rebecca Reeves, of Yuma Colorado, married Horace Baker of Pulaski County, Arkansas on August 29, 1916 in Kansas City.

Horace was born Oct 18, 1880 in Texas County, Missouri, per one tree, and died April 27, 1956 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

One tree says "May Miles was Horace's first wife and Mildred was their only child."

In 1920 Little Rock, Horace 37 and Rebecah E. 26 have Hazel Marie 2.
" November 17, 1922 a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Horace M. Baker, 806 South Woodrow street."

In 1930 H.M. is 48, Rebecca 38, Hazel 12, Florence 9, and Edith 7.
" Little Rock, Ark., October 16, 1930 — Eight-year-old Edith Baker was almost instantly killed and her father, H. M. Baker, 47, was injured seriously when they were caught between two cars which collided at a street intersection here late yesterday."

In 1940 Pulaski County, H.M. Baker is a locomotive engineer, 59, and Rebecca 49 have Florence 19 Arkansas, niece Marjorie 14 Missouri, niece Maxine 13 Missouri, and Rebe 4, granddaughter born in Arkanasas.

Roselawn Cemetery, Little Rock has Horace Madison Baker buried Arpil 1956, Rebecca his wife buried April 2, 1963, their daugher Edith buried 1930, and Rebecca's mother Margaret Cayou Reeves buried November 17, 1949.
Horace's father Charles P. Baker # 143889271 and mother Emily # 143889251 buried in Everton, Missouri,

Hazel Marie (Baker) Camp 1917-1976 is buried in Daingerfield, Texas # 124102775 - "d/o Horace Madison Baker, Rebecca Reeves"

Maxine might be the one in 1955 Omaha, married to Robert D. Anglim, a railroad helper.

One tree said Horace had married May Miles in 1908, having Mildred in 1909. Mildred 1909-1991 married Howell Cobb and lived in Oklahoma

Florence 1920-2003 married Paul L. Thurston May 14, 1945, and died in Russellville, Arkansas, per one tree.


Mary possibly married a Hamilton and moved to Yakima, Washington, 1868-1919 # 20348475.
The death certificate has her father as "Robert S. Cayon", mother Mary Morris, spouse Ernest hamilton.


January 12, 1912 "Mrs. Mary Cayou, wife of Ira Cayou of this city, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell, of North Ninth street at 2:15 a. m., January 1. She was 25 years of age and leaves a husband and two small children, an aged father and mother and six brothers and one sister. Her death was due to consumption from which she had been a sufferer for the past eleven months. The husband is employed as a carpenter by Frank Brewster and is a contractor by trade. The older child is five years of age and the younger is about 17 months old. Four of the brothers, Edgar, William, Joe and Lee, are residents of Independence, as is the sister, Mrs. Ollie Powell. The deceased woman was a member of the order of Lady Maccabees, which order had charge of the funeral.
—Kansas City Star"

" Willis Cayou, of near Eckley, was also in attendance at the funeral, returning home the first of the week."

January 1917 Yuma "Ira Cayou returned from Red Cloud, Nebraska, on the early morning train Wednesday."

Ira S. Cayou, 34 of Yuma Colorado, a carpenter, married Julia V. Kostamo 24, of Osceola Michigan on March 13, 1913 in Michigan.

In 1920 Yuma, Ira is a carpenter, 41, born in Kansas, with Julia 30, Sylvia 13 Kansas, Fern 10 Kansas, Clarence 6, Doria 4, Marce 2, and Myrtle one month, the last four born in Colorado.

Ira and Julia are in Denver in 1930, with Clarence 16, Doris 14, Marie 12, Myrtle 10, Lucille 6, and Ruth six months.

Ira 1878-1933 is buried in Denver # 35160279, with Julia V. 1889-1978 # 35160280.

Lucille Julia Cayou was born April 22, 1923 in Englewood, Colorado to Ira S. Cayou and Julia Kostmao, at Lucille Gensle in 1946, dying March 21, 1999.
Lucille 1923-1999 is buried in Hollywood, Florida # 71269632.

Doris Kathryn Lansing was born Sept 26, 1915 in Yuma to Ira S. Cayou and Julia V. Kostimo, dying August 1988.
She's buried in Portland, Oregon # 36298953. "WIFE OF LANSING, MAURICE D, US MERCHANT MARINE"

Myrtle M. Cayou 1919-1999 is buried in Jefferson County, Colorado # 144353283.

Marie E. Cayou, age 28, married William P. Shotwell age 23, in Los Angeles July 1, 1950.
One tree said she was born in Yuma Sept 20, 1917 to Ira and Julia, dying September 19, 1978 in Fullerton, California.

Clarence Ira Cayou 1913-1959 is buried in Whittier, California Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Mary Glantz married "George E. Cayon" on May 14, 1913, recorded in Yuma County.
She had claimed land in 15 and 21, 2N 46W in 1917, just north of Eckley.
September 1, 1911 " A party of about thirty-five assembled at the home of George Cayou last Sunday and reminded that young gentleman that he was 18 years old. All enjoyed themselves and departed wishing him many happy returns of his birthday."

May 1915 "George Cayou was raising his windmill tower last week When he got it part way up, the post to which the rope was fastened broke, letting it fall to the ground breaking it up considerably."

May 22, 1913 " Geo. Cayou sprung a surprise on the community last Wednesday by going down to Wray with his sweetheart and bringing her home as his wife. Good luck to you, Mr. and Mrs. Cayou, and may your pathway be strewn with nothing but flowers for many years."
March 1917 "Geo. Cayou is the proud owner of a brand new Studebaker."
George Herman Cayou registered for WWI in Eckley, born August 26, 1893 at Table Rock, Nebraska. farming with a wife and child.

In 1920 he's a mechanic in Smith County, Kansas, 26 with Mary E. 27 born in Nebraska. Clyde 8 was born in Colorado. His brother Albert H. Cayou 39 is widowed, born in Kansas.
In 1930 Multnomah County, Oregon, Albert W. Cayou is 48, born in Kansas, wtih May 37 Nebraska. Clyde Glantz 18 born in Colorado is with them.

Cayou, Albert J., Born Jan 12 1917 in Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado, Died Jun 20 1917 in Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado
Cayou, Albert Willis, Born Sep 05 1881 in Smith County, Kansas, Died Apr 05 1964


May 27, 1910 "Our bachelors are getting pretty scarce nowadays- only about two or three left in this vicinity and they are beginning to take the trail to matrimony. Ralph Cayou upon his return home the other evening found a large crowd assembled at his place. He told the crowd that he had found a cook, as Judge Jennings of Wray had given her permission to cook for him. After Ralph passed around the treats and compliments were exchanged the crowd quietly dispersed wishing them a long and happy life."

John Lewis Cayou, b. Aug.08.1869, Washington, Washington Co., Iowa, d. Jul.24.1937, Burley, Cassia Co., Idaho

In 1900 Lasalle County, Illinois, John is 30 Iowa, Lillie 25 Illinois, Violet 3 Missouri, Erman 2, Ray 1, and Dicky four months - the boys born in Illinois.

In 1905 Smith County, Kansas, John is 35, Lilly 29, Violet 8, Erman 7, Ray 6, and Dewey 5.
They're back in Lasalle County in 1910, with the four kids.

Violet Cayou is in Wray Colorado in 1920, 23, living in a boarding house, a masseur in a abathhouse
In 1930 Arapahoe County, Colorado, John is still a carpenter, 60, Lillie 54, with Violet 35
John 1869-1937 is buried in Burley, Idaho # 68039725, with Lillie May (Pitsenbarger) Cayou 1875-1958 buried in Golden, Colorado.

Loveland Reporter Herald
Wednesday Feb. 25, 1981 page 8

Ray T. Cayou, 82, 730 N. Sheridan Ave., Loveland, died at home Tuesday. He was born Sept. 12, 1898 in Marseilles, Ill., to John and Lillie May Pitsonbarger Cayou. He married Altha M. Webb Aug. 7, 1923 in Denver. He moved to Loveland in 1956 from Denver. Cayou was a self-employed upholsterer for 50 years and retired in 1980. He was a member of the Eden Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church. He is survived by his wife Altha of Loveland; sons Alvin of Loveland and Mylo of Ventura, Calif.; brothers Erman Cayou of Canon City and Dewey Cayou of Denver; sister Violet Webb of Craig; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. A service will be 10 a.m. Friday in Hunters’ Garden Chapel with Pastor Max L. Ritchie officiating. Interment will be in Loveland Burial Park.

Alvin A. "Al" Cayou, 87, of Loveland, passed away March 16, 2012 at McKee Medical Center. He was born July 27, 1924 in Garden City, Kansas to Ray T. and Altha M. (Webb) Cayou. He graduated from Englewood High School and served in the U. S. Navy from February 1942 until December 1946 mostly in the Pacific, he was discharged as a Second Class Petty Officer. He re-enlisted in the Navy in February 1947 making it a career and was discharged after 20 years in December 1963 as a Chief Petty Officer. He married Myrna M. Lowe on June 20, 1928 in Englewood, CO. She preceded him in death on May 25, 1994. He worked at Hewlett Packard for 23 years, retiring as a senior buyer in July 1986. Al enjoyed volunteering with the House of Neighborly Service and making skinny books for the young children to read. He also enjoyed fishing and spending time at his cabin at Red Feather Lakes. He was a member of the Fleet Reserve Association and a life time member of DAV Post 32 and VFW Post 41 in Loveland. Al is survived by his children; Richard Cayou (Connie), Marylin Peatrowsky (Dave) and Leona Cayou all of Loveland; grandchildren Shad and Brandon Cayou (Michelle), Eric Peatrowsky (Kristy), Jana Rowland (Travis), Lisa Peatrowsky and Kyle Cayou; great-grandchildren Bryanna and Miranda Cayou; Caitlynn, Luke, and Emily Cayou; Everett, Weston, and Avalin Peatrowsky; Jason Rowland. Al is also survived by his cherished friend Shirley Mohler. He was preceded in death by his parents, Ray and Altha Cayou, his brother, Mylo Cayou and his wife Myrna. A visitation will be held Monday, March 19, 2012 from 5:00pm until 7:00pm at Allnutt Funeral Service. A funeral service will be held 2:00pm on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at Allnutt Funeral Service. Interment Resthaven Memory Gardens in Fort Collins.

In 1940 Denver, Violet is 42, and Lewellyn Webb, 42, born in England, is lodging with her.
SS has Violet Webb dying 1982, last residence Craig, Colorado, and FindGrave # 28850765 has her buried in CCraig, section C14, Plot 33.

Vivian Elizabeth Allen born October 30, 1911 to John Cayou and Lilly Pittsenbarger in Montgomery Illinois, married Reuben Olson in Montana in 1942.

In 1940 Lily, 64, is widowed, living in Encampment, Wyoming with Vivian Allen 28, J.H. 31, and John Allen 7.


June 19, 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cayou of south Wray are the proud parents of a twelve-pound boy."

1937 Wray "Cayou, Clarence (w) Naomi - 538 Blake, Cement Finisher, (Stanley, Maxine, Arlene)."


Ethel Kirk is in Yuma County in 1910, 18, a servant for the Jesse 27 and Georgia 25 Moorman family from Iowa.

July 28, 1911 " Miss Ethel Kirk left for Dixon, Nebr., Monday, where she was called by the serious illness of her sister."

September 29, 1911 "On Tuesday occurred the marriage of Mr. Willis Cayou to Miss Ethel Kirk, at McCook, Nebraska."

"1912 Kansas City - Willis Cayou, of near Eckley, was also in attendance at the funeral, returning home the first of the week."

Ethel's father Henry Kirk is buried in Dixon County, Nebraska 1858-1913 # 84115202, with Martha Jane (Ogle) Kirk 1867-1902 # 84115231.

September 11, 1913
"The eleven-day-old infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Cayou, of southwest of Eckley was brought to Wray Friday by the parents so that it might receive treatment from a local physician, but in spite of all the care, it was taken away from its parents Saturday. The body was taken to Yuma, where it was interred the following day."

" Willis Cayou and wife have the sympathy of the community over the loss of their little infant boy who died last Saturday and was buried in the Yuma cemetery last Sunday."

February 1916 "Willis Cayou recently purchased an Overland touring car."

June 29, 1917, Yuma, Mr. and Mrs Willis Cayou thank friends for their words of comfort and acts of kindness at the time of the death of our little one."

Cayou, Baby boy, Born Aug 25 1913 in Yuma County, Colorado, Died Sep 06 1913 in Yuma County, Colorado
Cayou, Clarence Ira, Born Dec 17 1913 in Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado, Died May 11 1959
Cayou, Doris Kathryn, Born Sep 26 1915 in Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado, Died Jul 27 1988
Cayou, George Herman, Born Aug 26 1893 in Riverton, Nebraska, Died 1983 in Denver, Colorado
Cayou, Sylvester Eustachius, Born Jan 26 1847 in St Louis, Missouri, Died Aug 31 1918

In 1910 Yuma County, Ethel Kirk is 18, born in Iowa a servant in the Jessie and Georgia Moorman household.

Ethel (Kirk)Cayou died less than 4 years after the death of her daughter buried in Eckley, on June 20, 1917, 3 days after her 27th birthday.
July 5, 1918

Albert Willis Cayou 1881-1964 is buried in Portland, Oregon # 181737932, with Mary Elizabeth Cayou 1892-1983.

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