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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Winfield S. and Martha E. (Wedmore) Kirk, Yuma

In 1870 Saunders County, Nebraska, Wm. Kirk is 49, farming, born in Ohio, Harriet 48 born in Baden, have Phoebe 15, Henry A. 12, and W. Scott 8, all three born in Iowa.

In 1900 Dixon County, Nebraska, Ethel N. Kirk born June 1891 in Iowa, is with Henry 41 and Martha J. 32. Cecile is 12, Lula M. 10, Ethel 8, Martha H. 5, Laura J. 3, Arthur M. 11.

W. S. Kirke, 29, born in Knox County, Illinois, to Wm. Kirke and Harriet Bowers, married Mattie E. Wedmore on March 24, 1890 in Woodbury County, Iowa.

Winfield Scott Kirk and Martha Ellen Wedmore had Gracie Marie Kirk in Woodbury County, Iowa on August 26, 1894.

In 1900 Woodbury County, Iowa, W. S. Scott, born January 1862 in Illinois, no occupation, married ten years to Martha Dec 1861 Iowa, have Gladys Dec 1890 and Grace August 1894, both born in Iowa.

August 9, 1907 Yuma " T. F. Wedmore, father of Mrs. W. S. Kirk, died Saturday at the age of eighty six years. W. S. Kirk left with the body Sunday for Sloan, Iowa."

May 8, 1908 " Misses Ethel and Cecil Kirk of Dixon, Neb., are guests of the W. S. Kirk family."

Winfield was their uncle.

June 11, 1909 "Mrs. W. S. Kirk and daughter, Gladys, who spent the winter in California, returned home Friday evening."

September 10, 1909 "Miss Wedmore of Iowa is visiting at the house of her uncle, W. S. Kirk."

February 11, 1910

Gladys 1890-1910 is buried in Woodbury County, Iowa # 162501604.

February 18, 1910 Yuma "We wish to thank the many kind friends of Yuma and vicinity, who have helped to make it pleasant for our darling Gladys during her long illness, and to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the ones who so kindly helped with their sympathy and aid in this, our great bereavement, and to the ones who so generously gave flowers. May God bless you is the prayer of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kirk, and daughter, Grace."

Ethel Kirk is in Yuma County in 1910, 18, a servant for the Jesse 27 and Georgia 25 Moorman family from Iowa.

In 1910 Yuma, on Weed Street, Winfield S. is 48, married 20 years to Martha A. 48, with Grace M. 13. He's a cement worker, and they have a servant - so health must have been an issue.

November 1910 "The many friends of W. S. Kirk and family will be sorry to learn that they will leave Yuma in the near future."

July 7, 1911 Yuma items "Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Barbezat, Mrs. Grisell, Miss Ethel Kirk, the Misses Case, Messrs Heiserman, BrassGeld, Lindsey, Cayou, Barbezat and Knox composed an auto party that went to Rest-a-While park for a picnic on the 4th. A very enjoyable time is reported."

July 28, 1911 " Miss Ethel Kirk left for Dixon, Nebr., Monday, where she was called by the serious illness of her sister."

September 29, 1911 "On Tuesday occurred the marriage of Mr. Willis Cayou to Miss Ethel Kirk, at McCook, Nebraska."

"1912 Kansas City - Willis Cayou, of near Eckley, was also in attendance at the funeral, returning home the first of the week."

Ethel's father Henry Kirk is buried in Dixon County, Nebraska 1858-1913 # 84115202, with Martha Jane (Ogle) Kirk 1867-1902 # 84115231.

May 29, 1913 Yuma "Mrs. W. S. Kirk came home Wednesday from Hot Springs, South Dakota, where she had been in a hospital since the first of this month. She appears to be greatly benefitted by the treatment."

Winfield S. Kirk, age 56, died August 17, 1918 in San Joaquin County, California.
In 1940 Los Angeles County, Martha is widowed, 78 born in Iowa, with daughter Grace Wiest 45 born in Iowa. Grace is married to Samuel H. Wiest 52 born in New Mexico. Samuel was in Pomona in 1935, Grace in Ontario.

Martha Ellen Kirk, born in Iowa Dec 2, 1862, father Wedmore, mother Cain, died April 2, 1941 in Los Angeles County.

March 29, 1968 San Bernardino "A confused story which wandered from Ontario, through a Fontana car lot, to Nevada, apparently ended yesterday with apprehension of a young woman by sheriff's officers in Las Vegas. It started a week ago when Mrs. Grace Wiest of Pomona complained to Ontario police that she was the victim of a purse snatching. A little later a man and woman appeared at a Ford agency and purchased a used station wagon. It was paid for, according to Honda Cook, salesman, with a check for $528, signed "Grace Wiest." According to Fontana police records, the signature on the check passed officials of an Ontario bank, on which it was drawn. Description of the woman who offered it, however, comes closer to fitting Sharon Kay Pyle, being held in Las Vegas, than it does to Mrs. Wiest. Nevada authorities said they are holding Miss Pyle for investigation of passing bad checks. Yesterday morning, Howard Kdniis... tun, 16749 Filbert Ave., turned over to police a black purse, later identified as Mrs. Wiest's. He said he found it at a lot on Orange Way where he was starting construction of a house."

Samuel H. Wiest 1888-1954 and Grace M. Wiest 1894-1980 are buried in Ontario, California # 74718085.

In 1910 Yuma County, Ethel Kirk is 18, born in Iowa a servant in the Jessie and Georgia Moorman household.

Ethel (Kirk) Cayou died less than 4 years after the death of her daughter buried in Eckley, on June 20, 1917, 3 days after her 27th birthday.
July 5, 1918

Albert Willis Cayou 1881-1964 is buried in Portland, Oregon # 181737932, with Mary Elizabeth Cayou 1892-1983.

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