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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Caroline Seifert, daughter Clyde and her husband Roy C. Peppers., north of Eckley

Monroe County, Iowa

Roy C. Peppers, age 23 of Albia, son of William Peppers, married Clyde Seifert, 19, daughter of Fred Seifert, married at Pleasonton, Marion COunty, Iowa August 8, 1898. Witnesses were L.F. Heiserman and athie Heiserman.

November 6, 1899 Albia "Roy Peppers has purchased two horses that will be used on the hearse he has recently puchased. The horses are jet black and cost Mr. Peppers nearly $400."

In 1900 Monroe County, Iowa, Caroline Seifert born Sept 1857, widowed, two kids still living, has daughter Clyde Peppers April 1881, married two years to Roy C. Peppers, a livery operator, April 1875 Iowa.

August 11, 1900 Wray " R. C. Pepper, a livery man, and G. M. Heiserman, jeweler, both of Albia, Ia., stopped off here Wednesday."

October 24, 1902 "D. S. Peppers of Iowa is out buying horses and visiting his brothers."
January 1, 1903 Yuma Pioneer "Mrs. Caroline Seifert, mother of Mrs. Roy Pepper, is visiting friends and relatives at Albia, Ia."
April 6, 1903 " Roy C. Peppers is building a 20 x 26 frame house on the ranch."

June 19, 1903 Yuma "Roy C. Peppers of Eckley gave us a large order for stationery for the J. F. R. Ranch the first of the week."

June 3, 1904 "Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peppers of Eckley were in town Tuesday to meet their little daughter, and their mother, Mrs. Seifert, who have been visiting the past five months in Iowa."

April 28, 1905 "Mrs. Seifert of Albia, Iowa arrived here for a visit with her daughter Mrs. R. C. Peppers at Eckley."

June 16, 1905 "Pat Coufal, who has been working for Roy Peppers, left Saturday for Denver. R. C. Peppers is fitting up a bath room in his commodious ranch house."

August 25, 1905 "W. H. Mercer, recently of Chicago, but now of Denver, is spending a few weeks at the R. C. Peppers ranch. Mr. Mercer and Mr. Peppers were both formerly Iowa boys."

April 12, 1907 "Mrs. Roy C. Peppers of Eckley brought sixty-eight dozen eggs to market Thursday."

June 28, 1907 "Roy Peppers sold a driving horse Wednesday to Mrs. Kent."

August 30, 1907 "Roy Peppers family has moved to Ft. Morgan for school year. Roy will go batching with Agent Rohr."

September 13, 1907 "Roy Peppers attended the county fair at Benkleman last week.
" Mrs. Roy Peppers came down from Ft. Morgan Tuesday to spend a few days at the ranch."
"There is talk of a land boom at Eckley and that Roy Peppers is the boom hero."

October 1907 "Roy Peppers was to McCook Friday and Saturday attending the races."

November 7, 1907 Albia, Iowa "Roy Peppers of Eckley Colorado arrived in Albia yesterday for a visit with his old friends and his father and mother. He joins his wife and children who preceded him some three weeks ago."

Caroline proved up a quarter in 10, 2N 46W in 1908, next to Roy C. Peppers, also in 1908.
Her witnesses were Frank Barnes, George Blake, George Haver and Myron W. Haver, all of Yuma.

February 14, 1908 "Roy C. Peppers of Eckley has sold a half interest in his stock on the ranch to J. C. McKenzie who will hereafter have charge of the J. F. H. ranch. Roy will put in most his time at Ft. Morgan. He orders the Pioneer sent to that address."

March 27, 1908 " Mrs. Caroline Seifert of Fort Morgan was a guest on Tuesday of Mrs. J. P. Heiserman."

October 25, 1907 "Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Heiseman and J. Heiserman left today for Albia, Iowa, in response to a message that their mother, Mrs. Peppers, is dangerously ill."

November 8, 1907 "Mr. and Mrs. Lou Heiserman of Yuma, Colorado, arrived in Albia Saturday night and are guests at the home of Mr. H's mother, Mrs. Wm. Peppers, and at the home of his brother-in-law, D. C. Kenworthy. Kenworthy and Heiserman married sisters, two better women do not live on earth and we do not know whether they rue the day they took their hubbies for better or for worse. Well, Lou and his wife are given a warm welcome by their legion of friends. Albia, ( Iowa ) Tribune."

April 17, 1908 "Roy C. Peppers was down from his home at Fort Morgan last Saturday. Mr. Peppers formerly resided on a ranch in the vicinity of Eckley."

December 18, 1908 "R.C. Peppers of Brighton has been down on a visit with his old friends."

June 25, 1909 "Seifert and Cleo Peppers of Brighton are visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Heiserman."

December 1, 1909 Humeston Iowa "Mrs. William Peppers, a pioneer resident of Albia is dead following a long illness from a complication of diseases."

December 31, 1909 "Mr. R. C. Peppers leaves next Monday morning for Albia, Iowa, to attend the funeral of his father, who died last Monday at an advanced age and after a long illness. Roy's mother died only a month ago. Brighton Blade"

Bloomfield Iowa, 1910 "Roy C Peppers and family left on Wednesday for their home in Brighton, Colo. "

In 1910 Hudson, Colorado, Roy is a hardware merchant, 34, with Clyde 24, Seifert 9, Cleopatra 9, both born in Iowa. Caroline Seifert is 55 born in Indiana. Roy's nephew Hal Peppers, 27 is with them, a clerk.

In 1920 Hudson, Roy is a merchant 43 with Clyde 37, Seifert 19 in military school, Cleo 18, and Regina C. 2 born in Colorado. Caroline 61 is still with them.

In 1923 Roy C. Peppers Engineering Sales Co., care R.E. Winbourn, Greeley was incorporated by R. C. and C.S. Peppers, 10,000 shares no par value.

Caroline died in 1922, and is buried in Albia # 100657269, with her husband Fred # 100657120.

In 1930 Hudson, Roy Clinton Peppers 56 and Clyde 49 have only Regina 13.

1930 Greeley "Mr. Woolston proved himself an aggressive and tireless worker in the house of representatives. By reason of his valuable past experience and his splendid record there, he should be reflected. His colleague, Mr. Beggs, died last year, and the republican party has nominated Roy C. Peppers of Hudson, to fill this place. Mr. Peppers is a pioneer in southeastern Weld county; for fifteen years was in the hardware and implement business at Hudson and is now engaged in developing several irrigated farms in that district. He served several years on the town board and is now mayor of Hudson. His experience as a successful business man, and his personal acquaintance with farming and irrigation needs especially qualify him to represent Weld county in the next legislature.
Clyde 1881-1931 is buried in Hudson # 51521644.
October 22, 1931

Roy C. Peppers married Hattie R. Sheedy on October 9, 1933, recorded in Morgan County, COlorado.

June 27, 1937
Roy & Hattie Peppers (Peppers Pod) In front of old Pod building. Their son-in-law, Bill Howard eventually took over The Pod and ran it well into the 1970's. Dave & Beth bought The Pod in 1977 and still own & operate it today, along with their daughter Amy.

Roy C. Peppers 1876-1941 is buried in Hudson, Colorado # 51521660.
December 18, 1941

Cleo Caroline Wehrman, born Dec 9, 1901 in Iowa, mother Seifert, father Peppers, died April 10, 1944 in Los Angeles County.

Cleo "Seaferd" Peppers married Virgil Albertus Wehrman on August 14, 1921, recorded in Adamas County, COlorado..
She's buried in Hudson # 51525826.

Virgil Wehrman, son of Mrs. Fred Wehrman of Brighton, Colo., was shot and killed Tuesday night. His wife was also shot and is not expected to live. They have a cocktail bar in Los Angeles, California, and were closing it when the tragedy occurred.

The Nelson Gazette (Nelson, NE), Thursday, April 6, 1944; pg. 1

Wm. C. Wehrman returned home yesterday from Brighton, Colorado, where he had gone to attend the funeral of his brother, V.A. Wehrman of South Gate, California. Virgil, who once lived in Nelson with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wehrman, was killed in a hold up Tuesday night, April 4th, as he was closing up his store. He was killed instantly. His wife, Cleo, was also shot and died later - April 10th. Wm. C. went out to Brighton Saturday. His mother, Mrs. F.A. Wehrman was in Burns, Oregon, with her daughter, Mrs. Roy Stahl, when the news of the tragedy reached her. She came with Mr. and Mrs. Stahl to Brighton, where on Tuesday the funeral was held and burial made. On Wednesday Wm. C. Wehrman and Mr. Stahl came to Nelson where the latter is visiting his sister, Mrs. Bertha Tumbleson. the remains of the deceased's wife will be brought to Brighton for burial. The deceased us survived by his mother, Mrs. F.A. Wehrman of Brighton; a sister, Mrs. Lillian Stahl of Burns, Oregon and six brothers: Jim of Bell Flower, Calif.; C.C. of Premont, Texas; W.C. of Nelson; R.L. of Hudson, Colo.; F.C. formerly of Denver who is in the armed forces stationed somewhere in the South Pacific and John of Brighton.

Deceased was well known in Nelson. After leaving here he was cashier of the American State Bank in Brighton, Colorado.

Roy S. Peppers married Eunice L. Norton on October 24, 1924, recorded in Adams COunty, Colorado.

Roy Seifert Peppers, wife Eunice, born June 8, 1901, a salesman, died in Colton, Utah March 9, 1927 "passing through."
"possible asphyxiation from automobile due to engine fuming."
To be buried in Hudson, Colorado, # 51521717.
March 17, 1927
In 1930 Aurora, Colorado, Eunice L. Peppers is widowed, living with parents George and Hannah Norton. George is 55, a janitor. George S. is 31, Elbert L. 17.
(George # 139263329 is buried in Denver Fairmount, # 139263329, with Hannah (Wells) Norton 1879-1967 # 139261573.)

Mrs. Eunice L. Peppers married Vio D. Shafer on August 13, 1933, recorded in Douglas County, Colorado.
Vio was a butcher in 1926 Denver, married to Ruth. They divorced in Denver in 1930.
Vio D. Shafer was probated in Weld County in 1939.

In 1913 Alliance, Nebraska, Vio Shafer was one of ten young men who attended a dinner at the Webster Bernhard residence.
In 1914 Alliance, Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Vio D. Shafer gave a New Year's celebration .

Eunice Shafer is in Greeley in 1940, 36, widowed, born in Illinois, a secretary in the county school osuperintendent's office, living at the Sterling Hotel. She enlisted in the Women's Army Corps in WWII, and died in San Diego November 26, 1994, mothe Wells, father Norton.

"Rigina" C. Peppers married William E. Howard February 9, 1938, recorded in Douglas County, Colorado.

Regina C. "Dolly" Howard 1917-1999 is buried in Hudson # 50130175

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