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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William and Ann Hadlock,  Lemuel and George Hadlock,  Vernon

In 1870 Macon County, Illinois Willard Hadlock, 50, born in Ohio, and Hannah 45, Ohio are farming. Samuel 20, James 19, William 15, Margaret 12, Elizabeth 9, and Grant 6 were all born in Illinois.

In 1885 Hamilton County, Nebraska J.M 32 and Sarah 23 Hadlock have Cloey 1.  Also with them is Willard Hadlock, 28.

FindAGrave says Willard's father is Rev. W. Hadlock 81932914, mother Hannah (Wagner) Hadlock

1898 Wray "Some of the members of the high school made up a delightful little surprise party on Miss Cloy Hadlock Wednesday evening for the purpose of enjoying games and other pastimes, but chiefly to watch for the meteoric display which was billed to exhibit at the earth.... All report a pleasant time, although the meteors were somewhat disappointing in number and size."

In 1900 Glendale precinct James Hadlock, Dec 1851 in Illinois, has been married twenty years to Sarah J. Dec 1861, Illinois.  They have Cloie A. June 1883 Illinois, Roscoe Aug 1885 Nebraska, Edith L. Feb 1888 Colorado, and Winnie B. Oct 1891 Colorado.

Also in Glendale precinct are Lemuel A. Nov 1848, Deborah A. Jan 1856, George W. April 1876, Clara B. June 1879, Arthur June 1883 - all Illinois, and Oscar T. July 1886 Nebraska.

Cloie A. Hadlock married Edgar Dickson Jan 25, 1903.

In 1910 Somerset County, New Jersey, Edgar is a missionary, 28,  with Cloye A. 29, both born in Illinois.  Elsie, 4, was born in Colorado.    There's also a Cloi Dickson, 27, married six years, with one child, in Mercer County, New Jersey in 1910, an inmate at the New Jersey State Hospital in Trenton.

Elsie probably married Arthur Barker, who was with Oscar and Mary in 1910 Vernon, age 11.  Arthur Raymond Barker registered in Vernon, born Sept 4, 1898. In 1920 Arthur is with brother William (wife Myrtle), brother Frank 18, and father Austin 64, widowed,  in Vernon,

1913 "Ed Dickson and wife visited with Mrs. Dickson's sister, Mrs. Rush Jones of Happyville the first of this week and little Elsie is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hadlock."

He might be the Edgar Dickson registering in Keota, Weld County, born Aug 16, 1884, a minister, with Bertha his nearest relative, and in Ogden, Utah in 1930, a solicitor for VolunteerAmerica.   He's 47, Bertha is 33 - born in Kansas, Edgar Jr. 10, Leslie L.8, Lucy E. 5, Robert 3, and Donald E. 1 all kids born in Colorado.

In 1930 Colonel George W. Duquette of Denver, intermountain battalion commander, Volunteers of America, completed today his semi-annual inspection of the Ogden post of the organization, which is directed by Captain and Mrs. Edgar Dickson.

 They're in Denver in 1940, still with VolunteerAmerica, with all six kids born in Colorado, and have added Wava 9 Utah and Kenneth R. 4, Colorado.  In 1945 Bertha is in Denver (widow of Edgar).  Donald Lee Dickson's California death record has him born Nov 21, 1929 in Colorado, dying Nov 25, 1996 in Riverside County, mother's maiden name Herman.  She might be the Bertha M. Herman in 1910 "in care" at the Denver House of the Good Shepherd - 10, born in Colorado, father Germany, mother California.  Her brother Albert was at the State Industrial School in Jefferson County in 1910 - and in 1920 he's in the service at Guantanamo Bay.

  January 11, 1943 Denver

In 1948 Denver Bertha - widow of Edgar - lives at 730 28th - Lucille, same address, works at Beatrice Foods. Wava is a clerk at Lerner Shops.

In May 1960 Mrs. Bertha Dickson promoted to rank of major in Volunteers of America, Rocky Mountain News May 27, 1960.

1901 Vernon "Every old soldier in this community is on the pension list except Dr. Bales and Henry Hadlock of the second Nova Scotia cavalry."   (possibly a joke)

 Lemuel proved up 160 acres in 24 and 25, 2S 45W in 1899, and timber-claimed a quarter in 25 in 1898.

October 1906

  April 26, 1917

1911 "Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wahl and children from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, arrived in Wray Tuesday on No. 13.  The same day they went out to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lem Hadlock, Mrs. Wahl's parents, where she with her children will spend all winter..  Mr. Wahl leaves tomorrow for California where he goes to find a location and Mrs. Wahl and the children will join him there in the spring.  They are moving from Pennsylvania because the climate there was detrimental to Mrs. Wahl's health."

Arthur C. proved up 320 acres in 1 and 2, 3S 45W in 1913, witnesses Joseph Dilka, Leslie Pearson, George W. Hadlock, and Fred Montgomery.

1908 "Born, Sunday, Aug 30, a son to Mr. and Mrs. George Hadlock.  All concerned getting along nicely."

George proved up 80 acres (not a common acreage) in 25, 2S 45W in 1911.

James M. timber-claimed a quarter in 33, 1S 43W in 1895.

1902 "Cloie Hadlock of Vernon is in Wray, living at the home of F.D. Johnson."

  September 1904

1906 Wray  "Mrs. Cain and daughter, Miss Flossie, of Havana, Ill., stopped off here Saturday evening with the intention of visiting her sister, Mrs. Jas. Hadlock, but as the latter lives about twenty miles south of town they gave up the proposed visit and departed Sunday morning."

September 1913 "Little Elsie Dickson has been visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hadlock since Friday."

James E. proved up a quarter in 13, 1S 44W in 1899

1911 "Jim E. Hadlock has traded his livery barn and house here in Vernon to Cozie Blanchard of Wray.  Jim says he is going to get married a move back on the farm - he says he will not batch.  Here is your chance, girls."

Richard D. proved up a quarter in 19, 1N 43W in 1900.

1908 "Mrs. Richard Hadlock is having a residence erected on the lots adjoining the Eli Schaaf place in West Wray."

Eli Schaaf was designated the guardian of Zadie Hadlock and Jay Hadlock, minors of Richard Hadlock.

Roscoe proved up 320 acres in 1, 3S 45W - next to Arthur - in 1914.

1915 "Ross Hadlock is the proud owner of a new Overland car bought one day last week from J.C. Stevens.  Barney now says to the other boys: 'You have no edge on me now.'"  (maybe a reference to racer Barney Oldfield?)

William H. proved up a quarter in 13, 1S 44W in 1894, and a timber quarter in section 12 in 1899.

(Winnifred Hadlock was 18 in the 1910 census - with parents James and Sarah Hadlock near Vernon.  James died in 1913, and his obituary said that one daughter was Mrs. Walter Nikkel. In June 1913 "A very pretty wedding occurred Wednesday, June the ninth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hadlock near Vernon, when their daughter, Miss Winnie, was given in marriage to WSalter Nikkel, son of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Nikkel, Rev. C.L. Harrington officating.

The bride wore a lovely cream voile dress and the bridegroom was dressed in navy blue.  The home was elaborately decorated with beautiful roses.

The bridal couple are well known in Yuma county having always resided here.

Miss Hadlock's sweet, cheerful disposition won the admiration of all who know her.  See (sic) was a teacher in the Vernon school last winter and the year before she taught in the south part of the county.  She and her husband are both accomplished musicians.

Mr. Nikkel has been a very successful teacher in the district school for a number of years.  He is \an industrious young gentleman, who is worthy of the praise he has won.

The friends and relatives present at the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Yount, Mrs. and Mrs. J.M. Hadlock, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hadlock, Mrs. and Mrs. Geo. Hadlock, Rev. and Mrs. C.L. Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Harman, Messrs. Ross Hadlock, Walter Sweeazy, Lincoln Wise, Gustave and Sam Nikkel and the Misses Elsie Sweazy, Elsie Dickson, Grace Wise, Ruth and Clara Zion.

Mr. and Mrs. Nikkel received many beautiful and useful presents.

They will make their home on the bridegroom's farm near Cope Colorado.

Their many friends wish them a long happy and prosperous life together."

They were in Joes in 1920 and 1930, and Winnie was widowed in 1940.

One listing said the Burlington Record had an obituary for Winnie Nikkel Gurss on April 28, 1976.)


1914 "Mrs. Oscar Hadlock is here from Idaho visiting relatives."

Oscar registered in Idaho, and he  1886-1968 and Anna M. 1892-1979 are buried in Gooding County, Idaho 38494689

Clara B. Hadlock married R.V. Walls Sep 24, 1902.


Clara Belle Walls, born Jun 28, 1879, died Feb 17, 1959 in Kern County, California, father Hadlock, mother Cain.

April 21, 1917 Arthur Hadlock married Bertha BELTON - one tree says Bertha Berneice Helton.

In 1920 Arthur is in Vernon precinct, married to Bertha 23, and Bertha's sister Anna Helton 17.

In 1924 Denver Arthur C. (Bertha) is a laborer, living at 1069 Federal.

In 1930 Vernon Arthur says he's married but no spouse, with mother (?) Devora, 73, widowed, born in Illinois.

On the same page are Ross 34 and Nola B. 33 Hadlock, both born in Nebraska.  Nola was Nola Belle Miller, niece of Charles and Lewis E. Sweazy. Nola had been in Hamilton County, Nebraska in 1900 and 1910, with her mother dying in 1919.


Arthur Chester Hadlock, born June 30, 1883, died in Los Angeles May 14, 1957, mother's maiden name Cain.

1922 owners

Hadlock Est.                 Wray
Hadlock, Anna                T1S R44W
Hadlock, C.A.                T2S R45W Res
Hadlock, Geo.                T2S R45W Res
Hadlock, J.M. Mrs.           T2S R45W
Hadlock, L.H.                T2S R45W
Hadlock, R.D. Est.           T1S R44W
Hadlock, Ross                T3S R45W
Hadlock, W.L.                T1N R44W Res
Hadlock, Wm.                 T1S R44W

1912 "Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Graham spent the greater part of the last week in the country with their daughter, Mrs. W. L. Hadlock."

1913 "Mrs. Thomas and daughter, Mrs. Hadlock, returned Saturday night from California where they were called on account of the sickness of the former's daughter, Katie, who they report is still in a very serious condition."

1917 "Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hadlock who reside seven miles southwest of Wray, are the proud parents of a baby boy born Saturday morning. Everybody predicts a spoiled baby as their is a difference of fourteen years between the ages of the two younger children."

1922 "The Rev. John Roe and family of Cedar Rapids, Neb., are spending a part of their vacation in this vicinity.  Mrs. Roe is a sister of Mrs. Ross Hadlock."

1916 (Doings of Laird people)  "Mrs. R.E. Calhoun returned from Vernon last Thursday, having left her sister, Mrs. Hadlock, in a much improved condition."

1915 "Mrs. Roy Calhoun's mother and sister, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. George Hadlock spent several days with her during her illness."


Grandview Cemetery has

Hadlock, Nina Mae  1879 5/23/1949 5 11 41 5
Hadlock, Walter L.  1874 1958 5 11 41 6

Wayne A. Barker
Wayne A. Barker, 71, of Bellingham, died on Oct. 22, 2000, at St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham. Services with military honors were held on Oct. 27 at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent. Mr. Barker was born on Jan. 4, 1929, in Issaquah, the son of Arthur and Elsie Dickson Barker. He graduated from Issaquah High School in 1947, and later enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Korean Conflict. During the time of his service he was a Golden Glove Boxer in the Navy and later played semi-pro football in Seattle. Mr. Barker was a longtime resident of the Issaquah area where he worked as a long-haul truck driver for many years. He also worked as a dispatcher and driver for Reid and Lakeside Sand and Gravel and other paving companies. Survivors include son Dean and wife Leila Barker of Sedro-Wooley; brother Jack and his wife Bonnie Barker of Fall City; sister Alta Gleason of Renton; and one grandson. He was preceded in death by his parents and sister Marion Martin. Arrangements are by Lemley Chapel in Sedro-Wooley.

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