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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James D. and Ida Boughman, sister Myrtle D., brother William P.

In 1880 Guernsey County, Ohio, James D. Bowman 29 and Ida 27 have Mabel J. 3 and Maggie D. 1.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas James D. Boughman, Feb 1851 in Ohio, is a stock raiser. He and Ida B. July 1853, have been married 25 years.  They have Mabel J. Jun 1827 Ohio, Dale M (daughter) Jun 1879 Ohio, William P. Mar 1881 Ohio, Jessie B. Aug 1883 Kansas, Della M. Oct 1885 Kansas, Ida B May 1888 Kansas, and John C. Apr 1890 Kansas.

University of Kansas "Thomas H. Hooper, '00, superintendent of the Smith Center schools, was married December 28, 1905 to Mabel Boughman of St. Joseph. Missouri. The marriage was not announced until February."

In 1910 Smith County James and Ida have William, Blanche, Myrtle, Bernice, and John.

1912 "John L. Boughman came in from Smith Center, Kans., this morning for a month's visit with his sisters, Miss Myrtle Boughman and Mrs. T.H. Hooper."

1913 "Miss Blanche Boughman, of Smith Center, Kansas, arrived Sunday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Boughman.  She is a linotype operator on the Smith County Pioneer, and spends her annual vacation with the folks southeast of town."

1913 "Will Boughman arrived yesterday from Smith Center, Kansas and will spend the winter with his mother, Mrs. J.D. Boughman, southeast of town."

In 1913, "Mrs. J.D. Boughman arrived Wednesday from Smith Center, Kansas, where she went the first of February.  Mr. Boughman, whose continued poor health made the journey necessary, is slowly improving, but will not return to this county until the warm weather sets in."


In May 1913 Myrtle was hired as local editor of the Yuma Pioneer.

In 1913 Myrtle Boughman had 36 pupils in the Yuma primary department.

In 1914 Miss Myrtle Boughman was hired to teach first and second grade work in the Yuma schools.  T.H. Hooper was principal.

July 1915

In 1910 William T. 57 and Melissa I. 52 Knox are in Yuma, with son Leonard L. 16.  William had cash-claimed a quarter three miles east of Yuma in 1891. -

Leonard registered in Yuma, saying he was born May 12, 1893 in Wood River, Nebraska.

In 1920 Lenord  (sic) L. 28 and Myrtle D 24 Knox are in North Yuma County, with ten-month-old James W..

1926 "Mrs. Ida Boughman, who had been visiting at the home of her daughter Mrs. L.L. Knox in Akron for a week or two, returned to Yuma on the afternoon train Saturday of last week."
1926 "Mrs. Ida Boughman and daughter Mrs. J.M. Cook, of Smith Center, Kansas, went up to Akron Monday for a short visit with their daughter and sister, respectively, Mrs. L.L. Knox."

In 1930 they're in Denver, where Leonard is a real estate broker.  They're with James and Jesse and Bernice Cook brother-in-law and sister-in-law. (Jesse and Bernice had been in Smith County, Kansas in 1920, and were back there in 1940)

Leonard and Myrtle went on a cruise to Hawaii in 1950, with Myrtle saying she was born in Cedarville Kansas

Ida proved up on two quarters, Wm. P. on two, and Myrtle on one in sections 30 and 31, 2S 46W, all in 1916.

Ida died August 10, 1941 and is buried in the Yuma cemetery.

Blanche J. Boughman married Howard Eyestone November 10, 1917, and Jessie Blanche Eyestone died December 24, 1924 - stone is in the Yuma Cemetery.

John L. Boughman married Frances M. Beanblossom August 27, 1929.  Their stone in the Yuma cemetery has John Lloyd "Jack" Boughman April 5, 1890 - September 14, 1974 and Frances March 30, 1900 in Jewell County, Kansas, dying January 1985.

  Frances' parents Ulysses Grant and Ida I. Beanblossom are also in the Yuma cemetery.

William Perry Boughman registered for WWI in Yuma, saying he was born March 18, 1881.

He's buried in the Yuma Cemetery, dying December 26, 1965.

August 6, 1970
November 14, 1968

November 21, 1968 "Those from out of town here last week for the funeral of Bessie Beanblossom were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Beanblossom of Huntsville, Arkansas, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Walthers of Riverside, California, Mrs. Dorothy Davis, Mrs. Dixie Rae Kerzon and James D. Boughman of Denver and Janice James of Kirk."

In 1970 Janice James was teaching English and psychology at the Liberty High School.
June 14, 1979
April 1989 Linda Clark and Janice James of Kirk announced the engagement of their children, Lynn and Renny.

1992 Renny James and Lynn Clark of Granada announced the birth of daugher Tiegen Gray on October 30. Brother Josiah is two. Ina Beanblossom, Janice's mother rom Huntsville, Arkansas in great-grandmother.

July 24, 1969 Kirk items "A group of ladies held a shower at the Four Square Church Friday afternoon for Janice James and her adopted son."

October 23, 1975 Northwest Arkansas Times -

Ray C. Beanblossom. 63, of Route 3, Huntsville, died Tuesday at his home. Born May 22. 1912 at Burr Oaks, Kansas, the son of Grant and Ida Skiver Beanblossom, he was a farmer and a Methodist.

Survivors are the widow. Mrs. Ida Allen Beanblossom of the home; two sons, Don of Orville, Wash, and Lyle of Huntsville; four daughters. Mrs. Janice James of Kirk. Colo., Mrs. Judy Burks of Springdale, Mrs. Inette Gate of Fayetteville and Mrs. Lola Ackerman of Huntsville: two sisters. Mrs. Frances Boughman of Yuma. Colo., and Mrs. Ruby Walthers of Santa Ana. Calif., and 13 grandchildren.

Funeral service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Brashears Funeral Chapel with burial in Colbaugh Cemetery.

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