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Edgar M. and Jennie Funk, Heartstrong


In 1860 Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Samuel Sharer is a carpenter, 46, with Catherine 39. Margaret is 19, Amanda 12, Charles 6, "Franklin" 3, and Albert six months.

In 1870 Stark County, Illinois, Samuel and Jerusha Sharer are farming, both 51. They and Charles 16 were born in Pennsylvania, Frances C. 12 adn Harriet 10 in Illinois.

In 1880 Poweshiek County, Iowa, Benjamin F. Sharer is 29, and his parents S.C. and Jerusha 61 are with him.

Jennie's sister Sarah, born Nov 1, 1842, died on July 31, 1910, buried in Malcom, Iowa # 31677316.

Benjamin F. Sharer 1851-1923 is buried in Poweshiek County, # 88413106 ""

Charles E. Sharer 1853-1926 is also buried in Poweshiek County # 87123756.

Samuel Cole Sharer 1820-- # 88412792 and Jerusha (Smith) Sharer 1820-1882 #88412878 are buried in Poweshiek County, Iowa.

January 4, 1912 "Mrs. Murphyand daughter, Miriam, of southwest of Vernon, who had been visiting at Fort Collins a few weeks, returned home to Wray Monday night, going out to their home Tuesday. They were guests of Mrs. Murphy's nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Funk while in town."
October 1914 "Mrs. David Murphy, Mrs. Jennie Funk and daughter, Miss Jennie, of south of Eckley, were Yuma visitors yesterday."
Edgar Mortimer Funk, born Sep 23, 1848, near Peoria, Illinois, married Jennie Sharer, born near Laceyville, Penna., on February 26, 1849. They were married at Toubon, Stark Co., Ill., on Sep 23, 1869; died near Vernon, Colorado, and were buried in Chandler, Oklahoma. Edgar Mortimer Funk was the son of Jesse Funk, born in Fayette County, Ohio, and his wife Cynthia (Hanes) Funk, born in Brooks County, Va., near Natural Bridge. Jennie (Sharer) Funk was the daughter of Samuel Sharer, born in the state New York, a Baptist minister, who died in Ewart, Iowa, and his wife, Jerusha (Smith) Sharer who was born in Pennsylvania, a school teacher, of the Quaker Faith.)

In 1860 Stark County, Illinois, Jessee Funk is farming, 42, with Cynthia 38, Margaret 19, George 17, Adaline 15, Edgar 11, Elizabeth 5, and Ella 3.

Jesse is still farming in Stark County in 1870, 58, with Cynthia 48, Margery 28, Elizabeth 15, Ella 13, Levy 11, Isaac 8, and John 28 Funk a farm hand.
Jesse 12532553 is buried in Oskaloosa, Iowa with Cynthia 12532552.

In 1870 Stark County, Edgar is 22, farming, with Mary 21 born in Pennsylvania
One family history publication said they had Jesse in Stark County, Illinois on Sept 26, 1870, married Alice Bell, and had Jesse Cleon Funk March 24, 1892.
Grace November 1, 1871
Madge August 8, 1874 at Toulon, Illinois.
Laura Viola May 13, 1880
Lizie Jul 7, 1887.
Edna Cynthia July 7, 1884.

In 1880 Stark County, Illinois, Edgar is 31, Jennie 31, Jesse 9, Jerusha 8, Madge 5, and baby daughter.
In 1905 Chandler, Oklahoma, Jennie and Edna Funk were among the attendees at the teachers' Normal institute.

In 1910 Chandler, Oklahoma, Edgar is a liveryman, 61, born in Illinois, with Jennie 61 Pennsylvania. Jennie has had six kids, five living.

October 1913 "Isaac Funk arrived in Wray yesterday from from his home in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and went out to the home of his father, E. J. Funk, of near Vernon, who is very low at the present time with tuberculosis. A daughter of Mr. Funk, Mrs. George Summers, is expected to arrive this morning from near Chandler, Oklahoma. Jesse Funk one of the sons was called from his home here and at present is with his father."

January 8, 1914 "Charles Sparks and Mrs. Funk will leave today for Oklahoma with the remains of Mr. Funk."

January 15, 1914 "Died—At his home on his homestead 10 miles west of Vernon, January 6, 1914, Edgar Mortimar Funk, aged 65 years, 3 months and 13 days. He was born in Tazewell county, Illinois, September 23, 1848. He was the fourth child of Jesse and Cynthia Funk. He never was a strong child and had much sickness to contend with throughout his boyhood days, yet he was a good natured and tender hearted youth at all times, and continued be all through life. At the age of seven years he moved with his parents to Stark county, Illinois, and at the age of 15 he was so impressed of his duty to his country that he enlisted three times in the Civil war, but on account of his youth he was rejected each time. In 1860, on his 21st birthday, he was united in marriage at Toulon, Illinois, to Miss Jennie Sharer. To this union were born 13 children, five of whom, with their mother, survive to mourn his death. They are as follows: Mrs. Queen Summers of Hooker, Okla.; Mrs. Madge Sparks. Mrs. Edna Hofeld and Miss Jennie Funk, all of Vernon; Jesse Funk of Wray. He also leaves 20 grandchildren, one great grandchild, one brother, I. L. Funk of Oskaloosa, Iowa, and one sister, Mrs. Addie Roach of Lavina, Montana. After his marriage he resided on a farm in the same state until 1873, when he moved to Mahaska county, Iowa, where he resided for two years on a farm. He then moved back to Illinois and lived there on a farm until his health failed and he moved to Neosho, Mo., where he engaged in the livery business. He lived there four years and again had to make a change on account of poor health. This time he moved to Dodge City, Kan., and engaged in the livery business there, but after a stay of only ten months he found he could not live long in this place, so moved to Joplin, Mo., where he remained three or four years. He then heard of the new country of Oklahoma and traveled by team to Chandler, where he resided until 1910 , when his health would no longer permit him to stay there. He came to Colorado April 28, 1910, and immediately took up a homestead 10 miles west of Vernon, where he resided until the time of his death. He was a kind, affectionate husband and father and loved to have his family and grandchildren with him at all times. He was a successful business man, but on account of poor health could not accomplish his life s desires. He was not a member of any church, but led a straight-forward life, was honest and conscientious in all his dealings. He tried to live up to the commandment, Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. Funeral services were held at the home Thursday, January 8, at 10 a. m., conducted by A. A. Higgins, who took for his text Job 14: l-2 : Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble, He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down. He fleeth also as a shadow, and continued not.
After the conclusion of the services the remains were accompanied by Mrs, Funk and the only son, Jesse, back to Chandler, Okla., where they were laid to rest in Oak Park cemetery Saturday, January 10.
CARD OP THANKS We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the kind friends and neighbors who waited upon our beloved husband and father during his last illness and death. We also wish to thank the Royal Neighbors Camp No 7008 of Vernon for the beautiful wreath they so kindly contributed,- Mrs. Jennie Funk and Children."

(In 1875 Republic County, Kansas, J. M. Roach is 28, Addie 27, Maud 7, Eddie 5, Ethel 3, Jesse 2, and a newborn.
Adeline Roach 1846-1940 is buried in Wichita, Kansas, # 38418010, on the same stone as son Edwin 1869-1952.
John M. Roach is divorced in 1910 Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
In 1917 Yuma, Miss Jennie Funk had 31 students in the third grade, and Mrs. Edna C. Hofeld 30 in the sixthr grade.

1918 Yuma "Mrs. Edna C. 'Hofed', the sister of Jesse Funk, left on the noon train bound for Alberta, Canada near which place she expects to take a homestead."

In 1919 Jennie Funk, widow of Edgar, proved up two quarters in 23, 1S 46W.

Jessie G. Funk proved up a quarter in section 26, 1S 46W in 1918 - adjoining his parent's claim.

August 1921 Yuma "Mrs. C.F. Thompson, who had been visiting with Mrs. Jennie Funk and other relatives, left for ther home at Kansas City.

November 10, 1921 Yuma

September 6, 1923 "Mrs. C. F. Thompson of Kansas City, who had been a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Funk in this city for a few days, left for Glenwood Springs Monday to visit her mother.

July 3, 1924 "Mrs. Jane Thompson, who had been visiting relatives at Glenwood Springs Colorado and was en route to her hojme at Kansas City, Missouri, was visiting with her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Funk in thYuma."

July 16, 1925
April 1933


In 1900 Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Queen, born May 1880 in Illinois, is married one year to George Summers January 1870 New York. Queenie was born Feb 1900.

In 1904 Queen Summers was a teacher in Meeker, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

In 1910 Lincoln County, George is 35, Queen 29, Janie 10, Henry 8, Bug 6, George 5, Rolda 3 and Elizabeth 1.

In 1920 Yuma County, George is farming, 48, Queen 39, Henry M. 18, Queen 16, George B. 14, Rhoda Madge 12, Don 8, and Harriet 6, all kids born in Oklahoma.

In 1930 Golden, Colorado, George is 58, Queen 49, and Harriett 16.

Queen, born May 13, 1880, died March 15, 1967, probably in Colorado.

Harriette C. Goodloe, born June 9, 1913, died May 23, 2002.


Charles Sparks, born July 7, 1858, at Pleasant Grove, Minn.; died on December 10 1951, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He married, first, in 1890, Otie Rosetta Lee, who was born in Fredonia, Kansas, and died in Chandler, Oklahoma, on August 20, 1895. They were the parents of two children: Albert Sparks, born 28 January 1891, at Fredonia; and Syble Sparks, born August 20, 1893. Charles Sparks married, second, at Chandler, Oklahoma, on December 28, 1898, Madge Evelyn Funk, who was born August 8, 1874, in Stark County, Illinois. They were the parents of the following children: Phyllis Sparks; Jennie Sparks; and Isaac Sparks. (Madge was the daughter of Edgar Mortimer Funk, born Sep 23, 1848, near Peoria, Ill., and Jennie Sharer, born near Laceyville, Penna., on February 26, 1849. They were married at Toubon, Stark Co., Ill., on Sep 23, 1869; died near Vernon, Colo., and were buried in Chandler, Oklahoma. Edgar Mortime Funk was the son of Jesse Funk, born in Fayette County, Ohio, and his wife Cynthia (Hanes) Funk, born in Brooks County, Va., near Natural Bridge. Jennie (Sharer) Funk was the daughter of Samuel Sharer, born in the state New York, a Baptist minister, who died in Ewart, Iowa, and his wife, Jerusha (Smith) Sharer who was born in Pennsylvania, a school teacher, of the Quaker Faith.)

In 1900 Chandler, Oklahoma, Charles Sparks born July 1862 in Minnesota is a saloon keeper. He's married one year to Madge August 1874 in Illinois. Albert January 1892 and Syble August 1894 were born in Kansas, Phyllis Sept 1899 in Oklahoma.

In 1910 Newton County, Missouri, Charles is a miner, 5, with Madge 35, Albert 18 and Sybil 16 born in Kansas, Phyllis 10, Jennie 7, and Isaac 2 born in Oklahoma.

May 20, 1910 Wray "Miss Jennie Funk of Vernon, visited with her sister, Mrs. Chas. Sparks the first of this week."

November 1912 "Walker and Rounds built a 20 ft addition on the Deterding store - building in Vernon, last week. Mr. Spark, who occupies the building with a stock of general merchandise, needed more room to proyide for his increase in trade."

April 1916 Vernon, Colorado "Mrs. Funk came down from Eckley Saturday and visited over Sunday with her daughter and family, Mrs. Chas. Sparks."

In 1920 Yuma County, Charles is running a general store at Vernon, 60, born in Minnnesota, with Madge 45. Albert 28 was born in Kansas, Jennie 17 and Isaac 12 in Oklahoma.

July 24, 1920 Fort Collins, Colorado "Miss J. E. Funk, of Yuma arrived in Fort Collins Friday afternoon to spend a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sparks and family."

September 1921 "Chas Sparks and family have returned from a two-months visit at Vernon, Colo., and are living at 331 Remington."

In 1930 Logan County, Colorado, Charles Sparks is a dry goods merchant in Fleming, 70, born in Minnesota, with Madge 55 Illinois. They have six roomers.

Edgar I. Sparks married Lucile I. Davis on April 23, 1927 in Fleming, Colorado.
She was born June 18, 1907 in Kiowa, Kansas to Edwin J. Davis and Lucy M. Crank.

Edgar Isaac Sparks is in Fleming in 1930, running a dry goods store, born in Oklahoma, with Lucille born in Kansas, both 22. Charles J. is 1.
(When Charles James Sparks registered for WWII, born in 1928, his reference was Lucille Vance.)
Edgar Isaac Sparks was buried in Colorado Springs April 23, 1951, per # 33963474
BUT the tombstone says Edgar I. Sparks 1907-1936.

Lucille I. Vance 1907-1993 is buried in Sterling # 55547367, with F. O. Vance 1912-1994.

1931 Fleming, Colorado "Charles Sparks was a business visitor in Haxtun Tuesday."

In 1940 Fleming, they're retired, with five teachers rooming with them.

Charles Sparks 1858-1951 is buried in Colorado Springs # 33963473, with Madge E. (Funk) Sparks 1874-1966 # 33963475.

In 1959 Colorado Springs, Madge E. (wid Chas) lives at 2210 W. Kiowa

March 31, 1966 Colorado Springs
She and her husband lived in Fleming, Colorado and was the widow of Charles Sparks, who died in 1951 in Colorado Springs, at the age of 92 Mrs. Sparks was born in Mr Sparks owned and operated a store there. She is survived by daughters Mrs. Sybil Parker and Ruth A Brokaw, and Mrs. Jennie Brown, Scottsbluff. Neb a sister. Mrs. Queen Summers.

October 14, 1910 "Claude Parker and Syble Sparks of Vernon were granted a marriage license last Friday."

August 1916 Vernon, Colorado "Claude Parker has succeeded Mack Musselman in Sparks store and will hereafter be found behind the counter at that institution. Mack is laying off for a much needed rest "

Sybil (Syble on the tombstone) (Sparks) Parker 1893-1991 is buried in Vernon, Colorado # 61433822 on the same stone as Claude 1884-1964.

In 1930 Haxtun, Colorado, Albert is running a grocery store, 38, with Jutta 36 born in Germany. They've been married five years. Clara R. Muller 41 is a servant.

Albert 1892-1955 is buried in Denver # 74013634, with Jutta 1894-1981.

Syble Sparks married Claude Parker on October 8, 1910, recorded in Yuma County.

Edna Phyllis (Sparks) Brokaw 1899-1989 is buried in Colorado Springs # 84377854, with Thomas G. Brokaw 1889-1966.
1931 Haxtun, Colorado "Mrs. Bert Brokaw, her two daughters, and Miss Madge Parker returned to their home at Vernon last Saturday.
Emma wrote about Bert "married Phyllis Sparks and lived a mile south. Their children are Martha Evalyn Dilts and Bonny Beth Lundy. They moved to Fleming, then to Loveland, Woodland Park, and Colorado Springs."

Bert # 84377853 is buried in Colorado Springs, with Edna Phyllis (Sparks) Brokaw 1899-1989

June 4, 1966 Colorado Springs "Mr. Thomas G. 'Bert' Brokaw, a former resident, died May 27 in a Colorado Springs hospital. We extend our sympathy to his family."
When Alvin Dilts 1921-2002 died in Colorado Springs, he was survived by his wife Martha.

Jennie Sparks married H. M. Brown on July 3, 1929, recorded in Yuma County.
Harold M. Brown 28 and Jennie G. 27 are in Sidney, Nebraska in 1930. They're there in 1940, too, with Robert O. five months.


February 1915 "Miss Jennie Funk, who is teaching school at Eckley, was a guest at the home of her brother, Jesse Funk, Saturday and Sunday."

April 15, 1915 Wray "Miss Fern Allison, a student in the high shcool here, spent the week-end with her cousin, Miss Jennie Funk, at Eckley, Colorado. Miss Funk is a teacher at Eckley."

In 1920 Jennie is living in Atwood, Logan County, Colorado, rooming with Eva Miller 72.

June 3, 1921
July 16, 1925 Yuma Pioneer "FOR SALE - Eight room house - modern except heat. Any fair offter takes it - Jennie E. Funk, Ragged Mountain, Colorado."
March 29, 1951

April 1, 1951 "Former Yuma County resident and teacher, Miss Jennie Funk, died at Colorado Springs."


Oak Park Cemetery, Chandler, Oklahoma, has Jerusha Grace Funk Schwemley - Nov. 1, 1871- Sep. 23, 1902. The tombstone says wife of James Schwemley."

FindaGrave 50689408 has her date of birth as 1811, not 1871, and the name incorrect. It has Jerusha Grace (Schwemley) Funk.
James W. Schwemley 1865-1931 is buried in Kellerby Cemetery, Lincoln County # 61465663, with Linnie M. Schwemley 1870=1898.

1914 Chandler "Mrs. E. O. Cooper of Stroud visited a few days here lasat week with her father, James Schwemley and other relatives.

Lennie M. Griffith married James Schwemley on Oct 22, 1889 in Taylor County, Iowa.

May 26, 1899 Chandler, Oklahoma


In 1880 Lula F. Dial is in Pike County, Missouri, age 2, with John C. Dial of Tennessee and Mariam A. Dial of Kentucky.

Jesse is a barber in 1900 and 1910 Chandler, Oklahoma, married to Lula about 1900.
July 15, 1910 "J. G. Funk, of Chandler, Oklahoma, arrived in Wray Sunday evening and expects to locate here permanently. Mr. Funk is a barber by trade, having conducted a shop in Chandler before coming here."

October 5, 1911 Wray "Mrs. Jesse Funk is enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs. M. A. Dyal, and her brother of Tacoma, Washington. They arrived last Sunday and will make a two months stay in our city."

Walter Woodward proved up   two quarters in 10 and 15, 1S 46W in 1916, witnesses Wilburn Stevens, Lee Hoefeldt, Jess Funk, and George E. Schofield.
March 1913 "Jesse Funk of Vernon becomes Owner of Half Interest in City Barber Shop
A deal was made this week whereby Jesse Funk, who was in Wray a year ago, gets half interest in the City Barber Shop. A short time ago, Charley Courtney sold his half interest in the shop to his partner, James Hulen, who in turn sells a half interest to Mr. Funk. Mr. Hulen has been in the barber business in Wray for over a year and Mr. Funk worked with Mr. Courtney for several months and then ran a shop of his own for some time in this town so they are no strangers to their patrons. Wray has often been complimented on her high class barber shops for a town of her size and the compliments are well deserved in both the order and furnishings of the shops and the workmanship of their barbers."

In 1913 Walter B. Woodard of Happyville was a witness for the claim of Jesse G. Funk in 1S 46W - other witnesses John U. Smith, David Murphy, and Richard J. Gilmore.

August 1915 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Funk have been spending the week at their farm, twelve miles south of Eckley."

1915 Yuma "Kenneth, son of Jesse Funk, the barber, brought to The Pioneer office the latter part of last week a sample of some apples that had been sent to the family by relatives in Oregon. This sample was sure some apple. It measured thirteen inches in circumference and weighed fourteen ounces."

1917 Yuma "Jesse Funk and family have moved into one of the houses belonging to M. Diderickson, located on the North Side."

In 1920 Yuma, Jesse Funk is a barber, 43, born in Illinois, with Lula 41 Missouri. Kenneth 19, Edgar 17, and Francis 12 were all born in Oklahoma. Jennie Funk 70 born in Pennsylvania is widowed, living next door.

February 1920 Yuma "Mrs. Jane Thompson came in from Kansas City, Missouri for a few days visit at the home of her uncle Jesse Funk."

Jesse and Lula are in Colorado Springs in 1930, with her sister Lena L. Chastain 61 widowed, born in Missouri. They have Virginia 9 born in Colorado.

1937 "Jesse Funk came down from Denver to visit his family. He had recently purchased a barber shop in the capital city, but had disposed of it and was looking for another business location."

Lula 1878-1967 is buried in Colorado Springs, with Jesse George Funk 1870-1952 # 17765427.
Jennie is on the same stone as Jesse, # 17765424.

December 11, 1924

1929 "Mrs. Kenneth Funk and children, who had been visiting with the lady's parents Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bates, returned to their home at Haxtun Sunday."

Herbert proved up a quarter in 11, 1S 46W in 1912, witnesses Edward W. harris and Clifford Wittenburg of Eckley, and Fred Barker and Philip Hofeld of Vernon.

Edna cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 2S 46W in 1912.
1909 Wray "Mrs. Funk, of Chandler, Okla., is visiting with her daughters, the Misses Edna and Jennie Funk, also other relatives in this vicinity. -.."

Edna is teaching school in 1910 Yuma County, living alone, 23, born in Missouri.

Edna, age 24, married Herbert L. Hofeld, 23, on August 10, 1910 in Wray.

January 23, 1913 "Dr. Worth reports the arrival of a baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hofeld's Sunday."

1913 "Miss Edna Funk is quite seriously ill and we understand an operation for appendicitis is feared."

August 26, 1915 Wray "No little concern was manifested in an erroneous report which reached here last Sunday from Chandler, Oklahoma, of the death in that city, of Mrs. Lee Hofeld. Mrs. Chas. Sparks, Miss Funk and Jessie Funk her brother and sisters accompanied by their mother Mrs. O. Funk journyed to that place to learn upon their arrival that it was not their sister who had died, but her oldest daughter, a child of about four years."
One tree said that Edna Cynthia Funk married Herbert Lee Hofeld in August 1910, then Roy Francis Lamb Nov 9, 1926.
Edna is a cook in 1920 Garfield County, Colorado, widowed, 28, with Florence 7 born iN Colorado, and Edna 4 born in Oklahoma.
Edna married Roy Lambe in King County, Wshington on November 9, 1927.

In 1930 Harney County, Oregon, Edna M. Lamb is divorced, a cook, 43, born in Missouri, with Roy F. 3, Billie J. 1, and Edith Hofeld 14.
In 1940 Marion County, Oregon, Edna Lamb is widowed, 53, with Roy F. 12 born in Washington and William J. 11 in Oregon.
Edna Cynthia Funk was born July 23, 1886 at Neosho, Missouri to Edgar M. Funk and Jennie Sharer, name Schieman in 1950.

She married George C. Stevens in 1955 in Polk County, Oregon.

Herbert Hofeld is in 1930 Chandler, Oklahoma is married 21 years to Annie, 39 born in Kentucky. Four kids were all born in Oklahoma.
Herbert 1888-1964 is buried in Chandler, Oklahoma # 45857695, with Anna L. (Locke) Hofeld 1891-1984.

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