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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Arthur L. and Julia (Wilson) Howard, Happyville

In 1870 Stephenson County, Illinois, "Frank" Howard is 39, Sarah 29, Aurilla 12, Prouty N. 8, Arthur 4, and Ida 2.

In 1880 Stephenson County, Illinois, Edwin Howard is farming, 46, with Sarah 40, Nathaniel 17, Arthur 14, and Ida 12.
Edwin F. Howard 1831-1907 is buried in Lena, Illinois # 30172444, with Sarah (Blakesley) Howard 1839-1927 # 30172266.

Arthur proved up two quarters in section 20, 2S 46W in 1915.
Their son Wray died in 1918

August 1922 "Grandma Howard is enjoying a visit with her son from Illinois. Mr. Howard arrived Saturday and will spend a week or two with relatives in the Vernon community."

In 1934 the notice of the will of Benjamin F. Wilson was a resident of Joes, mentioned his daughters Lulu Duckworth and Emma Ferguson and son Charles Wilson, and children Fannie Shively, Julia Howard, Polly Neikirk, Minerva Wilson, .. Bashford, ... Wilson and Walter Wilson.
It mentions grandsons Albert Shively and Virgil Shively, sons of his decesased daughter Ada Shively, and the mother of his daughter Freda Lillian Wilson Bray.
They would receive no part of his estate.

Arthur 1865-1941 is buried in Vernon #79969116.

1962 "Mrs. Polly Neikirk, Minerva Wilson and their sister, Mrs. Julia Howard of Wray returned early last week from their visit in Salem and St. Louis, Missouri. While there the ladies visited their old home in that state, but could find no reminders of the home."

Julia Howard 1884-1965 is buried in Vernon # 79969142.

1981 "Jennie Monk attended the birthday party at Nellie Courtwright's in honor of the 90th birthday of Julia Howard, Nellie's mother."(must be another Julia Howard.)

In 1880 Stephenson County, Illinois, William Shively is 30, Errilla 22.

In 1900 Glendale precinct, William Shively is farming, born Sept 1849 in Pennsylvania, with Errilla April 1858 in Illinois, married 22 years. Arthur L. Oct 1882 in Illinois, Frank L. April 1886 in Dakota, and Arlie Feb 1888 in Nebraska.

One tree said that Emma married a Ferguson, and then Ralph Morrison. He might be the Ralph Morrison 1906-1972 buried in Greeley # 169144307, with a blank space for a spouse on the tombstone photo.

In 1930 Yuma County, Mildred precinct, Elmer Ferguson is farming, with Ester E. born in Missouri. Both are 34. They have Delores 8, Betty L. and Bobby both 6, all three born in Colorado.

In 1940 they're farming a few miles south of Yuma with the three kids.
1959 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ferguson recently returned from California where they had spent two weeks visiting his daughters and families, Mr. and Mrs. Blue Corum and son in Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kastner and children in Oakland. On Christmas day Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson were guests at the homes of her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wolf and her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Beattie and children of Otis."

He was married to Laura (Marchang) (Wolf)
May 25, 1967
Laura Katherine Ferguson 1889-1967 has a single-name tombstone in Sterling # 57170221 "Mother"

In the same cemetery is Katherine E. (Wolf) Beattie 1909-1984 # 56830304, with J. Leroy Beattie 1910-1987.
So is Lawrence John Wolf 1907-1963.
Laura's first husband is likely Almer D. Wolf buried in Sterling 1885-1953 # 54830559/

1970 "Mrs. Betty Kastner and son, Bob, returned to their home in California by plane after a week's visit at the home of her brother, Bob Ferguson, and with other relatives. Their mother Mrs. Esther Morrison is convalescing from a stroke suffered three weeks ago."

Elmer, born Sept 12, 1896 in Kansas, mother named Munchwick, died in Lake County, California January 1, 1986.
Elmer is buried in Yuma # 49689666.

January 9, 1986
Bob J. Ferguson 1924-1986 is buried in Yuma, # 49689664, with Lavinia M. 1926-2005.

July 3, 1986

Betty Lee Ferguson was born April 1, 1924 in Denver, named Peterson in 1943, Vinson in 1948, Ganje in 1954, Kastner in 1975.
She died March 15, 1999.
Her last residence was Lakeport, Lake County, California.

This might be the Yuma County Betty:
"Fenton E. Kastner, who surrounded himself with the beautiful things he created himself and the artistic talent he nurtured in others, died at his home in Santa Rosa.
The sculptor, painter and former curator of the Achenbach Foundation, Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, was 92 at the time of his death March 21, when he succumbed to a heart attack.
"He was a very, very kind, very gentle man. Everyone who ever knew him said he was one of the most encouraging people they ever met," said Betty Kastner, his wife of 40 years.
She said her husband believed everyone had the potential to do what they wanted to do in life. And in the case of Fenton Kastner, it was a life always connected to art.
He was born April 30, 1915, in Lakeport and spent his early years there. The family moved to Santa Rosa when he was 5, and he attended elementary and secondary school there, graduating from Santa Rosa High School at age 16 in 1931.
A stint at Santa Rosa Junior College was followed by years at San Francisco State University, where he earned an art degree. They were skills he put to good use after his enlistment to the Army. While stateside, he painted logos as needed. But when he was shipped overseas to London, he became part of the medical corps, tasked with drawing life-sized bodies to enable the corps to train.

"It was difficult to teach the medics," his wife said. Her husband was able to provide the expertise needed to offer them something to work with.
Following the war, he returned to San Francisco to continue his studies. He ultimately took a job in Stockton at the Hagen Museum and Art Gallery, where he met his future bride.

He hired her at the museum after she applied to be a registrar. Together they would return to the Bay Area, to Healdsburg for a time on a prune ranch and later back to San Francisco when he became interim curator and later curator at the Legion of Honor in 1965.
During his time there, he took great pleasure in nurturing young artists. He showcased local artists and called it the most fulfilling work of his career.
He retired in 1978, and the couple moved to St. Helena. The floods of 1986 forced them from their home, and they returned to Santa Rosa in retirement.
"He was as a painter very much influenced by Picasso," Betty Kastner said, also noting the influence of color in his work. "His whole way of looking at things was color. He painted up to the day he passed away. And his colors became more brilliant."
In addition to his wife, he is survived by his brother, Curtis Kastner of Canyonville, Ore., and many nieces and nephews.
A private celebration of his life will be held later."

December 1960

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