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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Ivin Kizzier, Happyville

Decatur County, Iowa "fourth sergeant. Kizzier, William, died July 30, 1863, at Vicksburg."

In 1885 Decatur County, Iowa, Ivin Kizier is 46, Liza 37, with Lizzie 14, Charles E. 12, Ida B. 8, Stella 5, and Laney 3.

In 1910 Comanche County, Oklahoma, Ivin Kizzier is 64, born in Indiana, with Eliza 55 Iowa. She's had eight kids, six living. Frank I. is 20, born in Missouri.

Frank's wife is likely Johannah Kizzier buried in Stephens County, Oklahoma 1892-1912 # 18005951.
The inscription is "Wife of F.I. Kizzier." One researcher wrote "Johana Hakala, wife of F.I. Kizzier, is buried at Diamond cemetery in Stephens County alongside her father and mother."

She might be the Johana Hakala in 1910 Stephens County. Her parents Frank 1848-1923 and Johannah 1850-1916 are buried in the same Diamond Cemetery.

Ivin Kizzier, 84, died in Payette County, Idaho February 9, 1929, a retired farmer, husband of Eliza Ann Gobble.
Ivan Kizzier, who had made his home for some time with his son, Frank Kizzier, of this city, passed away February 9, after an illness which covered several months.
Ivan Kizzier was born in Indiana March the second, 1844, and lived to the age of eighty-four years, eleven months and seven days.
When Mr. Kizzier was six years old he moved with his parents to Iowa. He lived there for some time, and in 1868 married Miss Eliza Ann Goble. Six children were born to them, two of which died some time ago. The four children who are living are Charles Kizzier, of Chandler, Oklahoma, Elizabeth Graham, of Bridgeport, Nebraska; Blanche Brooke, of Gurney, Wyoming and Frank Kizzier of this city.

Daughter Stella 1878-1924 is buried in Payette County # 18892855.

"Evan" Kizzier 1846-1929 is buried in Payette, # 18892865, with Eliza 1854-1926.
Son Charles I. "Kizzire" 1875-1956 is buried in Bayard, Morrill County, Nebraska # 78733723.
Rachel Kizzier Graham and husband William W. Graham were in Morrill County in 1920 and 1930.
February 1912 "Ivin Kizzier, who lives on the old Gal Leaman place north of town, was a county seat business visitor and shopper Monday."

1913 Wray "P. J. Kizzier came down from Denver the first of the week. He was called there by the death of his sister."

February 1916 Vernon items "Frank Kizzier's father and mother moved out from Wray this week and will occupy the John Wales property on Franklin st."

March 1916 Vernon items "Mr. and Mrs. Kizzier are moving into their new home on Wel.. St., which they recently purchased from Uncle Davy Foreman. Claude Parker and family, who recently vacated the property, are moving into the G... property on north Church street."

Ivin proved up two quarters in 11 and 14, 2S 46W in 1916. Witnesses were Charles P. Murphy, John McBride, William D. Burrell and John Crowley.
February 1917 "Ivan Kizzier sold his half section to Prof. Critchfield's father who comes among us from the east. The consideration, we are told, being three thousand dollars."

1917 Vernon "Frank Kizzier, the tonsorialist, made a flying trip to the capitol city last week."

Frank I. Kizzier, a barber, widowed, with a child, registered for WWI in Yuma County, born Sept 8, 1890 at Mound City, MIssouri.

Frank I. Kizzier married Goldie Rose Clelland in Denver on January 3, 1919.
(Golda R. Lockridge was in Webster County, Nebraska in 1900, with Leander J. 42 and Emma N. 37. John is 15, Golda 13, Melvin 10.

In 1910 Nez Perce County, Idaho, Ralph Clelland is 27, Goldie 23, with Ansel 2.
Goldie Rose Lockridge and Ralph David Clelland had Woodrow Wilson Clelland in Lewis County, Idoaho on August 9 1914.
David Ralph Clelland 1883-1915 is buried in Lewis County, # 124090201.

In 1920 Payette County, Idaho, Frank is 29, born in Missouri, with Goldie 33 born in Iowa. They have Lovina 8 born in Oklahoma. and Goldie's sons Harold 12 and Woodrow 4 both born in Idaho.

September 3, 1925
" While playing on the old Payette River Bridge, Woodward Clelland met with a terrible accident, which has since proved fatal.
Three boys, Woodward Clelland, Delman McKamey and Brooks Landon, were fishing near the old Payette River Bridge and as boys will, were climbing the superstructure when Woodward struck the high power electric wire. The shock went right through him, coming out at his feet. The boy fell onto the floor of the bridge. Mrs. Sam Walker, who was passing, summoned help and the boy was rushed to the Hospital at Ontario, where Drs. Avey, J. C. and I. R. Woodward worked with him, doing all that medical skill could suggest, until two o'clock this morning, when the little fellow passed away, without having regained consciousness.
The doctors stated that the blow was so violent and sudden, that the child could not even have known what it was that struck him down. The accident occured at about seven o'clock Wednesday evening. No funeral arrangements will be made until the nearly distracted mother can be consulted.
Woodward Clelland was eleven years old, and is the youngest son of Mrs. Frank Cazier. It is not an empty phrase to say the boy was popular, his bright jolly disposition made him a general favorite and there is not a mother in Payette today whose heart is not with poor Mrs. Cazier in her hour of terrible grief."

Woodrow is buried in Payette County 1914-1925 # 17386047.

In 1930 Payette County, Frank is a barber, 39, with Goldie 39. Lorine E. is 18, born in Oklahoma, and Mason A. is 14, born in Idaho. Ansel Cleland is 22, born in Idaho., father in Idaho.

Frank Ivin Kizzier registered for WWII in Craigmont, Idaho, born Sept 8, 1890 in Mound City, Missouri, a barber.
Golda Rose "Goldie" (Lockridge) (Clelland) Kizzier 1886-1969 is buried in Lewis County # 124094322, with Frank Ivin Kizzier 1890-1967 # 124094307.
Lovey Clelland, born Oct 15, 1880 in Iowa to Ivin Kizzier of Indiana and Eliza Gobble of Iowa, died in Idaho in 1921.

"Minnie Catherine (Gobble) Jones, was born on 7 January 1880 in Eden, Decatur Co., Iowa, daughter of John Gobble and Eliza Kizzier. She died on 16 January 1942 at her home in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., California. Her husband, Charles Seller Jones, was born on 6 May 1874 in Indiana, and died on 6 May 1946, in Los Angeles Co., California."

Edith Lorraine Kizzler married Robert Henry Norvell in Payette County on September 2, 1934.

They're in Payette County in 1940, where she's a phone operator.

Edith died in Oregon, and is buried in Payette County 1911-1994 # 20349580, with Robert Henry Norvell 1909-1973.

Goldie's son Ansel Alonzo Clelland 1907-1970 is buried in Lewis County, Idaho # 89626795. He was born in Ilo, Nez Perce County October 30, 1907.

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