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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Myron C. and Naomi (Eastin) Newton, Happyville

Alvin was born February 2, 1847 to Eber Myers Newton, born August 24, 1813, dying Independence Iowa June 1, 1888, marrying Elenor Borgordier born Sept 13, 1816 and died at Table Rock, Nebraska Jan 17, 1897.

Alvin Newton, son of Eber M. and Ellenor L. Newton, married Lydia J. Tucker, daughter of Wm. C. and Mary A. Tucker, on Oct 11, 1874 in Wayne, Lafayette County, Wisconsin.

In 1860 Stephenson County, Illinois, William C. Tucker is 41, born in Kentucky, with M.A. 32 born in Pennsylvania. Daughters B. 12, L.J. 7, and S.A. 1 were all born inIllinois.

In 1880 Stephenson County, Illinois, Alvin Newton is farming 33, with Lydia J. 25 born in Illinois. Alena E. is 4, Illinois, and Myron C. is 3, born in Iowa.
In 1900 Sioux City, Iowa, there's a Lydia J. Newton (Wid Alvin) living at 609 Kansas.

There's a listing in Glendale for Lydia Jane (Tucker) Newton 1853-1941, with no mention of her in newspapers, # 79959467.

In 1900 Glendale precinct, Alvin Newton is farming, born Feb 1847, married 7 years to Minerva Sept 1862, both born in New York.
FindaGrave # 52234005 says her father was Dwight Stone, dying in Alabama 1835-1863, who had married his cousin Laura Delilah Bennett on November 28, 1858, and had Minerva Florence born Sept 28, 1862.
One post says "Laura Delilah Bennett, d/o Robert Bennett & Phoebe Merritt, niece of Harmon Bennett & Avis Dean (Robert & Harmon are brothers) married Dwight Stone s/o Cyrus Stone and Laura Bennett (Laura is a sister of Harmon and Robert). Dwight died in the Civil War. Laura Delilah Bennett Stone moved to Kent County with her daughter Minerva Stone by 1870 census. She married Harmon DaZue Streeter, of Nelson Township, 7/13/1873. She bore 2 children - Avis b 11/15/1874 and Robert Lester b 4/26/1877. Laura died in 1878."

Florence M. Stone, daughter of Dwight Stone and Laura Bennett, age 25, married David Price on April 6, 1889 in Buchanan County, Iowa. - so the listing for Florence Newton's father might be wrong.
Myron C. May 1877 in Iowa, Laney M. May 1883 Illinois are with them. So are Frederick A. May 1892 Iowa, Erilla A. May 1894 and Frank M. April 1897 both born in Colorado.

Alvin and Minerva moved to Mountain Home, Idaho with Frederick and Erilla. Alvin is buried there 1847-1920 # 108767426, with Minerva Florence (Stone) Price 1862-1945.

In 1910 Vernon precinct, Myron is 33, married 9 years to Naomi 25 Iowa. They have Arthur 8, Ray 6, Earle 4, Mable 3, and Hattie 1.

Myron proved up a quarter in 15, 2S 46W in 1920.
In 1920 Myron and Naomi have Arthur 18, Albert L. 16, Earl 14, Mabel 12, Hattie 11, Elgie 8, John 7, Otto 5, Ester 3, and Edith 1.

October 1960

Myron is buried in Vernon 1877-1970 # 79959640, with Naomi (Eastin) Newton 1885-1971.

December 2, 1971 "Mrs. Naomi Newton died shortly after noon Thursday in Wray."

John Clifton Newton married Gracie Ellen Sanderson in Wray on Sept 23, 1959.
John C. Newton 1912-1992 is buried in Wray, # 11570258, with Gracie Allen (Sanderson) Newton 1922-1978.

Roy Newton 1903-1980 # 11569049, with Lillie 1902-1982 # 11569050 are buried in Vernon.

Otto 1914-1986 is buried in Wray, with Bonnie Jean (Armagost) Newton 1919-1992.

January 1, 1987

Arthur M. "Nipper" Newton 1901-1977 is buried in Wray, # 11570251, with Irma M. 1897-1979.

Earl Homer Newton 1905-1977 is buried in Vernon, with Helena (Engel) Newton 1913-2000.

Mabel (Newton) Critchfield 1907-2001 is buried in Vernon, with Vene R. Critchfield 1899-1955.

Esther Pauline (Newton) Rawson 1916-2003 is buried in Yuma, # 59792052, with William George Rawson 1913-1997.

Paul Hildred Newton 1920-1989 is buried in Calaveras County, California # 33569171, with Velma Mae (Juranek) Newton 1926-2006.

"Mrs. Hattie Newton Polly, wife of Virgil C. Polly, a rancher living southwest of Wray, was killed instantly last Thursday when the car she was driving was struck and demolished by a fast east-bound Chicago, Burlington and Quincy freight train at Robb crossing a few miles east of Eckley.
The accident happened about 4 p. m. and was reported to the sheriff’s office at Wray.
Mrs. Polly’s son Harold Polly, deputy sheriff proceeded to the crossing, unaware that it was his mother who had been killed.
Mrs. Polly was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Newton of Wray and had lived her entire life in Yuma County. She is survived by her husband, her parents, a sister, Mrs. William Hanson of Yuma, a number of brothers and sisters in Yuma County and in California.
The funeral was held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Christian Church in Wray.
Yuma Pioneer June 1953
Transcribed by Carol Moore

Hattie is buried in Vernon.

"Erilla" M. Newton married Albert T. McKibben in Elmore County, Idaho in 1914.
She's buried in Mountain Home 1894-1922 # 67202290, which says her mother was Minerva Florence Stone Price 1862-1945 buried in Sacramento, California # 58333833.

Alvin's and Lydia's daughter Laney was born at Watam's Grove, Illinois May 11, 1883.

She had married Fred Burdick, who was working in Glendale precinct in 1900, born June 1863 in New York, a sheep herder for James and Marion Ashley of Wisconsin.

1911 "Fred Burdick and son, Alvin, have taken up their abode with D. Doyle."

1914 Idalia items in the Wray Rattler "Fred Burdick has been sick with pneunomia for about three weeks but is reported to be improving at this writing."

Fred filed for land in 22, 3S 44W in 1917, witnesses George L. Jones, Claude E. McCoy, Aamuel E. Oliver, and Arthur Bartlett.
Fred and Laney had Alvin Wells Burdick in 1903 at Windsor, Colorado.
In 1920 Mountain Home, Idaho, Fred is divorced, but living with his ex's parents.... Alvin Burdick is 17, born in Colorado.

Mary Emline Burdick, born about 1906 in Idaho, daughter of Fred Burdick and Laney Mae Newton, married Arles T. Davis on May 15, 1935 in Davis County, Utah.

Fred died in Minot, North Dakota on Nov 20, 1921, born at Alfred, New York, a brother of E.E. Burdick of Douglas (North Dakota?) and J.W. Burdick of Seattle. He was survived by his wife, a daughter who lives in Utah, and son Alvin who was in Minot at the time of Fred's death. He's buried in Minot # 1408234235.

Laney May (Newton)(Boorom) Johnson is buried in Salt Lake County, # 57708. Spouse George Merrit Boorom 1866-1943 is also buried there # 126566.
In 1943 the children were George Booram of Los Angeles, Mrs. Harriet Davis and Mrs. Marty Davis both of Salt Lake City, and a stepson Alvin BUrdick in the Army.

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