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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Milo D. Eatinger, Laird and Wray

In 1860 Tippecanoe, Indiana, Milo is with his parents - John Ettinger, 33 a farmer, "Faney" 32, Lovey 15, Laviney 9, Henry 7, and Milo 2.  (John was in Portage County Ohio in 1850, living with Rodney 51 and Lucy 48 Wing.  There was a Sarah Eatinger 20 in the household, but not listed next to John. George and Barbara Coy wre the household preceding, with Hiram M. 18, and Mary M. 14)

In 1870 Starke County, Indiana John and Fannie, both 41, have Henry S. 17, Milo D., 12, Manda A. 9, Christina Coy, 85 Ireland (has to be Fannie's mother), and three laborers.

Milo D. Eatinger married Olive Allen in Indiana April 23, 1878.

In 1880 Milo is in Mitchell, Dakota Territory, a jeweler, married to Olive A, both 22.  They have Mabel B. 2, one eleven-year-old nephew, and a lodger Lewis A Foust, a barber, who says he's married.


September 6, 1884, E. C. Parkinson resigned the office of Commander, and C. C. Jones, who was then Sen. Vice, was elected to fill the vacancy until the next annual election, which occurred December 6, 1884, by the election of A. H. Edwards as Commander ; A. W. Hageman, Sen. Vice; A. Crawford, Jun. Vice; C. Turner, Surgeon; J. M. Fletcher, Chap.; E. C. Parkinson, Q. M.; Lee Welden, O. D.; T. B. Siddons, O. G.; W. H. Walker, Adjt. This year was a pleasant one with the veterans. They added many needed improvements to the post room, gathered in members, and got the post on a firm foundation. The following were mustered in during the year:
John N. Halliday, John W. Gladwish, S. M. Caldwell, B. Smith, Rev. T. L. Sexton, C. Dunn, C. H. Goldsmith, AV. P. Christian, M. D. Monley, Alf. Wilcox, Chas. Scribner, H. G. Hosford, W. R. Davis, E. Faust, W. J. Eatinger, Geo. W. Anderson, Jededia Austin, Joseph Miller (by transfer).

In 1900 Starke County, Indiana, Milo Eatinger, May 1868, is a jeweler, married eight years to Jenett, who's had one child.  Mabel, Dec 1878, Frank- a laborer  -May 1882, George May 1889,   and stepson Herman April 1885, all Indiana.

1909 North Judson Indiana House Was Also Occupied By....disastrous fire occurred shortly after noon Monday that makes two families practically...... About 1:30 Monday afternoon Smith in passing the M. D.  Eatinger residence opposite the and Erie depot observed smoke coming out of the roof of the kitchen and he immediately called Milo's attention to the Milo hurried and upon investigation found the roof to be ablaze.  A fire alarm next turned in and after wait of nearly five minutes at the Panhandle crossing the tire department arrived upon the After working with the engine for about ten minutes it was discovered that there was no gasoline in the tank and a fire engine without any gasoline is about as bad as an automobile without any.  The pump at the home was up and hence it was about as useful as a pump at the North A bucket brigade brought water from the depots and the DeArmond hotel but the angry gained such headway that this was not sufficient to check them for any length of A hundred or more people were upon the scene within a few minutes time and assisted in removing the household goods and furniture from the burning All the furniture except a part of that in two rooms was most of it being damaged more or After the fire engine was gotten into operation the boys were able to the shed at the side of the house in which Eatinger had stored his p???. The of the house next to the street was occupied by Haskins and and the other part of the house was occupied by Mr. Eatinger and his both families for a short time rendered Mr. Ealinger will be a heavy He carried insurance in the Hartford of Connecticut on his house and about on his which will not any more than cover half his. Mr. Haskins had no insurance whatever on their household. The fire undoubtedly started defective. This makes the third or fourth time house has caught two years ago a barn on the same lot was burned to the ground together with several head of good stock belonging to.... The Eatinger house was one of the oldest in the main part of the house having been built in 1865. It has some since that Mr. Eatinger takes his loss quite philosophically and he and his family have the sympathy of the entire community in their as also do Mr. and Mrs. Haskins.

In 1910 Starke County, Indiana, Milo D. Eatinger, 51, married 16 years to Jenette.  She's had four kids, four still living.  George E. 20, born in Indiana, is with them - none have an occupation.

The jewelry store of Mr. Eatinger controls a substantial and appreciative patronage, with its complete stock of jewelry, silverware, watches, clocks, etc., and he is personally a skilled and practical jeweler, having learned his trade in the horological department of the Bradley Institute of Technology, in the City of Peoria, Illinois. After availing himself of the advantages of this institution Mr. Eatinger was employed as jeweler and clerk in his father's drug and jewelry store, in North Judson, in which, in fact, he initiated his services when he was a lad of fourteen
years, and with which he continued to be associated until he instituted his independent business enterprise, his success having been on a parity with his ambition and well directed endeavors.

Jlr. Eatinger was born at North Judson on the 20th of May, 1882, and is a son of Milo D. and Olive E. (Allen) Eatinger, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of Indiana. Milo D. Eatinger is a son of John L. and Anna (Coy) Eatinger, the former of whom was born in Ohio and the latter in Pennsylvania, the lineage of both being traced
back to staunch German origin; their marriage was solemnized in Ohio and not many years later they numbered themselves among the pioneer settlers of Cass County, Indiana. In 1868 they came to Starke County, where John L. Eatinger purchased a tract of land belonging to the Lightcap estate. This was shortly after the completion of the line of the Pennsylvania Railroad through Starke County and the Village of North Judson had not as yet been platted. Of the very appreciable tract of land purchased by his grandfather the subject of this review now owns a
part, the original tract having included a portion of the site of the present Village of North Judson. After coming to Starke County, John L. Eatinger continued to work at his trade, that of carpenter, and he was one of the first contractors and builders at North Judson, where he continued to reside until his death, on the 23d of December, 1891, his age at the time having been sixty-five years. His wife survived him by several years, and was about sixty years old at the time of her death.

Milo D. Eatinger was born on the 1st of May, 1860, and was a boy at the time of the family removal to Starke County, where he was reared and educated and where as a youth he found employment in the drug store of Louis Foust, of North Judson. He became a practical pharmacist, and finally became sole proprietor of the store in which he had been employed. Later he amplified his business by installing a stock of jewelry, watches, and clocks, and he continued as one of the prominent and honored business men and influential citizens of North Judson until 1910, when he sold his interests here and removed to the City of Chicago, where he was identified with the same lines of business until 1914, when he engaged in the jewelry business at Wray, Yuma County, Colorado, where he now maintains his residence. His first wife was summoned to eternal rest in 1891, at the age of thirty-three years, and her gentle and gracious personality was in consonance with her abiding faith as a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She is survived by three children : Mabel, who was born December 13, 1879, is the wife of
William Slidinger, the leading merchant tailor at Knox, judicial center of Starke County, and they have one daughter, Thelma ; Frank G., of this sketch, was the next in order of birth ; and George E., who was born
on the 30th of May, 1889, learned the jeweler's trade in his father's store, and is now associated with the latter in business at Wray, Colorado; he wedded Miss Mamie Dadgner, of Chicago. A few years after the death of his first wife Milo D. Eatinger contracted a second marriage, no children having been born of the present union. He is a staunch supporter of the cause of the democratic party and while still a resident of North Judson he served in various public offices, including those of justice of the peace, county coroner and member of the school board. He is affiliated with the Knights of Pythias.

Frank G. Eatinger likewise accords unfaltering allegiance to the democratic party and he is serving as county coroner at the time of this writing. He is a member of the North Judson lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and is keeper of seals in the local lodge of the Knights of Pythias, in which he is also a past chancellor.

On the 1st of January, 1908, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Eatinger to Miss Nellie C. Horton, who was born at North Judson on the 6th of March, 1889, and who is a daughter of William F. and Olive (Enyart) Horton, the former of whom was born in Ohio on the 28th of February, 1851, and the latter of whom was born in Fulton County, Indiana, August 17, 1861. In 1885 Mr. Horton came to Starke County and established his residence at North Judson, where he engaged in business as a dealer in wall paper, paints and other supplies and also became
a successful house decorator. In 1913 he and his wife removed to the City of Hammond, this state, where he is now engaged in the confectionery business. He is a republican in politics, is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity is a Baptist in his religious faith and his wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. and Mrs. Eatinger
have no children.

(Adam G. Enyeart claimed land in 5N 44W and 5N 45W, William Enyeart in 5N 42W in 1916)

In 1912 Vernon Eatinger was paid by the Wray school board for painting and labor.

George E. Eatinger married Mamie A. Degener October 3, 1913 in Glenwood, Illinois.

1917 "Miss Callie Lawrence has accepted a position with M.D. Eatinger in the jewelry business."

Vernon William Eatinger registered in Yuma County, saying he was born April 20, 1885, and nearest relative was Frances.

In 1919 Milo D. Eatinger and Vernon W. Eatinger were witnesses for the claim of Fayette Lamphere in 1N 43W.

1919 "FOR SALE OR TRADE - one automobile.  Inquire at Eatinger's Jewelry store.

1919 FOR SALE - 80 acres, 2 1/2 miles north of Wray.  House, well and fenced.  Inquire at Eatingers Jewelry store.


In 1920 "Dallas" Eatinger, 61, Ohio,  a "Jullerman" and Jennette 51, Indiana, are in Wray, with Joshua L. Ashley, Jennette's father, 82, widowed, born in Ohio.

In 1920 Wray, on the "extension of South Chief Street" are  George E. Eatinger, 30, Indiana, a salesman in a jewelry store,  and Marie A. 24, Illinois, with Fred D. 2 and Lucile E. three months, both Colorado.

In 1927 Denver Geo E. (Mayme A.) painter live at 3918 Steele.

In 1930 San Jose, California George  Eatinger, 40 Indiana, is a foreman in a fruit packing house, with Marjorie A. 34 Illinois, Fred D. 12, and Lucile 10, both Colorado.

In 1940 San Jose George is still a foreman, with Mayme, and Fred D. 23 has no occupation.

George - born May 30, 1889, died May 26, 1977 in Butte County, California.  Maria A. (Degner) Eatinger born Apr 25, 1895, died Aug 26, 1983 in Butte County.

In 1920 Yuma County - the same page as "Dallas" is Vernon Eatinger, 34, a painter, Antoniette 33, Jennette 9, Doral 7, Eugene 4, and James 2 - all four kids born in Colorado.

Milo proved up on two quarters in 8, 3N 43W in 1921, and the same year got another 120 acres by Stock.

The 1922 Yuma County atlas has Eatinger, M.D. & Son, Jewelers, Wray, Established 1914

Eatinger, V.W., Farmer and Ice Dealer, PO Laird, came to Yuma County in 1910, born Indiana 1885, married Antionette Michalski, four children.

In 1930 Vernon, a painter,  and Antonette are in Fort Morgan with Junita V. 19, a sales-lady in a drug store, Eugene E. 14, James D. 12, and LaVergen 8.

Juanita V. Eatinger married James J. Campbell August 8, 1931.

In 1940 Vernon, Francis, and LaVergne are in Denver, Vernon with no occupation, LaVergne a hotel maid.

They're in Denver in 1945 - Vernon is a painter for Crafstman Painters and Decorators.

Milo and Jannette are back in Starke County in 1930, running a jewelry store.

Milo died in North Judson, Indiana April 6, 1934, age 75 years.

Vernon W. Eatinger 1885-1968 and Antoinette 1887-1988 are buried in Fort Morgan.  Son James D. Eatinger - Nov 8, 1917 - September 13, 1984 is buried in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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