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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John Joseph Schles, Laird

In 1910 Jesse G. Schles (Schler ?) 25, born in Nebraska, and brother Ray H. 21, also Nebraska are farming "on the Holyoke Road."

Wray Rattler 12-12-1912 Another Adjudged Insane The third person to be adjudged insane within a few weeks time, was taken to the state insane asylum at Pueblo last Tuesday evening by Deputy Sheriff Bolender. The unfortunate this time was John Schless, who has a homestead about twelve miles north of Laird, where he has made his home. He lived alone, being a bachelor, and while being considered queer by his neighbors, was nor considered to be mentally unbalanced until about two weeks ago, when some strange actions were noticed which caused some to doubt his sanity and led them to report the case to the authorities. He was brought to Wray a week ago last Friday and was held ten days before being brought into court to prove his sanity. His trail was held last Monday in the county court before a jury of six. The following men composed the jury: Peter Cuney, A.J. Packer, John McGee, J.E. Smith, D.B. McGinnis, and Harvey McGee. His attitude in the trial proved that he was really insane and the jury brought in a verdict to that effect, and that the safety of the community was endangered by his being at liberty.

Shless, John Joseph
Wray Rattler 12-12-1912 John Schless, an old man of foreign extraction living about two miles north east of Laird, was upon complaint of some of his neighbors arrested on a lunacy charge several days ago and taken to Wray where he was tried this week and adjudged insane.


John proved up a parcel in 14 and 15, 3N 43W in 1919.  The patent was to "John Shles, Insane, of Wray Colorado", and was filed by the conservator of his estate, M.M. Bulkeley.  Witnesses were Ed Hansaw, Harm Currence, Fred O'Dell and Harmon Schafer, all of Wray.

In 1920 Pueblo, John Schless, 52, Bohemia, is an inmate.

In 1923 the J.J. Schles estate was delinquent on taxes for that land.

In 1930 in the state hospital in Pueblo is John Schless, 63, Czechoslovakia.

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