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William Henry Coontz

, 3 North 44 West
William proved up 320 acres in section 17, 3 North 44 West, in 1919. His witnesses in 1918 were Floyd G. Berg, Norma O. Mullison, Tom Crum and Noble C. Smithson, all of Wray.

He might be the William H. Coontz in 1850 Pickaway County, Ohio, age 1, with Jesse 36, Elizabeth 34, Sarah J. 7, and Mary 5.

In 1860 Pickaway County, Jesse is 46, Elizabeth 44, Sarah J. 17, Mary 15, and Wm. H. 11.
[Sarah J Koontz was born on September 21, 1842, in Ohio. She married Lewis George Goshert on July 31, 1865, in Kosciusko County, Indiana. They had one child during their marriage. She died as a young mother on June 22, 1866, at the age of 23. FindaGrave # 7023433. ]
In 1870 Kosciusko County, Indiana, Jesse is 57, born in Virginia, Mary 25 and William 21 both born in Ohio. Next household is Henry Goshert 62, with Dickley 38, Jeremiah 20, Harry 17 Elizabeth 88, John 27 ad Dicey 21.

In 1876 Decatur County, Iowa, W. H. Koontz made affidavit for the marriage of ola Lentz, age 20, to Randolph Perdue, age 24. The marriage ws in the house of J.L. Lentz.

In 1880 Kosciusko County, William H. is 31, living with harvey 27 and Alice 22 Goshert, Jessie R. Goshert newborn.

He's in 1900 Decatur County, Iowa, a farm hand born Feb 1849 in Ohio, with his cousin James Lentz 39 and his wife Terrie G. Lenz 33. William E. Lentz is 9.

In 1910 Decatur County, William is a farm hand, 61, a cousin of Edward M. Patton 30 born in Nebraska, or Clara O. 34 born in Iowa. Alice Patton is 7, A. Josie 5, and Dallas E. 3.
(Clara C. Lentz was in Decatur County in 1880, age 2, with parents Jacob L. Lentz 50 and Jane 47. Josephine E. is 21, James A. 19, Ellen J. 15, Adelia D. 14, Orpha F. 8, and Clara C. 2.)

Also on the page is A. Polk Coontz, 63, born in Ohio, with Cynthia 37 Iowa. Sarah R. is 28, W. Ivan 21, R. Pearl 18, Archie G. 15, and Olive B. 14.
This is Anthony P. Coontz, wife Cynthia Newland/Newlin. Jesse S. Coontz, 31, a physician, born at Woodland Iowa, married Hattie A. Still in Decatur County on December 24, 1905.

November 1910, Decatur County, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Lockwood, Miss Nora Rains, Alice and Josie Patton and W. H. Coontz were guests Sunday at the J.Q. Lockwood, Sr. home."

January 1912
1912 Woodland, Decatur County "W. H. Coontz and Miss Alta Lockwood stayed with Mrs. R. D. Lockwood Monday and Tuesday while R. D. was attending court at Leon"

1916 "Ned Dillon, who has been visiting relatives and friends over at his old home in Morgan township, left Monday for his home near Wray, OKLAHOMA. He wawss accompanied by W. H. Coontz of WOodland town ship, who ahs a claim adjoining Mr. Dillon's and will spend the winter there looking after and improving his land Lineville Tribune"

Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, May ll, l922

WILLIAM HENRY COONTZ was born in Pickaway County, Ohio and moved with his parents, JESSE and ELIZABETH COONTZ, to the State of Indiana, where he lived until the death of his parents. He then came to Decatur County, Iowa, where he lived the remaining part of his life, with the exception of a few years, which he spent in the State of Colorado. Here he filed on a Government claim and lived there until he met all Government requirements and received deed to his land, which he sold just recently.

Uncle HENRY, as he was called by a great many who knew him, was crippled practically all his life caused by severe sickness when he was a small boy. He suffered his affliction patiently, never complaining. All that friends and loving hands could do was done to help and comfort him.

He died at the home of GEORGE JOHNSON, April l9, l922, being at the time of his death, 73 years and 3 months of age. The funeral was conducted at the home by Rev. O.S. Tallent, Pastor of M.E. Church, South. Interment was at the Evergreen Cemetery.

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