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Yuma County Pioneers -

George W. and Gertie (Warren) Daggett

, 3 North 44 West
In 1870 Highland County, Ohio, George W. "Doggett" is 43, Elizabeth 39, with Ann 20, Henry C. 18, Isaac A. 16, Mary 13, Clara 17, Elizabeth 9, GEORGE W. 6, and Martha 2.

In 1880 Highland County, George W. is 52, Elizabeth 49, with Henry 28, both farming. Mary is 23, Clara 22, Elizabeth 19, Geo. W. 16, Martha 12, hattie 9, and John 4.

George W. Daggett 1827-1883 is buried in Highland County # 123017322.
"George Washington Doggett was born on 26 March 1827 in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio, United States. He served in the military during the Civil War in the Union Army between 1861 and 1865. He served as a Second Lieutenant in the 6th and 11th regiments of Ohio Cavalry, and the 1st Independent Battalion, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. They were with the western army, and for a time were stationed at Fort Kearney, Nebraska. He was a farmer and stockman. He was well known for raising fine horses. George died on 8 June 1883 at the age of 56 in Ohio, United States. He was buried after 8 June 1883 in Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery, Berryville, Highland County, Ohio, United States. Parents: Armstead Doggett and Mary Allison.
Spouse: Elizabeth West. Elizabeth West and George Washington Doggett were married on 27 February 1849. Children were: Ann Elizabeth Doggett, Henry C. Doggett, Isaac Armstead Doggett, Mary Lincoln Doggett, Clara F. Doggett, Elizabeth Doggett, George Washington Doggett Jr., Martha Doggett, Harriet May Doggett, John Allison Doggett."

Elizabeth 1830-1918 is buried in Buffalo County, Nebraska # 62167885.

In 1900 Buffalo County, Nebraska, George is farming, born May 1867 in Ohio.

George married Gertie Bell Warren on January 13, 1900 in Buffalo County.

His brother was Henry C. Doggett - February 6, 1903

Ila Frances Daggett was born on 4 January 1904 in Buffalo County, Nebraska. She died on 11 January 1904.
She's buried in Riverside Cemetery, Gibbon, Nebraska.

His sister Martha L. Armstrong, 38, born in Harlan County, Ohio to Geo Doggett and Elizabeth West, married Sam Armstrong in March 1892, having Floyd 1893, Alice, Ray 1905. She married Fred D. Jenkins 54, in Buffalo County on October 18, 1906.
She's buried in Kearney 1868-1938 # 59120067.

Another sister, Lizzie married in Buffalo COunty on April 3, 1889 - "SUTHERN, C L, age 25, white, born Harrison Co., West Virginia, lived Buffalo Co., Nebr. son James and Martha (WEST) Suthern, and Lizzie DAGGETT, age 27, white, born Highland Co., Ohio, lived Buffalo, Co., Neb. dau. George Daggett "

In 1870 Essex County, New York, Aaron Warren is 55, married to Frances 22, with Lucy 3 and Eugene 1. Also with them are Charles Warren 19, Ella 15, and Fletcher 10.

One tree says Gertrude Belle Warren was born May 1, 1874 in South Schroon Lake, New York.

In 1875 Aaron is 60, Frances 27, Ellen 20, Fletcher 15, Lucy 8, Eugene 6, and newborn Gertie.

"Gerty Pereau" is in Essex County, New York in 1880, with Laurance 36 and Frances Pereau 32. Mary is 13, Eugenaia 11, Gerty 6, and Paris 9.

In 1900 Woods County, Oklahoma, Gertie Warren, born May 1874 in New York, is teaching school. She's with her mother Francis Pereau, married 21 years to Laurence Pereau.

Frances Pereau 1848-1929 is buried in Jet, Oklahoma # 50027188, with Lawrence 1843-1914.
Lawrence's heirs were Frances J. Pereau, Paris A. Pereau, Myrtle Appleton,a dn Lilly F. Nelson.

She was the daughter of Elias F. Rust 1815-1886, and Caroline Burch of Vermont, who died in Juniata Nebraska April 14, 1886. She married first Aaron Warren, then Lawrence Pereau, at one time residing in Lowell, Nebraska. They had Lucy Warren, Eugene, Gertie, Myrtie, Lillie, and FLorence "

Elias F. "Russ" 1815-1903 is buried in Butler County, Nebraska # 22026527, with Caroline M. buried in Juniata, Nebraska 1815-1886 # 75528627.

In 1910 Buffalo County, George is farming, 45, with Gertie B. 36 and Pearl E. 8.

George proved up 320 acres in sections 21 and 28, 3 North 44 West, in 1920.

They're farming in Yuma County in 1920, George W. 55, Girtie 45, and Pearl 18.

Pearl Daggett graduated from Yuma County High School in 1922.

In 1923 Pearl was teaching at West Sunnyside school, district # 20.

In 1930 George and Gertie are still farming, and Pearl 28 is teaching school.

April 13, 1939 Shelton, Nebraska "Word was received here of the death of George W. Daggett, 74, at Wray, Colo. He lived on a farm in the Lowell community southwest of Shelton for many years. Surviving are a wife and daughter, and a brother, H. C. Daggett at Wray. Funeral and burial were held there Sunday."

George 1864-1939 is buried in Wray # 62940945.

June 12, 1909 Kearney, Nebraska "A peculiar insanity case was told of at the court house on Saturday when H. C. Daggett, of Gibbon, came to the city with Oscar Hedlund. who had been found wandering around that village on Friday. Hedlund hails from Sagamore, Pennsylvania, and left there a short time ago with a man named Taylor and was bound to Salt Lake City where the two expected to work in some mines. During the rational moments the officials gathered that when at Paxton, Neb., some trouble came up and Hedlund started to return. He came into Kearney on train No. 14 Thursday morninh and seeing the sign of the Union Pacific hotel he says he went there to get a drink and when he came back the train was gone. He does not know why he got off and as the train had gone he started to walk, and tells the officials that he walked back to Sagamore and then they brought him here. At times he is rational and then again he is clear off his base and doesn't know anything. Hedlund is twenty-seven years old and is a member of the Odd Fellows and K. P. orders. At present he seems to be getting a little better and his folks have been notified of his condition by telegraph. He has but a small amount of money with him and has no ticket to the Pennsylvania home."

Henry C. Daggett died September 29, 1939 at Wray, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery 1851-1939.

1939 North Eckley items "Miss Daggett accompanied the Geo. Loppe family to Wray to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Daggett.

In 1940 Gertie is widowed, 65, living on Elm Street in Wray, born in New York. Pearl is 39, still teaching.
Gertie 1874-1954 is buried in Wray # 62940963.

Pearl, born June 28, 1901, died July 31, 1993 (SSN issued in California.)
She's buried in Wray, # 62940980.

Pearl was the great-niece of Cary Daggett buried in Hyde. His grand-daughter was Betty J. Johns of Tacoma Washington in 1987. Other relatives were Shelley Kiebler, Phyllis Kiebler adn Jodene Mitchell of Apollos, Pennsylvanaia. Another granddaughter was Nora Adams of Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

Cary A. Daggett, buried in Hyde Colorado, was a sergeant in the Mexican War, then in 1861 Company H. First Ohio Cavalry.
He died in Hyde on June 22, 1887, at age 64.

"Doggett, George Grant (b. August 31, 1875 in Highland, OH; d. November 28, 1964 in Spokane, WA) Block E1, Lot 6, Plot 4
Son of Cary A. Doggett and Sarah Jane Bennett, married Rosetta Alice Podmore on November 15, 1910 at Davenport, WA Passed away Nov. 28 at his home, E. 1617 Broad. Survived by his wife, Rosette Doggett, at the home; 1 son, Wayne Doggett, Portland, Ore; 2 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild; 1 sister, Mrs. Maggie Shellhammer; 2 brothers, Harry Doggett, California; John Doggett, Harrington, Wash."

"Cary Armstead Doggett (2) ] > Married November 24, 1847. Elizabeth Gibson Richards.
Issue : William Hedrick Doggett, born October 26, 1849. Highland County, Ohio.
Married June 20, 1855. Mary Ellen Huffman.

Martha Luella Doggett, born August 25, 1856. Hillsboro, Ohio.
Charles Brownell Doggett, born January 26, 1858. Hillsboro, Ohio. "

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