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Yuma County Pioneers -

Emerson and Mary (Herrick) Fike

, 3 North 44 West
In 1880 Emerson is in Richland County, Ohio, 23, with Sarah E. 2, and Minnie M. 1.

Emerson Fike, 26, married Mary M. Herrick on December 2, 1882 in Yankee Springs, Barry County, Michigan.
Emerson was born in Richlands County, Ohio, Mary in Paw Paw, Michigan.

In 1900 Washington County, Kanss, Emerson Fike is farming, born Oct 1855 in Ohio, with Mary Sept 1859 Michigan. She's had ten kids, seven living.
Eli July 1880 in Ohio, John W. June 1886, Etta Nov 1887, Lizzie May 1891, Lulu June 1892, Annie March 1896, and Willie June 1897, all six born in Nebraska.
November 20, 1908 "Last Wednesday afternoon Morris Kimber and Elizabeth Fike, two of the county high school pupils, were united in marriage, Rev. Walthall officiating. In the evening a number of the young people thought to chivirari them, and gathered around the Fike home in the south part of town, but the newly made twain gave them the slip and drove out to the Kimber home southeast of town. It was not long until the merry-makers discovered the ruse and they straightway made for there, and, if their courage kept up, seranaded them out there. The Gazette joins many friends in extending congratulations."

Emerson proved up 160 acres in sections 5 and 6, also in 1909.
In 1910 Decatur County, Kansas, Emerson is 53, Mary M. 50, Lulu M. 16, Anna M. 13, William B. 12, and Nellie F. 7.

June 1912
June 1913 "Emerson Fike, of Superior Nebraska, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. James Cross and family of this place, returned to Wray Saturday after spending a few days in Denver with his daughter, Miss Lulu and his son, John and family. Miss Lula is a student in tne Parks Avenue hospital in Denver and John is a minister in the same city."

June 15, 1915 "Mrs. Emerson Fike arrived in Wray Saturday morning and is visiting her son, Eli, and family, and her two daughters, Mesdames James Cross and Morris Kimber, and families. Mrs. Fike needs no introduction to Wray people as she and her husband are two of those who have developed the sand hills into their present prosperity. About seven years ago, they sold out their ranch seventeen miles northwest and are now residing in Superior, Nebraska."

November 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Norman who own the ranch known as the old Fike place eighteen miles northwest of Wray are leaving the latter part of this week for the winter to reside on a farm four miles west of Haigler. Their two sons, Wade and Ralph are attending school in that place at the present time."

Emerson 1856-1934 is buried in Superior, Nebraska # 45782559.
"Son of Amos & Barbara (Mock) Fike. First married Sara Ellen Berry Mar 3, 1878 in Richland County, Ohio. They had two children. He later married Mary Melvina Herrick in Dec 1882 in Yankee Springs, Michigan"
Mary 1859-1938 is also buried in Superior # 45782568.


In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Minnie, born April 1879 in Nebraska (WRONG), is just married to Frank Maag April 1875 in Switzerland. His brother Henry Maag January 1883 is with them.

December 1905 Wray " Frank Maag and family departed Saturday evening for Fairbury, Nebraska, where they will visit relatives and friends during the holidays."

April 1906 Wray " Frank Maag resigned his position as manager of the railroad coal chutes al this place, last Wednesday."

February 7, 1908 Wray "Frank Maag is working for John Burrell this week in the tin and repair shop."

June 11, 1909 "Frank Maag, who resides in the southwest corner of the county, was in Wray the fore part of the week and took out a load of flour for a store near his place."

July 23, 1909 Wray "Frank Maag came over from Kirk precinct Monday to assist George Maag, his brother, on the Burlington coal chutes for a few days. Frank says crops on the south divide look even better than they do on the flats."

In 1910 they're in Kirk, Colorado, farming. Frank is 32, Minnie 30, William H.l 9, Charles E. 7, Otto 6, Edna 2, and newborn Ernest.

October 7, 1910 Wray "Last Saturday evening, while Frank Maag and family and Mrs. Thomas Calkins were going out from town on the west road they were run into by an automobile and quite a wreck resulted. The auto was in charge of the three boys of J. Q. Conrad - Lawrence, Francis and Kenneth, who were coming in from the fairgrounds. . They had started home earlier in the evening but running out of gasoline they had to walk to town in order to replenish their supply and by the time they returned and got the auto it was after dark. They were coming along at a good clip with no lights and did not see the Maag team until they ran into them. Maag however had seen them and had tried to turn out of the road when they hit the wagon on the front wheel throwing out Mrs. Maag and Mrs. Calkins, the latter being injured quite severely. At the present time she is getting better and no serious results are anticipated.
The wagon wheel was mashed, the tongue and double trees broken and the harness stripped off the horses by the force of the collision but neither of the boys were hurt although one of them was thrown out over the front of the machine. The auto suffered a broken axle and a general mashup of the front gearings and it is practically out of commission. The boy driving the machine was not over ten years of age and this accident should bo a warning to others that running an automobile is not a ohild's job. A level headed man is bad enough. On public roads where other lives are at stake a boy has no business driving an auto oven though he and his friends are willing to risk his life as well as the machine. Frank Maag and family left Sunday for thelr home out near Kirk but Mrs. Calkins is at the W. T. Fair home under the doctors care.

June 1913 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. James Cross and little daughter returned Wednesday from a visit with the Frank Maag family of near Idalia. Emerson Fike, the father of Mrs. Cross and of Mrs. Maag accompanied them.

August 6, 1914 Pleasant Ridge items in the Wray Rattler "Miss Anna Fike, who has been visiting with her sister, Mrs. Frank Maag and family departed for Wray last Tuesday where she will visit with friends and relatives. From there she will return to her home in Superior, Nebraska."

Frank proved up two quarters in section 34, 5S 48W, - on the Kit Carson County line, in 1917.
Next to him, in section 2, 6S 48W, Kit Carson County, John Maag proved up 80 acres in 1918.

Frank registered for WWI with a Joes, Colorado address, born April 10, 1876.

In 1920 they have William, Charles, Otto E., Edna M., Earnest H., and added Ruth V. 7, Emerson 5, Carl 2, and newborn Pearl E.

The 1922 Yuma County atlas has " Maag, Frank, Farmer, P.O. Vona, came to Yuma County 1901, Born Switzerland 1876, married Minnie May Fike, nine children. "

February 1926 "Mr. and Mrs. Otta Maag visited at the Nick Brownwood home Sunday."

The Frank and Otto Maag families are on the same page as the Brownwoods in 1920.

Frank Maag was naturalized in Yuma County. So was Dora Walkemeyer Maag. So was George Maag.

In 1930 they have Ernest 20, Emerson 16, Carl 14, Pearl 11, and Fred 9.

Frank 1877-1942 is buried in Greeley # 65227666, with Minnie M. (Fike) Maag 1879-1965 # 65227667.
"Frank Maag of 1904 Ninth street, Greeley. Husband of Mrs. Minnie Maag. Father of W. H. Maag, Charles Maag. Otto Maag and Mrs. Dave Seaman, all of Kersey; Mrs. Orval Seaman and Ernest Maag of Vona, Colo. Emerson Maag of Denver, Carl Maag of LaSalle, Mrs. E. B. Babeon of Silver Plume, Colo., and Fred Maag of Georgetown, Colorado. Brother of George Maag of Wray, Coio., and John Maag of Jamestown, S. D."

September 5, 1957
March 18, 1965 Greeley "Mrs. Minnie Maag celebrated her 86th birthday Sunday surrounded by all of her 10 sons and daughters who gathered for the first reunion of the family ill many years. The party was held at 522 llth St., where Mrs. Maag makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Seaman. Children are: Mrs. Seaman, Greeley; Charlie Maag, Greeley; Emerson Maag, Commerce City; Carl Maag, Masters; Edna Seaman, Greeley; Fred Maag, Georgetown; Bill Maag, Johnstown; Ernest Maag, Joes; Otto Maag, Denver; and Pearl Babeon, Denver. Mrs. Maag has 63 grandchildren and 77 great-grandchildren. "
July 8, 1965 "Mrs. Frank (Minnie) Maag passed away this week in Greeley where she has made her hoe the past few years. Mrs. Maag, a former resident of the Kirk community, was 86 years old. She is survived by ten children. One son, Ernie, lives in Kirk."

May 1935 Joes items "Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Maag have moved to the farm recently vacated by Mrs. R.W. Blank."

December 24, 1936 Joes items "A fine baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Maag on Friday night. Mrs. Maag was taken to the Lutheran hospital in Yuma and she and the baby are now doing nicely."

In 1920 Yuma County, Frank is 42, Minnie M. 40, William H. 19, Charles E. 17, Otto E. 16, Edna M. 12, Earnest H. 10, Ruth V. 7, Emerson 5, Carl 2, and newborn Pearl E..
They had Fred Dallas Maag on January 11, 1921 in Joes. He died December 17, 1993.

August 1, 1929 "Miss Ruth Maag, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maag, was married Saturday to Mr. Dave Seamens."

October 10, 1935 "The Frank Maag family were called to Wray Monday by the death of Mrs. Mag's niece, Miss Kimber, aged 17. The funeral was held Tuesday.

Minnie is buried in Greeley 1879-1965 # 65227667, with Frank 1877-1942 # 65227666.

May 14, 1914 Wray " Mr. Maag and Mrs. McAlister were married at Burlington Saturday and the charivari took place Saturday night, a large crowd being present."


May 28, 1909 "At the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. E. Fike was solemnized the marriage of James Cross to Miss Etta Fike, on Sunday, May 23, Rev. P. W. Walthall performing the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Cross are well known in Wray and have a host of friends. Mr. Cross came to Wray from Kentucky about three years ago and by his upright character has gained the respect of all who know him. Mrs. Cross is an accomplished young lady highly esteemed by a host of friends. The Rattler extends its best wishes."

Etta proved up two quarters in 32, 4N 44W in 1913, James proving up the other two quarters in 1916.

November 6, 1919 "A death that touched the great sympathetic heart of this community occurred Thursday of last week when Mrs. James Cross passed to the great beyond. Mrs. Cross who will be remembered as Miss Etta Fike, was born November 30, 1887. Practically all her life had been spent in this community and a legion of friends had learned to love her.
Funeral services were held at the Christian church in this city Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Cross had been in poor health but a short time and the news of her death was a great shock to tho whole community. Sincere sympathy of many friends is extended to the bereaved husband and other relatives."


Eli proved up 160 acres in section 6, 3 North 44 West and section 31, 4N 44W, in 1909.

In 1910 Yuma County, Eli Fike is a farm laborer, 28, born in Nebraska, single, working for the John and Jane Cassini family. Lira Fike, 16 is boarding with them, too.

Eli B. Fike, 31, married Bertha Kimber on July 30, 1911 in Yuma County.

Bona Mae Fike was born at Montrose on May 3, 1912, name as Christian in 1957.

December 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Eli Fike and little daughter, Bona May, left Sunday morning for Superior, Nebraska, where they go to visit Mr. Pike's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fike, and family. Mrs. Fike and little daughter have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kimber for several weeks and were joined Tuesday of last week by Mr. Fike who came down from their home near Montrose. They will remain in Superior until after Christmas."

December 1913 Montrose, Colorado "Eli Fike left Friday for a month's visit in Wray and other eastern points. Mrs. Fike and daughter have already been there several weeks."

November 4, 1914 "Mrs. Eli Fike and two children, of Montrose, Colo., are visiting Mrs. Fike's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kimber, and other relatives. She expects to be here about two months."

March 4, 1915 Montrose " Mrs. Eli Fike and children left for their new home in Wray, Colo., where they will be joined by Mr. Flke."

Eli Benjamin Fike registered for WWI in Yuma County, born July 5, 1881, nearest relative Bertha I., farming for himself.

Eli, with a Wray address, was secretary of School District # 12, A.A. Cuney the president, Jesse Roe the treasurer.
This was called the Star district about six mile southeast of Wray..

In 1920 Yuma County, Eli is farming, 39, born in Ohio, farming, with Bertha 28. Bona M. is 7, Benjamin 4, and Emma L. 1.

Eli and Bertha are farming in 1930 Yuma County, with Bona 17, Ben 15, Emma 12, James E. 8, and Alma Irene newborn.

In 1940 Yuma County, Eli and Bertha have only Alma.

Eli registered for WWII in Long Beach, California, working at the Colsolidated Shipyards.

Eli Benjamin Fike, mother Berry, died June 30, 1948 in Los Angeles County.
He's buried in Westminster Memorial Park, Midway City, California, on the same stone as Bertha I. 1892 - 1990.

Bona Mae Christian, 88, died in October 2000 - Lakewood, California is the location of the obituary.
FindaGrave 178394766 has her buried in Orange County, California, with Ralph T. Christian 1915-1978>

Benjamin K. Fike 1914-2008 has an unknown burial, per # 100171799.

Bertha J. (Kimber) Fike 1892-1990 died in Los Angeles, per # 98045842.

Alma I. Fike, 44, married Thomas J. Dickinson in Orange County, California on April 20, 1974.

Emma Louise (Fike) Follensbee 1918-1991 is buried in Cypress, California, # 94520962, with William Hamlin Follensbee.

James Edward Fike 1922-1992 is buried in Cypress, California # 94520516.


December 14, 1911 "To some it will be no surprise to learn that John Fike, the fast football man of the Denver university is married, while to some it will be a great shock. John is a Yuma county boy, having lived in Wray during his time in school. From here he went to Denver, and entered the university where he will have spent four years next spring. John has many friends who will join with the Rattler in wishing him and his bride many years of happy life. Following is the account thst was in the Denver Post last Friday:
Honest John Fike, guard on the Denver university football team for last three years, and Miss Zeta Sweet, a fair co-ed from the same institution, were married yesterday afternoon following the example set by Clem Crowley at the close of the football season of a year ago. The marriage came as a surprise to the friends of the couple, who expected tbem to finish their course at the university before thinking of marriage. Both were to have graduated next June. They say that they will finish the year in school. Mr. Fike will become associated with the Y. M. C. A. after the graduation.
The Kynewisbok, the annual publication of the students, was managed last year by Fike. He was the president of his class and a member of the Gamma Sigma Tau fraternity. The bride belonged to the Sigma Kappa sorority.
Mr. and Mrs. Fike will take up their residence in University Park shortly, where they will stay until the end of the school year.
Fike was the man who made the famous D. U. guard play a success. The winning touchdown against the University of Washington two years ago was made by Fike on this play. For three years he has been a star member of the D. U. football team."

July 9, 1914 " Mr. and Mr. John Fike and little daughter, Virginia, came up from Superior, Neb., yesterday where they had been visiting Mr. Pike's parents and are spending a few days with his sisters, Mesdames James Cross and Morris Kimber, and their families before their return to their home in Denver."

John W. Fike and Leta Ruth Sweet had Corrine Isabell on November 16, 1915 in Denver, dying as Wallace June 28, 1982.
She died in Conroe Texas, divorced, a map draftsman, to be buried in Forest Park Lawndale, Houston.

In 1920 Denver, John is a life insurance salesman, 32, Zeta 31. with Virginia 6 and isabel C. 4. John's brother William J. 22 born in Nebraska is with them.

In 1940 Denver, John W. Fike is a life insurance salesman, 52, born in Nebraska, Zeta S. 52 in Kansas. John Emerson Fike, 9 was born in Colorado. Their niece Mary Crouse, a beauty operator, 25 is with them.

January 12, 1961 "Services were held Wed. for John W. Fike, 73, Denver insurance official and former Denver University football coach. He died Sunday."
Fike, a Nebraska native, was a high school footbaH and baseball star at Wray and later excelled in those sports at Denver. He coached the South Denver High School team to the state football title in 1914. Fike operated an insurance business at Colorado Springs from 1958 to 1942. Survivors include the widow, Ruth; two daughters, Mrs. Virginia F. Justis, Colorado Springs, and Mrs. Corinne F. Wallace, Denver; a son, John K. Fike, Denver, and a half-sister, Mrs. .."
John W. Fike's will was probated in Denver in 1961.

Zeta Fike, born September 27, 1887, died March 1969, last residence Golden, Colorado.

Virginia A. Fike married Virgil L. Justis on Sept 22, 1939 in Denver.

March 1, 1977 Colorado Springs "The funeral of Mrs. Virginia F. Justis will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Episcopal Chapel of Our Saviour. The Rev. Harvard Wilbur will officiate. Burial will be in Crown Hill Cemetery in Denver with Swan Funeral Home handling arrangements. Mrs. Justis, 5204 Kissing Camels Drive, died in a hospital here Sunday. She was born April 16, 1913, in Denver. , was Mrs. Virginia F. Justis She had lived here since 1918. coming here from Pueblo. She was a member of the Chapel of Our Saviour, Glen Eyrie Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, the American Business Women's Association, the Kiwanian Ladies and the Soroptomist organizations
. Mrs. Justis is survived by her husband, Virgil Justis; a son, Robert Justis, and a daughter, Barbara Loosley, both of Colorado Springs: three grandchildren; a brother and sister, Mrs. Rut? her step-mother -?Fike of Quincy, Illinois.
... graduated from South Highland School and attended the University of Denver, and was married in 1939... and Wednesday in Evergreen.
Friends may contribute to the El Paso County Heart Unit."

Barbara Justis Loosley, age 74, of Colorado Springs died peacefully at Sunny Vista Living Center on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 under the care of Pikes Peak Hospice after a long and courageous battle with pulmonary disease.
She is preceded in death by her parents, Virgil and Virginia Justis, and her husband, F. Stuart Loosley. She is survived by her two children, Sarah and Michael (Rebecca), her grandchildren, Hannah and Carter, and her brother, Bob Justis (Jane), niece, Lisa Justis, and nephew, Ryan Justis.
Barbara was born in Denver, Colorado but lived most of her life in Colorado Springs. She was a member of the last graduating class of Colorado Springs High School (now Palmer) in 1959. She attended Colorado College, was a member of Delta Gamma sorority, and graduated in 1962 with a degree in elementary education. She was a long time member of Grace Episcopal Church.
Although Barbara's career included work in human resources for May D&F and American Federal Bank, her passion was the love, nurturing and education of children. She worked in children's retail for many years, and served as the director of the nursery for Grace Episcopal Church where she founded the Mother's Day Out program."

November 22, 1959 Palm Beach, Florida "Mr. and Mrs. John Emerson Fike (Beverly Chappell), 627 N.W. 5th St., Boynton Beach, announce the birth of a son, Jeffrey Russell, November 12."

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