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Yuma County Pioneers -

William A. and Rua (Carney) Gabel

, Wray

In 1880 Richardson County, Nebraska, John Carney is 39, Elizabeth 34, Frank 12, Clara 4, and Meda 1.

In 1885 Richardson County, John is 45, Elizabeth 41, Clara M. 9, Meda 7, Estella 4, and "Rosa" E. 1.

In 1900 Washington County, Nebraska, John Carney is farming, born November 1839 in New York, Elizabeth July 1844 in England, married 37 years. She's had six kids, five living. Meda Belle Ausugst 1878, Stella E. November 1880, and Rua E. July 1883, all three born in Nebraska. Elizabeth had immigrated in 1846, so she likely immigrated with parents.

Charles Benjamin Lincoln married Estella Edna Carney, 37, on March 21, 1918 in Holdrege, Nebraska.
Estella's parents were John Carney of New York and Eliza Foster, who had married in Detroit, Michigan. (1925 Iowa census captured that information)
Her brother Frank 1867-1954 is buried in Omana, Nebraska # 114527227.

Frank Carney experienced the January 12, 1888, blizzard in an isolated spot west of Omaha. William O'Gara's In All Its Fury, the classic book on the storm, included Carney's reminiscence:

"My experience in that storm was one that I'll never forget. I was twenty at that time, and was night telegraph operator for the Chicago and Northwestern Railway at Irvington, nine miles west of Omaha. I boarded at the Green farmhouse. My office, which was known as 'East Y' on the time-card, was a box car on a short spur beside the main line on the bank of Pappio Creek, about half a mile east of the depot.

"The storm started about four o'clock in the afternoon with snow and wind from the north which grew stronger and colder toward night. I was due to relieve the day operator at seven, but as it promised to be a very bad night I went out at six and could see my way then without any trouble. By nine the blizzard was howling down the Pappio valley and the old boxcar, which stood on a high hill, broadside to the wind, was groaning and swaying on its tracks at every blast until I was afraid to stay there longer, expecting that at any moment it would roll down into the creek with me and a red hot stove in it.

"I asked the train dispatcher at Fremont if any trains would be run through during the storm and if I could go to the depot, as it seemed dangerous to stay in the car. He told me to go ahead if I thought I could make it without getting lost. It seemed safe enough, as the track had been newly laid and no dirt had been filled in between the ties. So, once I got between the rails and headed west, the rough walking would keep me on the road. That was one time when my feet instead of my eyes had to guide me . . . .

"After walking and stumbling along for quite a while I had another scare for fear I would not be able to see the agent's light in the window and might walk by and out into the country. So every few steps I would reach out to the north side of the track to see if I could feel the depot platform. This proved to be unnecessary, for when I was opposite the window the snow before me turned rosy and I knew that I was safe. I was soon in the office and warming up by a hot stove, and I stayed there through the night."

FindaGrave # 181464685 says her sister Meda Belle Carney born 1878 is buried in Saline County, Nebraska.
John Carney 1839-1903 is buried in Saline County, Nebraska # 101502965, with Elizabeth (Foster) Carney 1844-1927 # 101502986.


Matilda Kassing, 18, married John E. Gable on February 4, 1879 in Burlington, Iowa.

They had William Albert Gable on February 20, 1880 in Sperry, Des Moines County, Iowa.

In 1880 Saline County, Nebraska, John Gable is 28, born in Ohio, Tillie 20, William three months.

Francis M. T. Ridpath married Matilda Gable in Jefferson County, Nebraska (page 7, book B.)

In 1885 Saline County, Nebraska, William is 5, and his mother Mary M., 25 is married to F. M. T. Ridpath 36. They have Annie Ridpath, 2.

Mary Matilda (Kassing) (Gabel) Ridpath 1860-1933 is buried in Saline County # 100061358.

In 1890 the Saline County direcory has David, E., and Henry with Swanton addresses. Frank Gabel has a Western, Nebraska address.

In 1900 Saline County, Francis Ridpath is farming, born Sept 1848 in Iowa, with Mary M. May 1850 in Iowa. Her father was born in Germany, mother in Indiana. Anna April 1883 and Mike 1886 were born in Nebraska, Pat July 1888 in Colorado, Elsie March 1892, Alpha M. October 1895 and Dewey H. May 1898 were born in Nebraska. William A. Gable born February 1880 in Iowa is a farm laborer.

In 1910 Saline County, Nebraska, William A. Gabel is a dry good merchant, 30, born in Iowa, married to Rhua E. 26. Hazel M. is 5, Loren J. 3.
He was born February 20, 1880 in Sperry, Des Moines County, Iowa to John Edward Gable and Mary Matilda Kassing.

William registered for WWI in Saline County, born February 20, 1880, farming, with Rua Elizabeth Gable.

1918 Yuma Colorado "Mrs. Rua Gable, of Weston, Nebraska, is a guest at the home of her brother, M. Ridpath, in this city."

William is a laborer in 1920 Wray, living on the Burlington highway with Leo and Nora Devlin family. Rua E. is 35, born in Nebraska, father in Ohio, mother in England. Hazel is 14, Loren J. 11, and Mildred 1, all born in Nebraska.
In 1930 Wray, William is selling aluminum, 50, with Rua E. 46, Loren J. 22, and Mildred I. 11.

William and Rue are alone in 1940 Wray - he's a carpenter and paper-hanger.

William 1880-1949 is buried in Wray # 81599522, with Rua Elizabeth 1883-1943 # 81599479.




Hazel May Harrison, born October 8, 1904, died in Placer County California August 12, 1983.


Alfred E. Gabel cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 3N 44W in 1890.

It's possible that he is the A. Gable in 1885 Lancaster County, Nebraska, 52, married to A.R. 37. Laura is 17, J.W. 15, C.W. 13, W.H. 11 - all three sons. Daughter M.A. is 9, son C.F. 3.

Alfred B. Gable is in 1900 Lincoln, Nebraska, a photo supply dealer born May 1842 in Ohio, married 27 years to Mary born June 1850 in Ohio. David is 25, George 22, Myra 20, all three born in Ohio, Claude G. 17 in Kansas, William 15 and Thomas K. 13 in Nebraska.

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