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Yuma County Pioneers -

Francis M. Hopkins

, 3 North 44 West
John E. Hopkins married Nancy Clark, born about 1815, in 1838 Ohio.
In 1850 Highland County, Ohio, John is 35, born in Kentucky, Nancy 32, William 9, James 7, and Angeline 1 born in Ohio.

In 1860 Highland County, Ohio, John is 44, Nancy 43, William 19, James 16, Angeline 11, Sylvanus 8, and Francis 5.

John Hopkins, per # 104885456, died September 14, 1878, buried in Dayton, Ohio.

November 1911 Wray "Frank Hopkins of north of town, left Friday evening for Superior, Nebraska, for a few days visit with relatives."

Francis proved up 320 acres in sections 12 and 13, 3 North 44 West, in 1916.
" Claimant names as witnesses: Clarence W. Douglass, Foster A. Dodge, Joseph F. Ellis, Charles A. Frazier, all of Wray, Colorado."
In 1920 he stock-claimed another 160 acres in sections 11 and 12, 3N 44W.

In 1920 Francis is farming in Yuma County, living alone, 54, born in Ohio.
Anne Klein's witnesses in 1920 were Francis M. Hopkins, Dorman B. Mullison, Clarence W. Douglass, and Jacob Klein, all of Wray.

In 1920 Francis still had 240 acres of his claim, having sold 200 to Clarence W. Douglass.

Francis Hopkins born 1854, dying January 21, 1928, is buried in Wray. In the same block are other males, not with the same surnames.


There was a Frank M. Hopkins in 1930 Vernon precinct, with Susan A., both 57 born in Illinois. Mary I. is 15, George L. 13, Harold 10, and Cecil L. 7 born in Nebraska.


Ouray, Colorado, September 2, 1887 "S. F. Hopkins and family left for Colorado City, near Colorado Springs, on Wednesday, to make that place their future home."

August 1890 "S. F. Hopkins, proprietor of the White House saloon at Ouray, was held up and robbed in the Globe saloon about daylight this morning. His watch and chain, valued at $125, and a diamond stud worth $75, were taken. Joe Mack and George Gorman were arrested. They were identified by Hopkins as two of the men who did the work."

February 11, 1897 "S. F. Hopkins has gone up to Ouray to look after some assessment work on mining property in which he is interested. He expects to run a cross-cut on one property which will take some time to complete."

1894 Walsenburg, Colorado "Frank Hopkins has the position of weigh boss at the Walsen Mines."

January 1897 Ouray "Frank Hopkins, formerly of Ouray, has moved to Delta from Eckert, where he has been in charge for some time of J. W. Carpenter's extensive ranch interests."

1898 Ouray, Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins were up from Delta to attend the Stuart Encampment ceremonies and spent several days in the city."

May 1899 Salida, Colorado "Frank Hopkins of Delta is in the Rio Grande hospital where he recently underwent an operation for appendicitis and abcess. He is now improving rapidly."

June 1899 Delta, Colorado "Mrs. Frank Hopkins and son Fred returned from Salida yesterday. Fred is very much improved in health and will soon be able to be around again."

April 1909 "Frank Hopkins and Lou Morris, old timers of Ouray, went down Saturday to old Dallas, where they are engaged in placer mining. They have some placer machines coming in and will give them a trial."
1911 Montrose Colorado "Frank Hopkins, a former Montrose boy, was an arrival Monday from California, and will spend a few weeks here."

Sylvania F. Hopkins is in Cripple Creek in 1900, born in Ohio in January 1855, with Minnie M. 38 Iowa and son Fred S. September 1882 in Iowa.

Fred S. Hopkins might be the one in 1920 Los Angeles, a machinist, 37 born in Iowa, withcousin Alice L. 35 Illnois. His mother Mary Minnie Brown 57 born in Iowa is with him.
There's a Fred S. Hopkins in Globe, Arizona in 1930, a mine shift boss, 45 born in Iowa, with Violet 44 born in Oregon. They said they'd been married first at ages 20 and 18..

July 1907 Ouray, Colorado "Another important move in mining circles is that of S. F. Hopkins & McDonald in taking hold of the Old Miller properties at the head of Bear Creek. These parties are backed by Sam McDonald and other owners of the Strong and Gold King mines of Cripple Creek. The showing is very encouraging as they have a good streak of bismuth and gray copper ore. While the prospects have always been promising on this property, sufficient development has never been done to determine the extent and value of the ore bodies. Under the present management it is contemplated that the property will make a shipper."

May 1908 Telluride, Colorado "S. F. Hopkins of Cripple Creek, who has been here for about ten days attending to some matters in the district court, was a departure this morning bound for Ouray. Mr. Hopkins is a mining man of experience, and intends to return and go into the mining business here."

August 1908 Cripple Creek "Mrs. M. C. Dow of Kansas is visiting Mrs. Fred Hopkins for the summer."

In 1910 Delta County, Colorado, Sylvanus F. is a real estate agent, 54, born in Ohio, married 27 years but no spouse, in a lodging house.

Minnie Laughliln is in Cripple Creek in 1900, 15, with parents Philip 53 and katie 44. Charles H. is 25, John A. 21, and James W. 20.

This Minnie married LLOYD R. HOPKINS in Pueblo February 18, 1907, so she's not the same one with Sylvanus.

In 1910 Cripple Creek, Minnie Hopkins is 24, married four years, 24, born in Colorado. She's living with sister May and her husband Wiedhocer, 34 born in Pennsylvania. Ruby Hopkins, 2 born in Colorado is with them, and so is May and Minnie's mother Katie Laughlin 55 married but no spouse, born in Michigan.
Minnie 42 and Ruby Cottle 23 divorced are in Kansas City in 1930.
In 1940 Minnie, 56 is in Sacramento, California. Ruby Blysma 33 divorced and Velma 8 are with ther.

Sylvanis F. Hopkins and Victoria Hopkins divorced in Delta County in 1912.

December 1910 Fred Hopkins and wife from Salida are visiting Howard and looking after their mining interests here. "

Minnie Hopkins married G. Fred Voris on November 18, 1912 in Denver.

In 1920 Denver, Minnie, born in Missouri, is married to George F. Voris born in Colorado. Both are 39.

George, 53 and Minnie N. 50 are in Long Beach, California in 1930.
George Frederick Voris 1880-1964 is buried in Long Beach, California # 78762441.

1909 Telluride "Fred Hopkins who was recently brought back from Salt Lake for jumping a bond and lodged in jail here, was taken to the hospital yesterday for an operation for an abcess on the neck."

November 1909 "The case of the People vs. Fred Hopkins was called. The jury were in the box at 10:15. Hopkins is a Delta youth who is charged with having hired a horse from Wm. Anderson's livery stable Jan. 6, 1908, and converting same to his own use."


1915 Cripple Creek "Mrs. Fred Hopkins, who was injured by a street car some time ago, is somewhat better at the present time."

September 1915 "Messrs. Lawrence Cotwell, William Woodfork and Karl McGee gave a swell party on Friday evening at the residence of Mr. McGee's aunt, Mrs. Fred Hopkins. About 50 guests were present."

December 1915 "Mrs. Fred Hopkins of Irene St. still remains very sick."

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