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Yuma County Pioneers -

Charles H. and Jennie (Scott) Johnson

Jennie Scott was born Oct 23, 1885 to Joseph Scott of Virginia and Ella Logan of Maryland. In 1910 Holyoke, Colorado, Chas H. Johnson is a laborer in a lumber yard, 29, with Jennie E. 26. Lonie C. is 5, Robbie 2.

June 3, 1910 "Charlie Johnson spent last week with bis family the farm where he proved himself a farmer as well as a clerk "

December 1912 Wray "Mesdames C. S. Ring and Charlie Johnson of Alvin were shopping in town Tuesday."

April 1914 "Mr. C. Johnson and wife returned Tuesday from an auto trip to Dundy County, Nebraska, where they went to look for a location. They found nothing suitable there, so will locate north and west of Alvin. Mr. Johnson intends to put in a general merchandise store."

May 7, 1914 Wray Rattler "Charles Johnson has his home completed and has moved in. He is located three miles west of Alvin, and will soon erect a building to be used as a general merchandise store."

He might be the Charley Johnson who proved up two quarters in 21, 4N 43W in 1916 - the Johnson Cemetery is on that land.
In 1920 they're farming in northeast Yuma County, Charlie 39, Jennie, 35, William E. 14, and Ruby E. 12 all born in Missouri. Opal 9, Viola 6, Jennie #. 4 and James M. 1 were all born in Colorado.

In 1930 they're back in Howell County, Missouri, C.H. 49, Jennie 45, Opal 19, Ila 16 Elva 13, James 12, and Ola 8, all five born in Colorado.

Jennie died in Joplin, Missouri on March 3, 1934. Charles Johnson of Joplin was the informant. Charles H. Johnson, born Nov 5, 1880 in Newton County, Missouri to James Johnson of Newton County and mother Moore, was killed in an auto accident in Newton County on November 23, 1934, to be buried in Fairview Cemetery. The informant was Albert Johnson of Kansas City.
Ruby Calkins, divorced, born at Neosho, Missouri, married George Spry on March 6, 1928 in Deer Lodge Montana.

In 1940 Butte, George is 49, Ruby 32, with Ada 14 born in Colorado, Ella Belle 10, and George 9 both born in Montana..

Then Ruby Spry, 30, married Marton Harman on May 22, 1943 in Butte. Marton was 30, son of James Harman and Grace Pershall.
In 1940 Ila is in Butte, Montana, 26, married to Arnold Collins 30, with Delores 2. Her sister Ola Johnson 18 is with them.

Ila, born July 30, 1913 at Wray, died Dec 7, 1998 in Las Vegas. Her name was Ila Collins.
Ola Johnson married Victor Tinder in Butte on August 26, 1940.
July 1941 Butte "Miss Catherine Adele Lenz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lenz, and Victor V. Tinder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Tinder, were united in marriage in the presence of an asseblage of relatives and friends of the couple. The Very Rev. Father J. M. Venus performed the ceremony."

Elva is in Greene County, Missouri in 1940, with Julian Conell; both 23. Julian is 4, Mary E. 3.
Elva McReynolds, 34, married Daniel Corcoran on Dec 30, 1947 in BUtte, Montana.

James M. Johnson, 31, married Betty Mazzola in Butte on Dec 28, 1948.


January 1914 Alvin news in the Wray Rattler "Charley Johnson and L. Mitchell are here from Missouri, as the guests of Mr. John Jack. They are looking for a location and we would be pleased to have them locate here, for they are good farmers and that is what we need."

"Mr. and Mrs. James Cross are entertaining guests who arrived yesterday and who will probably remain for the rest of the summer. If conditions are favorable they may locate in Yuma county. They are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cross and two children and Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Mitchell and son, Leonard, all of Livermore, Kentucky, the former home of Mr. Cross. Messrs. Cross and Mrs. Mitchell are brothers and sister."

April 1914 "C. A. Johnson of north of Wray delivered five hogs on the Wray market last Tuesday that are noteworthy. The five weighed 1,900 pounds, or an average of 380 pounds. They brought Mr. Johnson a total of $153.00, or more than $30 a piece."

May 1914 "Charles Felt has just completed a house for C. A. Johnson on his farm a mile west of Alvin. Mrs. Johnson visited the farm over Sunday. She has been making her home in Laird while the house was building."

Charles A. Johnson proved up two quarters in section 6 in 1917.

April 1914 "Charley Johnson of Alvin moved to Laird where he will take charge of the dray line."


The Charles A. Johnson Estate owned that half-section in 1920.

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