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Yuma County Pioneers -

Jacob and Sarah (Henderson) Klein

, 3 North 44 West
In 1880 Grant County, Wisconsin, Sarah Henderson is 11, with A.F. 37 born in New York and Dinah 36, Virginia, farmers. James is 15, Herbert 9, Annie 7, and Evelyn 5. All the kids were born in Wisconsin.

Alex Henderson 1849-1922 is buried in Grant County # 68282205, with Diana 1844-4-1920 # 68282313.

In 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, Jacob Klein is farming, born Feb 1857 in Germany, with Sarah January 1868 Wisconsin. She's had four kids, three living. Anna M. Nov 1874, Irence Feb 1897, and Dorothy E. Dec 1899, all three born in NEbraska.

Yuma Pioneer, October 4, 1901 "Jacob Klein has moved to a place twenty miles southeast of Holyoke."

In 1910 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Jake Klein is 55, born in Germany, Sarah 41 in Wisconsin, married 16 years. Anna M. is 15, Irene F. 13, Dorothy E. 10, Mary E. 8, and John H. 5, all kids born in Nebraska.

Jacob proved up 320 acres in section 15, 3 North 44 West, in 1918. and Anna 80 acres in section 22 in 1920.
Anne's witnesses were Francis M. Hopkins, Dorman B. Mullison, Clarence W. Douglass, and Jacob Klein, all of Wray.

In 1920 Yuma County, Jacob is farming, 65, immigrating in 1882, naturalized in 1912, with Sarah 51. Dorothy is 20, Mary 16, John 14, and Anna 25.

In 1930 Yuma County, Jacob is still farming, 75, Sarah 61, with Mary 27 and John H. 25.

Jacob is buried in Wray 1855-1932 # 64559714. So is Sarah 1869-1950 # 63449768.


Mary is a maid in 1940 Los Angeles, 37, working for Bernice McGregor 41 and her son Donald 10.


John Herbert Klein, 35, married Ila Myers, 33 on April 10, 1940 in Yuma County.

Ila Myers was in Yuma County in 1930, with father Abram Myers, farming 49, born in Nebraska, Bernice 51 in Michigan. Dorothea J. is 16, born in Nebraska.
John might be the one in 1940 Yuma County, 35, born in Nebraska, with wife Ila 33 born in Nebraska.

John Klein 1906-1988 is buried in Sutton, Nebraska # 103169595, with Irene (Jordan) Klein 1909-1990 # 103169525.


July 1, 1915 Wray Rattler "Miss Anna Klein returned to Edison, Nebr., last Saturday, after a two week visit at her home west of town."

April 1916 Wray "Orba Brown is erecting a two or three room house on the Milton Fisher lots this week in North Wray, just north of the A. M. Dorman residence. Mr. and Mrs. Brown expect to come to Wray to make their home when the house is ready for occupancy. They have rented their farm eighteen miles north of Wray to Mr. Browns brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Brown."

Oliver J. Brown and Anna M. Klein married on June 7, 1920 in Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma County, Oliver J. Brown is a blacksmith,34, married at age 25. born in Colorado. Anna M. is 35, Kenneth 9, Margrete M. 7, and Anne M. 4, all born in COlorado.

Anna M. Brown 1894-1932 is buried in Wray # 17035830.
So is Oliver Jacob Brown 1895-1943 # 17036533.

Oliver is widowed in 1940 Vernon, a blacksmith, 44, with Margaret 19, Avay 14, and Bernard 10.

His parents Charles L. Brown 1861-1949 # 17035906 and Elizabeth A. (Hickerson) Brown 1865-1941 # 17036012 are buried in Wray.

Anna M. Klein and Oliver J. Brown had Robert Kenneth Brown on March 13, 1921 in Wray- he died Oct 22, 2003.
He's buried in Wray # 17036562.

August 3, 1916 "Mrs. Jacob Klein assisted J.W> Wilkins during harvest."

July 1919 "Misses Anna and Dorothy Klein, accompanied by their cousin, Wesley Henderson, were in Wray, Friday, on business."


Dorothy E. Klein, 20, married James F. Wilson, 28, on June 7, 1920 in Yuma COunty.

Dorothy E. Wilson, 1899-1990 is buried in Wray # 81495213.

Mary Katherine Kay Phipps born March 3, 1941 to James Frank and Dorthy Klein Wilson in Wray, Colorado She passed away on March 14, 2017 in Wray, Colorado. Cremation was requested. A Memorial service will be held later this summer. Schmidt-Jones Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

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