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Yuma County Pioneers -

Delia B. Lane

, 3 North 44 West
Delia Lane was born May 19, 1877 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Martin and Bridget Lane.

In 1880 Franklin County, Nebraska, Martin Lane is farming, 45, with Bridget 45, both born in Ireland. John 21 is a laborer, Mary 16, Kate 13, Celia 10, Thomas 8, Martin 6, and Delia 3 were all born in Massachusetts.

In 1900 Franklin County, Nebraska, Martin Lane is 64, Ceila 29, Thomas 27, Martin 24 and Anna 17.

February 1908 " Miss Delia Lane, who has been visiting her parents in Norton, Kansas, for the past two weeks, returned to Wray Tuesday."

July 1909 Wray "Mrs. W. C. Conway and Miss Delia Lane left Wednesday for a few days visit in Denver."

Delia is a boarder in 1910 Denver, 32, a hotel maid.

May 1910 "Miss Delia Lane was down from Akron this week and went out to the sand hills north of Wray where she is holding down a claim."

In 1917, the Humboldt Union, Humboldt, Kansas reported that Delia B. McCoy was a party to a real estate transaction.
In 1921, Delia B. McCoy and husband transfered lots in Cawker, Kansas to C. F. Hadley.

In 1920 Delia's claim was listed as "Delia Lane McCoy" - next to C. L. Brown's claim.

Delia is buried in Franklin County, Nebraska - May 19, 1877- July 2, 1952.


February 24, 1911 Akron Colorado "Mrs. John Rodgers is at thé home of her father who is critically ill at Bloomington, Nebraska."

November 1911 Akron "John Rodgers has resigned his position as engineer at the electric light plant and is now employed as night machinist at the round house."

1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rodgers of Denver arrived Friday evening in Wray for a few days' visit with the latter's sister, Mrs. Logan Brown, north of Wray." "

December 1911 "Mr. and Mrs. Logan Brown of north of town went up to Akron Saturday afternoon where they visited over Christmas with the latter's sister and family."

June 1913 "Mrs. Logan Brown of ten miles north of town returned from Akron Saturday evening, where she had enjoyed a few days visit with her sister."

In 1910 Akron, John Rodgers is 32, born in England, married three years to Annie 25 born in Nebraska. He's a machinist at the round house.

February 1913 "Mrs. John Rogers and baby arrived from Bloomington, Neb., Sunday. They are at home in the north part of town."

January 29, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Logan Brown , on their return from the stock show in Denver Saturday, visited with Mrs. Brown's sister, Mrs. John Rodgers, at Akron, between trains."

November 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. John Rodgers and daughter have gone to Wray for a few days visit."

Delia proved up a quarter in section 32, 3 North 44 West, in 1916.

John was naturalized in Denver, living at 3719 Shoshone. He was born in Carlisle, England, arriving March 15, 1905 on the Tioga, born March 22, 1877. His wife was Anna M. Lane born at Bloomington, Nebraska.

July 31, 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rodgers of Denver arrived Friday evening in Wray for a few days visit with the latter's sister, Mrs. Logan Brown, north of Wray."

In 1920 Denver, "John Rogers" is a railroad hostler, 41 born in England, immigrating in 1905. Anna is 35, born in Nebraska, with Pauline 7 born in Nebraska.

In 1930 Denver, John is 53, Anna 46, Pauline 17 a telephone operator, and John R. is 6. Anna's nephew Clarence M. Kelly is a laborer, 38, born in Nebraska.

In 1900 Henry S. Kelley is in Franklin County, Nebraska, 38, with Kate 31 born in Massachusetts. Perry is 11, Clarence 9.

Clarence was in Franklin County in 1910, 18, with Henry S. Kelly 49 and Kate A. 42. Perry is 21, Bessie 7, and ANna 2.
Pauline Agnes Rogers married Woodrow L. Surber on Sept 19, 1936 in Jefferson County, Colorado.

John 63 and Anna 57 Rogers are in Denver in 1940. He's a machinist for a railroad, with John F.
Woodrow Surber born in Colorado and Pauline A. in Nebraska are both 27. He's a railroad switchman, she's a phone operator. Clarence Kelly is 48, a laborer.
Pauline, born Oct 21, 1912, died November 1, 1991.

Woodrow L. Surber 1913-1960 is buried in Wheat Ridge, #45821031, with Pauline A. on the stone 1912-.

One tree says Delia died July 2, 1952.

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