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Charles H. Moore, mother Eliza Catherine (Kittinger) Moore

, 3 North 44 West
Clark A. Moore married Eliza C. Kittinger 11 June 11, 1841 in Madison County, Illinois."

In 1850 Upper Alton, Illinois, Clark A. Moore is a merchant 33, born in Illinois , Eliza 27, Charles H. 7, Milton K. 5, Julia 2. M.T. Moore is 24, a clerk.

In 1860 Alton, Illinois, Clark is 43 "whiskey drink", with Eliza 36, Charles 16, Milton 16, Julia 12, Eliza 10, Mary 8, and Alice 4.

In 1870 Johnson County, Kansas, Eliza Moore is widowed, 46, born in Kentucky. Charles is 26, farming, born in Illinois. Caroline is 20, Tennessee, Alice 13 and Clark 11 in Illinois.

In 1875 Anderson County, Kanss, Wm. G. Moore is 69, born in Maine, coming to Kansas from Illinois.

One tree said Charles married Nancy Caroline "Carrie" Ezell, born in Tennessee 1850 to Edmond D. Ezell and Elizabeth Louise Belue,.

Charles H. Moore married Caroline Ezell on June 5, 1870 in Johnson County.

Charles H. Moore, 26, married Caroline Ezell 20, on November 2, 1890 [possibly should be 1870] in Oxford township, Johnson County.
They had Elizabeth Catherine Moore in November 1871 in Kansas

In 1870 Johnson County, Eliza is 46, widowed. Charles is 26 born in Illinois, Caroline 20 in Tennessee.

Alice 13 and Clark 11 are also with Eliza.

Nancy C. Ezell was newborn in 1850 Lawrence County, Tennessee, with Edmund D. Ezell 36 and Elizabeth L. 33. Zachariah H.F. is 8, Perry 6, and Jeptha Ezell 60.
Edmund died in 1864, per one tree, and Elizabeth in 1869, and a lot of the kids went to Johnson County, Kanss - Perry and Charles and Zacariah are there in 1870.

Nancy's brother might be the James Perry Ezell born 1844 in Tennessee, dying March 26, 1873 in Johnson County, Kanss # 112608472.
Another brother might be Zacariah H. Franklin Ezell 1842-1901 buried in Greenwood County, Kansas # 54889696.
In 1880 Johnson County, Eliza is 57, Alice 23, Clark 20, and granddaughter Ella Mathom, 7, born in Kanss - Ella's father was born in Indiana, mother in Illinois.
(Ella Black is with Phillip in 1910 Wray).

July 30, 1898 Wray "Mrs. P. T. Edmonds is down from Sterling on a visit to her father, C. H. Moore, and her many friends."

Charles timber-claimed a quarter in section 31, 3 North 44 West, in 1901, and "Heirs of Eliza C. Moore" timber-claimed on in section 30, also in 1901.

Charles H. Moore in 1900 Glendale precinct, born January 1845 in Illinois, widowed, living with brother Clark Moore born November 1860 in Illinois. Their sister Alice G. Hedrick born Feb 1857 in Illinois and her daughter Ida G. August 1883 in Kansas and Norma A. November 1890 in Washington are with them. Another niece, Ella G. Andrews, widowed, born Sept 1872 in Kansas has a daughter Dorothy March 1900 born in Colorado.

August 1902 "D. M. Kiplinger (SHOULD BE KITTINGER) and family of Alton, Iowa (SHOULD BE ILLINOIS), stopped off here on his way home from Salt Lake and other western points, to visit relatives. Mr. Kiplinger is an uncle of Charley and Clark Moore and is a big dry goods merchant in Alton."

1919 Upper Alton, Illinois
D. M. Kittinger, one of the oldest and most successful merchants in the city, closed a deal Saturday night, whereby he sold his merchandise business on College avenue to the McKee Brothers who took charge of the establishment this morning and will operate the same line of business which Mr. Kittinger conducted so many years. The changing hands of the Kittinger store in Upper Alton marks the passing of one of Alton's oldest business houses. The Kittinger firm had been in existence over thirty years but five years ago the old firm of D. B & p. M, Kittinger dissolved when D M. Kittinger bought out the interes of his cousin, P. B. Kittinger, and since that time D. M. had been in business single handed. Both these men were well known years ago in Alton's business circles. It Just happened that D. M. KIttinge was here from Florida when the name of Kittinger passes away from College avenue. He had been living in the south the last two or three year and recently he came back for a visit. He is in Upper Alton at the present time visiting with his cousin. When the latter sold out, the word that "Big Dan" had sold out passed around Upper Alton in a hurry. He had been telling his friends for the last year that he wanted to get out of the business but still his friends did not believe that he would sell when it came to the show down. Mr. Kittinger said today that he was surprised when he found out how very, much more the Upper Alton people were surprised that he would sell. Dan Kittinger commenced in the grocery line of work at the age of 19 years and he has been at it continuously ever since. He worked for the old firm of Webster & Waggoner forty-three years ago. Later on he engaged in business for himself and has been in business continuously ever since. He was a very hard worker and in the olden days when Upper Alton grocery stores stayed open half the night every night and most of the day on Sunday the grocery keepers hardly know what a day off meant. But during Dan Kittlnger's long experience in the business he had attended strictly to business and bis success was doubtless due to his hard work. Just what Mr. Kittinger will do from now on remains to be seen but with his farm in Florida, his interests in the oil fields of Oklahoma and with the business Interests he has In Alton outside of his store he will find plenty to devote his attention to. Mr, Kltttnger .is a director in the First Trust and Savings Bank and in the Alton Baking and Catering Co.

September 1909 "Nin Johnson of Upper Alton, Illinois, arrived Sunday morning and is visiting his cousins, the Moore brothers, Mrs. Alice Hedrick of Wray, and Mrs. R. F. Roberts of Laird."

In 1910 Wray, Charles is widowed, a salesman in "gents furnishings", 65, living with daughter Catherine E. and Philip T. Edmunds.

September 11, 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Marion Milhoam and daughter, Miss Cecil, arrived in Laird Tuesday evening for a short visit with the Ruff F. Roberts family and came up to Wray this morning to spend a few days as guests in the P. T. Edmunds and Mrs. Alice Hedrick homes, Mr. Milhoam being a brother-in-law of Mesdames Hedrick and Roberts and Messrs Chas. and Clark Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Milhoam and Miss Cecil are enroute from a visit in Kansas City and other places east to their home in Decoma, Washington."

November 1916 "P. T. Edmunds left Tuesday evening for Alton, Illinois where he joins his wife and two younger sons, and father-in-law, C. H. Moore, who left for that place two weeks ago. The Edmunds family and Mr. Moore will spend Thanksgiving there and then will go on to Springfield and Chicago for a visit with relatives and friends before returning to Wray."

Charles is in Wray in 1920, 75, still living with Elizabeth and Philip T. Edmunds.

Charles H. Moore 1848-1920 is buried in Wray # 81596941, with E. Catherine Moore 1823-1895 # 81596988.
"Clark A. Moore married Eliza C. Kittinger 11 June 11, 1841 in Madison County, Illinois."

In 1920 Wray, Alice G. Hedrick is widowed, 62, and brother Clark 59 is with her, no occupation.
Norma A. Graham, Alice's daughter, 29 is with them, her husband Harry J. Graham 29, and their daugheres Margaret E. and Margorie K. twins, three.

Clark and Alice are living together in 1930 Wray, too.

Clark N. Moore 1859-1935 is buried in Wray # 81596967.


May 4, 1916 Wray "H. E. Hardin, who has been for some time employed in the Farmers cash store as meat cutter, expects to leave the first of the week for his home in Maitland, Mo. His successor, C. H. Moore, who arrived a short time ago and settled in Wray, is also recently from Maitland. Mrs. Moore is a sister of W. L. Waldron. and they will reside in the Dyar residence with the Waldron family."

December 21, 1916 "R. L. Waldron and Mrs. Charles Moore returned Sunday morning from Terre Haute, Indiana, where they had been called last week by the serious condition of their sister residing there. Their sister died and was buried Friday, after which they left for their homes here."

May 1917 "C. H. Moore came down to Laird on No. 14 Monday. He is visiting his sister Mrs. R. F. Roberts."

July 19, 1917 Laird items in the Wray Rattler " P. T. Edmunds and wife and son accompanied by C. N. and C. H. Moore, motored out to R. F. Roberts Sunday afternoon."

January 1918 "C. H. Moore spent New Years with his sister, Mrs. R. F. Roberts."

July 1919 Wray " Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moore and children, who had been guests at the Charles Moore home in Wray, departed on No. 11, Monday, for their home in Oregon, Missouri."

Charles H. Moore married Lucy M. Totton on September 23, 1890, recorded in Phillips County, Colorado.

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