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Yuma County Pioneers -

William B. and Kate Morse

, 3 North 44 West
Washtenaw County, Michigan marriages " Sarah M Rider, Selden D Birch, Washtenaw, 01 Jan 1851"

In 1860 Washtenaw County, Michigan, Harrison Savage is 46, born in New York, Seldin Burch 32 Michigan, Maria Burch 26 Michigan, Charley 8, Arthur 5, and Katie 3.

In 1870 Crawford County, Kansas, Sheldon Birch is farming, 42, Sarah N. 36, Charles 18, Arthur 15, and Kate 13, all born in Michigan.

In 1875 Cherokee County, Charles Birch is 23, Mariah 39, and "Cate" 17, all born in Michigan.

Their father Selden D. Birch was still in Washtenaw County in 1880, 51, now married to mary J. Birch 45, with AlbertBidwell 23 and A. Louise Bidwell, 19 - mary's children.

1885 Pittsburg, Kansas " S. D. Birch, of Emery, Mich., is visiting Charley Birch who lives three miles southeast of the city. He returns to the north shortly wiih intention of selling out and locating here."

In 1880 Crawford County, Kansas, Kate A. Birch is teaching school, single, 24, born in Michigan, rooming with the Willett family.

She's also in the 1880 Cherokee County, Kansas, census, 23, teaching school, with brother C.S. Birch 28 a wagon maker, and mother Sarah M. Birch, 46. Ann Birch is 21, all born in Michigan.

Earl Walter Dimock was born July 5, 1881 in Cherokee, Kansas to Walter W. Dimock and Kate A. Birch.

In 1895 Pittsburg, Kanss, he's with S. B. Birch 67 and Charles 45. Earl is 13,
William B. Morse, 44, married Kate A. Dimock, 31, in Crawford County, Kansas on January 17, 1889.

In 1895 Crawford, Rice, Kansas, Kate is 39, born in Michigan, E. J. Dimock 13 in Kansas, and Gussie Morse 4 New Mexico - maybe (augusta??_

In 1900 Pittsburg, Kate A. Morse is a teacher, born March 1856 in Michigan, with Hattie A. born August 1890 in New Mexico. Her son Earl W. Dimock was born January 1881 in Kansas.

1901 Pittsburg "Charley Birch, the well known contractor, has just completed the work...."

Selden D. Birch 1828-1904 is buried in Pittsburg, # 89271931, with Sarah M. Birch 1833-1892 # 97208215.

His second wife, Mary J., was in Washtenaw County in 1910, 75, widowed, living alone.
She was born in Michigan Febraury 9, 1834 to E. Comstonck and Mary Black, died in Washtenaw County April 30, 1917, to be buried in Leland? Cemetery, informant Mr. A. Bidwell of Ann Arbor.

In 1910 Pittsburg, Kansas, Kate A. (Wid Wm. B.) is the principal at Eugene Field school, living at 11 Syndicate Bldg.

Kate, widow of William, proved up 314 acres in section 1, 3 North 44 West, and section 6, 3N 43W in Yuma County in 1918.

May 9, 1918 Pittsburg "Earl W. Dimock, formerly of Pittsburg but recently of Hammond, Ind., has enlisted in the special railroad regiment being formed at Fort Henry Harrison at Indianapolis. Dimock, 30 years old, is a son of Mrs. Kate A. Morse, for ?? years a teacher in the Pittsburg schools and grew to manhood here. He is an experienced railroad engineer. Mrs. Morse has been in Hammond for some time but will go from there in a few days to Birmingham, Mich., her birthplace"

September 1918 "Earl W. Dimock, Company A, Gist engineers, American Expeditionary Forces, writes his mother, Mrs. Kate A. Morse, 413 1-2 North Broadway, that he is now engaged in operating trains over there. He says, "I just came in from a trip yesterday. I slept in a French bed the other night. It was a feather bed about four feet thick" "We are at Renr.es, France," he says. "That is where I work out of. It is a very nice place. I am going down town to supper tonight."

Kate is in Pittsburg, Kansas, in 1920, widowed, 63, living alone.


Earl W. Dimock is in Johnson County, Texas in 1910, 28, married five years to Mollie 23 born in Missouri. They have Arthur C. 3 born in Texas.

Earl W. Dimock, born June 5, 1881, died 1950, buried in Artesia, New Mexico, # 22230781.
So is Mollie Mae Dimock 1876-1950 # 2162399.


Gussie is teaching school in 1910 Crawford County, Kansas, 20, born in KANSAS
She's living with the Robert Drummond - a miner - family.

In 1912 she's a teacher at Eugene Field School, and Kate A. is the principal. Both live in the Syndicate building.

June 6, 1912 Pittsburg " Rev. C. I. Allpaeh pastor of the First Presbyterian church, performed a double wedding ceremony last evening at 8 o'clock in the parsonage, that joined Miss Augusta Morse and Guy Collins, and Miss Nellie Teller and James Smith in matrimony.

Hattie A. Collins 1890-1917 is buried in Pittsburg # 49761306.

Guy H. Collins is widowed in 1920 Pittsburg, 30, a locomotive fireman born in Missouri. He's living with parents Edwin 63 and Mary 59.

September 10, 1921 "Mr. Guy H. Collins and Miss Amy D. Clark, both of East Park avenue, Pittsburg, were married at the Metho dist parsonage ,in Girard by tho Rev. 1 Mr. Porett, St'pt. 5. The ceremony ! was attended by relatives only. The ' bride was attended by Mrs. Guy E. , Turner, sister of the groom, and Mr. i Guy Turner acted as groomsman. Mr. imd Mrs. Collins left immediately af-; ter'the ceremony for a short wedding journey, and will be at home after Sep. 20 at 99 East Park avenue."

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