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Yuma County Pioneers -

John P. and Hily (Caywood) Norman

, 3 North 44 West
Jay W. Caywood and Lura Cook married in Hancock County, Illinois on February 14, 1872.

In 1880 Johnson County, Nebraska, Jay Caywood is 28, born in Michigan, Laura 25 in Illinois, with Nellie 6, Hily 5, and Jay's father Charles Caywood, 69, widowed.

One tree said that Hily married Christian Mines in 1888 in Oberlin, Kansas. (but she would have been about TWELVE _
Christian 1865-1932 is buried in Oberlin # 60556557. "Son of Hans Peter and Mary Mines; first married in 1888 [marriage ended in divorce]; second married 1898 to Nellie M. Moore; parents of 6: Cecil, Marguerite, Nina, Mildred, Lois and Evelyn"

In 1880 Decatur County, Kansas, Thomas Norman is 56, Almina 44, Mary M. 20, Annie 18, John 11, and Rosy 7.

In 1895 Decatur County, John is 26, Thomas 71 born in Ohio, and Elvina 68 Pennsylvania.

(Jay and Lura Caywood are in Decatur County, Kansas in 1900, with a house servant and farming with two hired men.)

In 1900 Decatur County, Kansas, John P. Norman, born Sept 1869 in Iowa, married three years to Heily April 1875 Illinois. They have T.J. Feb 1898 and "Hanne" (must be Wayne) March 1900 Kansas.

In 1910 Decatur County, John P. is farming, 41, born in Iowa, married 13 years ( second marriage for both) to Hily 34 Illinois. She's had three kids, all living. Thomas J. 12, Norman 10, and Ralph 4 were all born in Kansas.

June 13, 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. John P. Norman of eighteen miles north, were shopping in Wray Saturday."

June 1912 "Mrs. J. P. Norman and two sons were down from their ranch eignteen miles north Saturday. They report the grain looking well since recent rains."

August 1913 "T. J. Norman one of the sons of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Norm&n of north of town, went down to Haigler Saturday for a week's visit with his grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kaywood."

October 1913

November 1913
April 1915 "Mrs. Jones of Haigler, is visiting at the John Norman home this week."
"Mrs. Cawood, mother of Mrs. John Norman who has been ill for several weeks, left for her home at Haigler, Wednesday of this week. Mrs. Norman is improving slowly being able to sit up now a portion of the time."

John proved up 320 acres in sections 5 and 8, 3 North 44 West, in 1916. His witnesses were James W. Cross, Lewis L. Corwin, John W. Wilkins, and Joseph B. Ellis, all of Wray.

July 13, 1916 "Mr. and Mrs. John Norman went to Haigler Saturday and remained over until Sunday as guests of Mrs. Norman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kaywood."

In September 1917 Ralph Norman was in the fourth grade at Wray.

October 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. John Norman just completed a four-room addition to their residence north of the Valley livery barn, and now have an eight or nine room residence. The addition adds materially to the appearance and convenience of their home."

May 29, 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. John P. Norman of eighteen miles north, were shopping in Wrny Saturday."

May 29, 1919 " Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Norman and Miss Mary Arnold of Haigler spent Sunday with Mr. Norman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Norman."

In 1920 Wray, John is a farm laborer, 52, born in Iowa, with Hilm 45 Illinois operating a boarding house. Ralph A. is 14, born in Kanss.

Jay and Lura Caywood are also in Wray in 1920, running a cream station.

J.W. Caywood 1861-1938 is buried in Wray # 17083250. So is Lura 1855-1926 # 17083253.
In the same plot is Lilly Mae Norman, dying 1920 # 81732209.
(possibly a daughter of Wayne or T.J.?)

In 1925, Hily Norman (wid Jno P.) is living at 749 Sherman, Denver. Ralph is at the same address, a laborer.
In 1930 Hily is in Denver, 54, a fur repairer, with Ralph 24 a drug clerk. Her widowed father Jay W. is 78.

In 1940 Denver, Hily Norman is widowed, 64, no occupation.

Hily Norman died August 1943, buried in Denver, per # 127155865.


So T.J and Wayne married sisters, apparently.

Thomas Jefferson Norman registered for WWI in Wray, born Feb 26, 1898, working for the CB & Q, married to Nora Della Norman.

Thomas is in Holt County, Missouri in 1930, a railroad section foreman, 33, with Ollie V. 35 born in Missouri. Ollie's mother Lusettie A. Williams is widowed, 63, born in Missouri.

In 1940 they're in Table Rock, Nebraska, still a railroad worker - he and Ollic were in Holt county, Missouri in 1935.


July 24, 1913 "Wayne Norman, who has been visiting his grandparents in Haigler for the past three weeks, left Monday for his home in Denver."

Wayne registered for WWI in Wray, born March 14, 1900, a railroad worker, with "Hallie" Norman ias his reference.
Lilly F. Arnold was in McCook, Nebraska in 1900, born October 1898 in Nebraska. Charles Arnold is a railroad engineer, born July 1861 in Ohioa, unknown marital status. Walter is 16, Zelma 15, Eddie A. 14, Estelle 12, Anna L. 10, Twilla 9, and Jennie M. 7 all born in Missouri. Samantha is 5, Izy R. 4, both born in Nebraska. Minnie J. is a wife, unknown marital status, born August 1878 in Kansas. They have Lilly together...

Charles' first wife Ellen Suter had died in 1896. May 1896 McCook "Sad death last Tuesday night Mrs. Charles Arnold died at her home in South McCook of pneumonia. Mrs. Arnold had recovered from an illness of six weeks, of typhoid fever, sufficiently to walk when taken down with pneumonia. She was 30 years of age. She leaves a husband and eight children to mourn her demise."

Ellen was in Caldwell County, Missouri in 1880, 14, born in Missouri, with Joseph Suter 48 and Rachel C. 47. Oscar V. is 19, Ellen M. 14, Minnie E. 12, Clark W. 9, Stephen H. 7, James A. 5, Rusha D. 3, and Warren S. 1.

"Paul ARNOLD and Ellen May "Ellie" SUTER were married on 17 Jun 1883 in Caldwell Co., Missouri. Bride and groom were of Breckenridge."

Charlie P. Arnold and Ella M. Suter had Arilla Ella Arnold on April 23, 1891 in Denver, - she was listed as Arilla Wilson in 1966.

September 25, 1896

February 1897 McCook "Charles Arnold is back from Adron, wehre he has been hostling."
January 21, 1898 McCook " Fireman Charles Arnold and Minnie J. Wall were married on Wednesday night of this week by Squire Berry."

1899 "Charles Arnold went over to Norton, Kansas this week to bring home hischildren."

1903 "Three daughters of Charles Arnold of South McCook are suffering with waht is feared will develop in to typhoid fever."

One tree said Minnie Janette Wall Arnold died February 3, 1906 in Kansas City, Kansas.

1909 McCook " Charles Arnold of Des Moines Iowa was a guest of W P Beatty and sisters last week "

November 23, 1911 McCook "Ruben Arnold arrived home onf Friday. He was acompanied by Charles Arnold's wife. Charles Arnold died a few days ago."

In 1910 Haigler, Nebraska, Flora 11 and Mary 7 Arnold are living with grandparetns Adam Wall 54 born in Iowa and Mary 53 in Missouri.
Wayne Norman and Floe Arnold married in Yuma County on September 26, 1918.
February 1919 "Wayne Norman dropped into the Shumaker Pharmacy the other day and came out as the proud owner of a brand new Victrola."

February 20, 1919 "Mrs. Flo Norman resigned last week as one of the operators at the Wray Telephone company, and has been succeeded by Miss Gladys Hulen."

In 1920 Wray, Wayne is a railroad worker, 19, born in Kansas, with Flo 221 born in Nebraska.

In 1921 Wayne and Flo are in Boulder County, Colorado - he's still a railroad foreman.

In 1928 Denver, Wayne is a section foreman for the CB&Q, with Flo L. - no street address listed.

Wayne Norman 1900-1937 is buried in Denver # 92336935.

Hyly is widow of John P. at 722 Lincoln.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Florence Norman is a beautician, widowed, 40, born in Nebraska (In Sioux City in 1935). She's living with sister-in-law Ruth Chase 27 born in Oregon.

"Mrs. Anna K. Peacock, age 83, of 8221 N. Oak, Kansas City North, died Saturday, September 1, 1973, at Spellman Memorial Hospital in Smithville, Mo. She is survived by two sons, Floyd Walker, 727 N. Crysler, Independence, Eddie Peacock, Springfield, Mo.; three daughters, Mrs. Ella Bowles, of the home, Mrs. Yoland Sapp, 228 N. Arlington, Indep., Mrs. Twila Watkins, Rayville, Mo.; six sisters, Mrs. Anlia Wilson, Denver, Colo., Mrs. Jennie Smith, Oak Grove, Mo., Mrs. Iva Adams, Colo. Springs, Colo., Mrs. Mary Grise, Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. Flo Norman, and Mrs. Nora Wayt, both of Comp ton, Calif.,"

(a likely sister is Minnie E. SUTER Guffey 1858-1955 buried in Caldwell County, Mssouri # 165212241.
Another sister could be Russia Dell SUTTER Bruns 1877-1964 buried in Springfield Missouri "148814909.

A brother could be Clark Wells Suter 1870-1963, # 38225997, also buried in Caldwell County.
Another brother could be Stephen Hodge Suter 1873-1956 buried in Portland, Oregon # 23167683.

Flo L. Norman, born October 17, 1898 in Nebraska, died October 25, 1986 in Los Angeles County.
She's buried in Green Hills, Memorial Park, Rancho Palos Verdes, # 72205266.


August 1922 "Ralph Norman returned Saturday from a short visit in Denver "

In 1928 Denver, Ralph is working for U.S. Drug Sales, living at 722 Lincoln - same address as Hily.

Ralph Aubery Norman registered for WWII, with his mother Hily as a reference.

Ralph 1905-1944 might be the one buried in Denver # 92336933.
That memorial says "same stone as T. J. and Ollie Norman."

Ollie 1894-1974 # 92336932. T. J., # 92336934 has no birth or death dates.

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