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Yuma County Pioneers -

Stephen O. Rowan

, 3 North 44 West

In 1870 Bells, Ohio, Kentucky, Richard Rowan,30, farmer, Martha J. Rowan, 26, Robert A. Rowan, 9, Vincent Rowan, 6, and Stephen A. Rowan, 3 mos., all born in Kentucky. Mary Fields is 14, housekeeper, born in Kentucky.

He married Floria Adaline Carson at Floria's parents' home in Ohio County, Kentucky on February 12, 1891.

1900 Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky, Steven & Flora: married ten years. Had 5 children, all still living.
Her mother Delilah Carson is widowed. Delilah Carson had 17 kids,9 living. Steven Rowan, head, 30,Feb 1870 Flora Rowan, wife, 28, Feb 1872, Leta Rowan, daughter,6,Dec 1893, Elsie Rowan, daughter,4,Sep 1895, Donnie Rowan, daughter,3,Jan 1897, Hugh Rowan, son, 1, Oct 1898, William G. Rowan,son,1 mo.,May 1900, Delilah Carson, mother-in-law,68,May 1832, Debie Hoover, servant, 26,Mar 1874.
All were born in Kentucky.

October 20, 1905 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rowan and family, Messrs. Pirtle Russel and A. Rowan and son arrived in Wray Wednesday and expect to make their home with us. Mrs. Rowan is a sister of Rev. Carson."

July 1909 "Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rock, of Logansport, Ky., arrived Monday and will visit relatives in this vicinity for the summer seeking relief from asthmatic trouble. Mr. Rock is a cousin of Mrs. Homer Hampton and Mrs. S. O. Rowan."

December 1909 "Mrs. Steve Rowan has been quite sick."
"Mrs. O. S. Rowan living north of Wray still continues very ill and is still under the doctor's care. She seems to improve but slowly."

Flora was born near Hartford Kentucky, on February 21, 1872, one of 17 children of Thomas Henry Carson and Delilah Vitula Bennett. . died January 20, 1910, buried in Wray # 68948464.

In 1910 Yuma County Stephen Rounds [Rowan], 40, Lita M Rounds, daughter, 17, Ednie [Elsie] B. Rounds, 14, Donnie C. Rounds, 13, CO Hugh C. Rounds, 11, CO Mary M. Rounds, 8, CO Maude V. Rounds, 6, CO
1913 "The Odell Bros. have been threshing in the hills the past week on the Rowan, Baccus, and Wilson farms."

August 1913 "Hugh Rowan returned from the flats with a badly-sprained knee but is slowly getting better. The Odell Bros. have been threshing in the hills the past week on the Rowan, Baccus and Wilson farms.
October 1913 "An item which escaped our notice last week was the arrival of Mrs. Martha J. Rowan , who came from Oswego, Kentucky, to spend the coming winter with her son, Steve Rowan, and family of a few miles north-west of Wray."

January 1914 "Grandma Rowan, who has been very sick for the past week or two is getting better.
Mrs . Newt Carlock has also recovered from her sick spell."

1914 "R. Rowan of Kentucky has been visiting his brother, S. O. Rowan, and returned home Friday taking his mother with him.
S. O. Rowan and N. O. Mullison are sowing their spring wheat."

Stephen proved up 320 acres in sections 27 and 34, 3 North 44 West, in 1916.

In 1930 Yuma County, Stephen is a poultry farmer, 60, and Hugh T. 31 is with him.

Stephen is buried in Wray 1870-1964 # 68948506.


Wesley - January 1907-February 1907 is buried in Vernon # 79921365.


Hugh Carter Rowan registered for WWI in Wray, born January 25, 1899, farming with his father.

H.C. Rowan married Jean M. Allshouse on June 11, 1932, recorded in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Jean was in Denver in 1930, married to Floyd Allshouse.

1926 "Miss Hazel Jean McKinley. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McKinley, of Cooperstown, and Emory Earl Allshouse, of Greensburg, were married on Saturday at 11canie:45 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents at a quiet but pretty wedding, the guests including only the immediate families and intimate friends.
The bride is a graduate of Rocky Grove High School, class of 1914 and also attended Grove City College. For the past few years she has been a teacher in the Venango county schools, where she has made a host of friends who extend best wishes. Mr. Allshouse is circulation manager for a Philadelphia publishing company. They left on a wedding trip to eastern points, making stops at Atlantic City, Philadelphia, New York, and other points of interest.
Among those present at the wedding were: Mrs. C. F. Hodgkins, of Greensburg, mother of the groom; Miss Hattie Allshouse, of Greensburg, a sister; Mrs Eveline McKinley, of Rocky Grove, great-grandmother of the bride; Mrs. Martha Spence, of Rocky Grove, and Mrs. Mary Riesinger, of Cochrnoton, grandmothers of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kendrick, of Franklin, and Rev. and Mrs. L. W. Miller, of Reno."

May 26, 1931 Franklin, Pennsylvania "Earl Allshouse, son-in-law of Clyde McKinley, received word of the death of his mother, Mrs. Anna Hodskins, of Greenshurg, on Friday night. His brother, Floyd Allshouse, of Denver, died Saturday morning. Funeral service for Mrs. Hodgkins were conducted at Greensburg with Mr. McKinley as undertaker. He will have charge of the funeral of Floyd Allshouse later in the week."

Floyd E. Allshouse obituaries were in the Denver newspapers from May 25 to May 27, 1931.

(Jean's daughter Irene Allshouse married Daniel C. DeWitt on August 29, 1931 in Denver."

In 1940 Denver, Irene is living in the 17th Street Hotel, a waitress, 29, born in Pennsylvania.

In 1940 Denver, James W. Rowan, 51, no birth place or occupation, is listed on Sherman Street in Denver, with a wife 47, also no place of birth or occupation.

Mrs. Jeanne N. Rowan's obituaries are in the May 31 and June 1, 1955 Denver newspapers.

"Hugh Carter 'Jim' Rowan was born 25 January 1899 at No Creek, Ohio Co Kentucky. He married twice, the second wife being Maxine _____, but had no children. He was a house painter and a poultry farmer. Jim died in September 1955 at Denver."
James Carter Rowan 1899-1955 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 35037032, with Jeanne 1915-1955 # 35036906.


January 25, 1912 "Miss Elsie and Donnie Rowan spent Sunday with the Walsh girls."

August 1913 "Last Thursday morning Guy Walsh in climbing a rye stack slipped down, falling on his pitchfork running the tines in his body, making a very painful and serious wound."

December 25, 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Walsh and little son came up from their home in McCook, Nebraska, Saturday morning and are visiting Mr. Walsh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Walsh, and Mrs. Walsh's father, S. O. Rowan."

1922 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Walsh took their year-old baby girl to Denver Tuesday for special treatment at one of the Denver hospitals."

Elsie Bennett (Rowan) Walsh 1895-1965 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 35036484, with Guy 1893-1956.


Donnie married Gail Carson on July 19, 1915 in Wray.

Donnie Carson Rowan 1897-1952 is buried inWray # 17076484.


July 24, 1919

Mary 1901-1969 is buried in Wray 1901-1969 # 17083195.


October 2, 1913 "The marriage ceremony uniting Newton J. Carlockand Miss Leta M. Rowan was performed Tuesday morning by Rev. Rice, of the Methodist church. Miss Rowan is the eldest daughter of S. J. Rowan, of nine miles north of town and Mr. Carlock is a young homesteader living in the same neighborhood. They will make their home on the groom s farm."

Leta Carlock is buried in Wray 1892-1926 # 17076391.


"Maud Vitula Rowan, daughter of Stephen Oscar Rowan and Flora Adeline Carson, was born 9 April 1904 at Hartford, Kentucky. She married James Wiley Milner on 20 August 1920 at Denver, Colorado.
He was born on 6 October 1898 at Huntington, Texas, son of John D Milner and Mary Etta Barge. James owned and operated a sawmill and cotton gin; he was also an electrician, and was one of the builders of the Los Alamos, New Mexico Science Lab during World War II.
James died at Albuquerque, New Mexico on 3 December 1973, and Maud died on 13 May 1976, also at Albuquerque. Both are buried in Sandia Memory Gardens in Albuquerque. They had five children-
Viola Glenola Milner, b 1 Dec 1922
James Wesley Milner, b 1923-1925
Loretta Mary Milner, b 20 Feb 1926
Betty Jo Milner, b 22 Dec 1928
Barbara Alice Milner, b 1 Jan 1940"

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