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Yuma County Pioneers -

Edwin J. and Martha (Knapp) Royce

, 3 North 44 West
Martha Knapp is in Chautauqua County, New York in 1860, 7, with Deville 26 a wagon maker. Cordelia is 27. Fraank is 4, Isabella 1.

Still in Chautauqua County in 1870, Deville and Cordelia are 36, Martha 17, Frank 13, Isabell 11, Abby 9, and Willie one month.

(Frank Knapp was a Broadway actor in 1907, directing and playing Eb. Ganzey and John Freeman in "The Old Homestead"
Written by Denman Thompson and George W. Ryer; Musical Director: H. Braham Staged by Frank Knapp
Scenic Design by Homer F. Emens
Manager: Franklin Thompson
Organist: Fred Rycroft

In 1860 Chenango County, New York, James Royce is 9, with David G. 57, Eunice 52, Harlan 18, William R. 16, and David 11.
James E. Royce is 19, a farm laborer, with David 67 and Eunice 62.

David G. Royce, dying November 17, 1873, age 70 years 7 months, is buried in Sherburne, Chenango County # 92834587.
Eunice 1808-1900 is also buried there, # 92834696.

In 1875 Lenox, Madison County, New York, Edwin is a sewing machine agent, 24, born in Chicago, New York, with Martha 23 born in Ulster County. Clara twenty-two months old was born in Chicago County, Freddie is two months old, born in Madison County.

David E. Royce, age 4, died of diphtheria in August 1879 in Chenango County.

In 1880 Chenango County, Edwin Royce is a laborer, 29, with Martha A. 27. Clara L. is 6, Arthur D. 1. Martha's mother "Cornelia" M. Knapp, 52 is a nurse, widowed.

Edwin cash-claimed a quarter in section 10, 3 North 44 West, in 1891.

He might be the Edwin J. Royce who defaulted on a note for property in Pine Grove Park, Jefferson County in 1893.

In 1900 Denver, there's an Edwin J. Royce born December 1850 in New York, a carpenter, with Martha May 1852. Clarence L. is 12, born in Wray, Colorado January 2, 1888- per his WWII registration in Berkeley, California.

In 1910 Denver Edwin J. is a carpenter 59, Martha 57, with Arthur D. 31, a mail carrier New York, Hazel V. his wife 23 born in Missouri, and Clarence 22.

Martha A. Royce 1852-1918 is buried in Denver # 55629780.

In 1920 Denver, Edwin is 69, born in New York, now married to Adele 61 born in Illinois.
In 1930 Edwin and Adell are in Berkeley, California.

July 1930 Oakland, California " colliding with John Boms, Oakland, at Tenth street and Cutting boulevard, an unidentified driver of a stolen automobile, accompanied by a VniinaT woman. The stolen oar failed to stop at a boulevard sign and drove in front of his oar at a high rate of speed. The car, stolen from E. J. Royce, tit Beck street, was overturned and badly damaged. The driver asked Borns to walk up tha street with him and see the owner of the car. They walked a few feet and the driver asked Boms for a matoh. As Born reached in his pocket, the man "

Edwin, age 87, died in Alameda County, California October 20, 1938.


Clara married Charles E. Graham on August 5, 1890, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Then she married David Hall.

In 1900 Clara is in Denver, born August 1873 in New York, married seven years to David Hall, and expressman born December 1868 in Ireland. Lucille June 1895, Florence August 1896, and Margery May 1899 were born in Colorado.

David and Clara divorced in Denver on February 27, 1905. David died May 1o6o, 1917 in SalT Lake City, age 47.

In 1910 Denver, James J. Richey is 41, Clara L. 36, Harry D. Hall 16, Lucile M. 14, Florence M. 13, Marjory W. 10, and Clara L. 8.

In 1920 Denver, James Richey is 48, Clara 46, Helen 15, and Clara Hall 18 is a stenographer.


Arthur is a poultry raiser in 1900 Jefferson County, Colorado, born June 1879, with brother Horace May 1881, both in New York.

"Auther" D. Royce and Hazel V. Drake married in Denver on June 30, 1909.

In 1910 Denver, Arthur is a letter carrier, 31, born in New York, married nine months to Hazel V., 23 Missouri.

Arthur and Hazel are in Denver in 1920.
They divorced in Denver in 1924.

In 1930 Hazel is in Long Beach, California, 38, born in Missouri, married to George Hawley, 41 - both married at age 21, so theis is not their first marriage. Goerige is a real estate agent born in Californa. Anna D Drake, Hazel's mother, is with them, 57, born in Missouri, married but no spouse.

Arthur D. Royce married Stella E. Hon on October 6, 1927 in Denver.

Arthur is in Denver in 1930, 51, now married to Stella 37 born in Illinois.

They're in Denver in 1940, no kids.

Arthur 1879-1954 is buried in Denver # 55629778, with Stella A. (Hon) Royce 1892-1971.

Hazel Vaughn (Drake) Hawley 1886-1975 is buried in Twentynine Palms, California # 100257859.


Clarence is in Billings, Montana in 1920, 32, with Lucile 28 born in Missouri.

1925 Oakland, California "The police are searching for the vandals who, some time yesterday, wrecked the home of Clarence Royce, 2938 Chestnut street. A rock was thrown through a large front window, the sleeping porch screen was cut and the lead pipe connecting the gas meter was broken. Royce was unable to give the police any information which might aid the police in tracing the miscreants.."

Clarence is in Berkeley, California in 1930, a civil engineer, 42, with Lucille 37 in Missouri. Mary Evelyn is 5, born in Montana.

All three are in Berkeley in 1940.

Clarence might not be the one dying September 25, 1962, buried in San Mateo County # 87652554.

August 27, 1967 Oakland "ROYCE, Clarence L., in Albany, August 24, 1967, beloved husband of Lucille Royce; loving father of Mrs. J. A. Lynch; grandfather of Ryan Lynch of Rego, New York. A native cf Denver, Colorado. A member of Northbrae Community Church, Sigma Chi Fraternity and SIRS. A graduate of the University of Colorado. Friends are invited to attend memorial services Monday, August 28 at 11 a m at Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda, Berkeley, Rev. Craig Jessup officiating. Interment Sunset View Cemetery."


Horace K. Royce married Edith A. Henderson on June 4, 1904 in Denver.

In 1910 Denver Horace is a carpenter, 28, and Edith 34 born in Iowa, have Lola 9, and Myrtle 4, both born in Colorado.

In 1920 Horace and Edith are in Salt Lake City, with Merrill M. 1 and William C. 7.

In 1930 Horace 49 and Edith 52 are in Alhambra, California, with William E. 18.

1935 San Bernardino County had a benefit rodeo "Horace Royce of Salt Lake City, Utah, was the rider who suffered a broken arm. He was thrown from "Tumbleweed," widely known bucking horse. Royce's injuries are not serious, it was reported at the San Antonio Community hospital at Upland.."
>Next to Clarence in 1940 Berkeley is Harry Royce, 58 born in New York, with Edith 64 Iowa, and their grandson Guy Smith 15 born in California.

Edith Arvilla Royce, born October 28, 1876 in Iowa, died May 6, 1943 in Alameda County, mother Braithwaite, fther Henderson.

Horace K. Royce, born May 5, 1881, died in Los Angeles County on August 5, 1962.
He's buried in Whittier # 131127027.

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