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Albert and Julia Styer, son John F. and Elizabeth (Haun) Styer

, 3 North 44 West
In 1860 Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Henry Styer is 39, Margaret 37, William 12, Barbara 10, Alfred 8, Albert 6, Daniel 5, Mary Ann 4, and Herman six months. Lewis H. is , Amanda 7.

In 1870 Black Hawk County, Iowa, Henry Styer is 47, Peggy 40, William 22, Brbara 20, Albert 18, Oliver 17, David 15, Mary Ann 14, Horace 12, and Amanda 10.

Henry 1821-1898 is buried in Butler County, Nebraska # 52641110, with Margaret 1822-1905 # 52878656.

Albert Styer married Julia A. Penoyer on May 23, 1880 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

In 1880 Black Hawk County, Albert is 28, Julia A. 21, living with Julia's parents Ira C. Penoyer 48 and Josephine 45. Ina Ella is 18.

They had Inez on June 7, 1881 in Fox township, Black Hawk County.

In 1885 Butler County, Albert is farming, 34, with Julia 25 and Zilla one. They're next to H.B. 64 and Margaret 62 Styer.
Next household is William 34, Ella 25, and Ednora 3.

February 10, 1910 McCook, Nebraska "Several from town attended the public sale of Albert Styer of Fairview last Thursday ."

In 1900 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Albert Styer, born July 1856 in Pennsylvania, is farming. He's married 20 years to Julia March 1859 in Michigan. She's had five kids, four living. John May 1886, Inez April 1881 and Eugenia June 1893, all three born in Nebaska.

June 2, 1910 McCook "Albert Styer of Wray, COlorado is in town today, and will leave tonight for Iowa on a visit of several weeks."

Eugenia 1893-1900 is buried in Danbury, Red Willow County # 36287841.

May 1910 "Mrs. Jennie Miller and son, who had been visiting with Mrs. Styer since her return from McCook last week, left for their new home at Sterling, Colo. Mrs. Styer had been called to McCook by the serious illness of her little granddaughter, whom she left much better. Mrs. Miller came up from Marion and joined Mrs. Styer at McCook."

April 1911 McCook "Mrs. Albert Styer of Wray, Colorado was in town Sturday shaking hands with old acquaintances."

November 1911 " Willard Haun and wife of Benkelman came to Wray Saturday to visit with the former's sister, Mrs. John Styer, and family of north of town."
"Frank Haun and family of Benkelman came to Wray last Saturday and visited a few days in the homes of their daughter, Mrs. John Styer, and brother, J. D. Haun, who live north of town."

August 1912

John D. Haun proved up two quarters in 29, 3N 43W in 1917.

November 1, 1917 " Mr. and Mrs. Albert Styer and Mr. and Mrs. John Styer and family are packing their household goods this week and expect to depart Monday for Greeley where the first named couple have purchased property and Mr. and Mrs. John Styer have rented a residence for the coming winter. The Styer families will be greatly missed in Wray."

"Albert Styer and son, John, left this morning for Greeley in their car, where they will make final preparations for making their home there."

In 1920 Greeley, Albert is a laborer, 68, Abbie 60. Loretta A. Wyant 12 is with them, born in Nebraska.

Albert 1852-1925 is buried in Greeley # 65310107.
So is Julia Angeleine (Penoyer) Styer 1859-1927 # 65310106.


March 16, 1900 McCook marriage licenses "William E. Wyant and Zilla L. Styer, both of Cedar Bluffs, Kansas."

January 11, 1907 McCook, Nebraska "Edward Wyant and Albert Styer were over from Beaver country Tuesday on business matters."

In 1910 Red Willow County, William E. Wyant is 30, Zillah E. 26, Raymond E. 8, Vivian O. 6, Dale O. 4, "Affiegole" R. 3, and Myrtle F. newborn.

Zillah E. (Styer) Wyant 1884-1913 is buried in Danbury, Nebraska # 36287937.

September 1917
In 1920 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Myrtle "Wiant" is 9, with widowed Edna Hemmick / Dimmick/ Hammon?, 39, born in Kansas, farming.
Myrtle Frances (Wyant) Merklin is buried in Saint Francis, Kanss #1909-1988 # 133573249.

Raymond U. Wyant, 24, married Emma J. Gibson on March 18, 1924 in Des Moines, Iowa.
He's buried in Polk County, Iowa 1901-1986 # 44377040.

Dale Wyant is in Hitchcock County, Nebraska in 1920, 14, adopted son of George Hertz 33 an Grace 36.
He and Naoma V. Palmer had Donald David Wyant in Denver on January 30, 1928.

Dale O. Wyant, born June 4, 1905, died May 20, 1996, last address Lafayette, Colorado.
Naoma V. Wyant, born Sept 30, 1911, died May 9, 1989, last residence Lafayette, Colorado.


1908 McCook, Pleasant Prairie items "John Styer of Marion shelled corn for C.L. Hawkins and Bert Goodenberter, this week."

January 1915 " Mr. and Mrs. John Styer and family departed last Saturday morning for their home at Greeley, after spending five weeks visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Styer, of North Wray."

John proved up two quarters in section 9, 3 North 44 West, and sections 30 and 31, 3N 43W in 1916.

May 1917 "Vivian Wyant, the fourteen year old grand son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Styer, came up to Wray Saturday from Marion, Nebraska, and will make his home with his grandparents. His little sister, Gail, has lived with Mr. and Mrs. Styer since the death of her mother four years ago."
October 1917 ""O.C. Sheridan purchased the John Styer property in South Wray near the brick yard yesterday."

In 1920 Greeley, John is a carpenter, 33, with Lizzie 29, Mabel 9, Albert 7, and Pauline 4.
August 1911

February 10, 1939 "Samuel Franklin Haun, 77, late of 614 Fifteenth avenue, died at bis home late Thursday night. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Lillie Haun, and the following children: Willard Haun and Mrs. Lizzie Styer of Greeley, Mrs. Sadie Sparks of Sacramento. Calif., and Mrs. Bertha Williamson of Denver.
Lizzie's mother Lillie died in 1943 # 60087387 "Mrs. Lillie May Haun, 71, of 1203 Seventh street died at the Greeley hospital Friday morning following an illness of several months. She had lived in Greeley since 1912. Mrs. Haun's husband Franklin Haun died in 1939.
Survivors include one son, Willard Haun of Greeley, and three daughters Mrs. Myrtle Elizabeth Styer of Fort Collins, Mrs. Bert Williamson of Compton, Calif., and Mrs. Sadie Sparks of Sacramento, Calif. Seventeen grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren also survive."

April 17 1943 Greeley "Lillie May Haun, of 1208 7th St., Greeley. Mother of Willard Haun of Greeley, Mrs. Myrtle Styer of Ft. Collins, Mrs. Bertha Williamson and Mrs. Sadie Sparks of California.
Funeral service from Sattley Funeral Home Chapel, Monday, 2:00 P.M. to Linn Grove. Rev. DennU Brown, Pastor.

"We wish to express our appreciation for the many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy and condolence extended by our friends and neighbors during the recent illness and death of our beloved mother,
Mrs. John Styer and family, Mr. Willard Haun and family, Mrs. Sadie Sparks and family, Mrs. Bertha Williamson and family."

In 1940 Greeley, John and Elizabeth are alone.

John 1886-1962 is buried in Greeley, # 65310109, with Myrtle Elizabeth (Haun) Styer, 1891-1957, # 65310108.
"Funeral Services for Mrs. Elizabeth Styer of, Denver, formerly of Greeley, will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, from Olingers drawing room. Sixteenth at Boulder, Denver. Interment will be at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Linn Grove.
Mrs. Styer died in her sleep Friday at her home, 795 South Patton court, Denver. She was born March 9, 1890 at Marion, Neb. and had lived in Greeley for many years before moving to Denver two years ago.
Surviving are her husband John, who is hospitalized; and four children, Albert F. Styer of Phoenix, Ariz., Mrs. Mabel Williams of Lancaster, Calif. , Mrs. Pauline Knippel of Denver and Mrs. Sally Heimbigner of Greeley."

December 1936 Greeley "Mrs. Pauline 'Billy' Knippel and daughter, Patricia, returned on Saturday to their home in Denver after spending several days here as guests of Mrs. Knippel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Styer."
"Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. John Styer entertained as their guests on Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. George Knippel and daughter, Patricia Ann, of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Styer of Garden City, Oscar Swanson of Windsor, Alvira Styer, Mrs. Mabel Bradbury and daughter, Teresa, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coulter, all of Greeley."

In 1940 Greeley, Albert Styer is 28, born in Colorado, Virginia 28 in Illinois, Mildred 12 in MIssouri, and Dimitri 1 in Colorado.

August 25, 1975 Greeley " An arrangement of white gladiolus and blue carnations served as decorations for the Saturday, Aug. 23, marriage of Mrs. Ruby Bradbury, 908 13th St., and Albert Styer of Mesa, Ariz., in the chapel of the First Christian Church. The Rev. Leslie Bowers officiated at the double ring ceremony and Mrs. Richard Simon was at the organ. The bride, given in marriage by her son, Eldon Bradbury of Cheyenne, Wyo., wore a long blue gown with a corsage of red sweetheart roses. Mary Ellen Towner, sister of the bride , was the matron of honor. Albert Styer Jr. of Mesa, Ariz., served his father as best man. The ushers were Bernie Towner, brother-in-law of the bride, and Arlie Pearcy of Fort Collins, nephew of the bridegroom. The reception was held in the church parlor.
The bride's four grandchildren of Cheyenne, Wyo., and the bridegroom's son and daughter-in-law were also present. Following a honeymoon in the mountains and a trip to Arizona, the couple will reside at 908 13th St. and in Mesa, Ariz.:

1976 Greeley "Mrs. Albert Styer hosted the Get Together Club at her home Wednesday afternoon and opened the meeting with a poem "Prayers Can't Be Answered if not Prayed." Mrs. Etha Marshall, Mrs. Styer's aunt, was co-hostess."

Albert Styer, 65, a cabinet maker, of Las Vegas, died June 1, 2004. He is survived by his wife, Patty; sons, Scott of Phoenix, Lee of Mesa, Ariz. and Scott Jones of Las Vegas; and daughter, Alisha of Las Vegas. No services scheduled.

Mabel Abbiemae Williams, born September 13, 1910, died in Santa Barbara County, California on July 31, 1992.

Alvira married Jake Heimbigner on September 28, 1938, and died in Greeley July 1,31959>
"Mrs. Elizabeth (Sally) Heimbigner Ellis, 38, died suddenly Monday night at her home, 2717 7th Ave.
She was born Sept. 19, 1920, in Greeley and lived on a farm until about 10 years ago, when she moved to town. She had been employed in Greeley since that time.
Her first husband, Jake Heimbigner, died Mar 20. She was married Saturday to Claude Ellis.
Surviving are Ellis; a daughter, Pauline, who was married Wednesday to James Eugene Bruntz of Greeley; her father, John F. Styer of Phoenix, Ariz.; and a brother and sister, Al Styer of Phoenix and Mrs. Mable Williams of Lancaster, Calif.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m., Thursday from Macy's drawing room, with interment at Linn Grove."

Pauline Josephine 'Billie' Knippel died in 1957, buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
George Knippel, Jr. was her husband, per one tree, 1911-1985


1906 Cedar Bluffs Kansas "Miss Ina Styer is working at the hotel."

1907 McCook, Nebraska "Alonzo L Olmsted 23 and Inez J Styer 16 both of Danbury. Married by county judge Aug 3rd."

1908 McCook "Miss Inez Styer of Benkelman is a guest of Miss Rlene Allen."

In 1910 Red Willow County, "Alanzo" Olmstead is 26, "Inie" 18, Lylee 2, and Vernie 1.

1911 McCook " Miss Alice Garfield is staying with Mrs. Lon Olmsted at present.
Lon Olmsted and family were Danbury visitors Sunday"

In 1920 Red Willow County, Alonzo L. Olmsted is farming, 36, with Inez J. 28, Lila 2, Verna E 10, Albert A. 8, Albbigale 5, and Nela M. 3.

In 1930 Red Willow County, Alonzo is 45, Inez 38, Albert 18, Abigal R. 15, Nelia M. 14, and Verna U. 21, divorced.

Alonzo and Inez are alone in 1940 McCook, Nebraska.

Alonzo was buried in McCook Memorial Park cemetery July 6, 1961.
Inez was buried August 10, 1968.

Sue Olmstead Spillman, born December 16, 1907 in Nebraska, died in Orange County, California October 19, 1987.

Albert A. Olmstead, born April 12, 1911 in Nebraska, died in San Diego County May 13, 1982.

In 1930 McCook, Lila is a cashier in a dry good store, 22, living with Ed and Gladys Balin.

Lila Olmsted 32, a saleslady in a dime store, and sister Neila 24, a dafe waitress, are in Los Angeles in 1940,
Nelia Mae Buttorff, born February 17, 1916 in McCook, died February 4, 2003.

"Nelia Mae Olmsted passed away Tuesday, February 4, 2003.
She was born February 17, 1916 at McCook, NB. She graduated from high school on June 4, 1934. She moved to Los Angeles, CA and lived with an older sister, Sue. She met her husband to be, Richard Buttorff, at a U.S.O. sponsored dance in Tulare, CA, where Richard was attending Rankin Aeronautical Academy as an Aviation Cadet. They married at Roswell, NM on October 27, 1943. They lived in their Edmonds home since 1957.
Nelia was active in ladies sports and was a member of the Olympic View Women's Golf Club. She bowled with the Ladies League at Robinhood Lanes. She was active with garden groups. For many years, she was a student and leader with Bible Study Fellowship in the Edmonds area. She was a member of Toastmasters.
She adored people, especially people with pets. Most of her animals were adopted from PAWS. She has been a member of Christ Lutheran Church since 1957. She was a charter Seahawk Season Ticket Holder and rooted for all local sports groups.
Services will be held at the Christ Lutheran Church, 23525 84th Ave. W., Edmonds, WA on February 15, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. After the service, refreshments will be served in the Social Hall."

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