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Charles W. Winkler

, 3 North 44 West Carl W.Winkler was born in Linn Township, Audrain County, Missouri August 15, 1883, to Henry and Annie (Zimmerman) Winkler.

February 21, 1889 "  John Hildebrand and Rosa Winkler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Winkler near Benton City,  to be married this afternoon"

In 1910 Wray, in the Shields boarding house, Charles is a farmer, 36, born in Minnesota, single.

Next to him is J. E. Moss, also a farmer, 40, born in Wisconsin.

This has to be the James E. Moss who cash-claimed 200 acres in section 8, 3N 44W, nex to Charles.

June 3, 1910 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. Moss, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Winkler, north of town, left Wednesday for their home in Ottumwa, Iowa."

In 1912 Ottumwa, Iowa, Mrs. A.E. Moss made a donation in memory of Anna Evelyn Winkler.

1912 Ottumwa, Iowa "Mrs. Elizabeth Moss, mother of J. E. Moss, 919 Church street, died March 5 at the home of her son J. H. Moss in Nelson, Kans. Mrs. Moss was 90 years. 11 motnhs and 1 day of age at th« time of her death. She was well known here, haivng resided with J. E. Moss for some time. The two sons with a daughter Mrs. M. J. Blake of Eddyville survive. The funeral will be held Friday at Eddyville. The interment will be made in the Moss cemetery two miles north of Frederic."

1913 "Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Moss of Ottumwa and Mrs. Mray Winkler of Kansas City were guests Sunday of Mrs. Jane Blake."

This is Mary E. Moss, who married Charles W. WInkler on Dec 17, 1906 in Kansas City, MIssouri.

Elizabeth Hardesty, born April 4, 1821 in Louisville, Kentucky, died March 5, 191 2 at the home of her son in Nelson, Nebraska.
She married David Steele Moss in 1838. Children were James Emerson Moss of Ottumwa, Joshua Hardesty Moss of Nelson, Nebraska, and William Henry and Francis Marion Moss, both deceased.

In 1910 the Moss family held a reunion in Ottumwa. "The children of Henry Moss who died in Pleasant Township back in 1860...The living brothers of Henry moss are :James Moss, Ottumwa, William Moss, Oregon, Ephraim Moss, Batavia, Abraham and Robert Moss, Nebraska, George Moss, Chillicothe, L.lM. Moss, Ottumwa, and Mrs. Belle Pickerell of Jefferson County.

April 1910 Wray "A land party consisting of C. W. Winkler of Kansas City, J. E. Moss of South Ottumway, Iowa, and J. E. Curry of Burlington, Colo., went over land to the latter place Wednesday. They were in quest of some real estate."

1917 Jefferson, Iowa "Those from a distance who attended the funeral of Mrs. J. E. Moss were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Knight and three childrei^ of Woodbine; Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Fletcher and three^children, of Des Moines; Moss, of Plane, Illinois; Mrs. Powers, of DeKalb, Illinois; Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wilson and Mr. and'Mrs, R. G. Hdward^of Jefferson. "

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in section 9, 3 North 44 West, in 1912.

1915 Hiawatha Kansas "C. W. Winkler came over Saturday to see .... family. Mr. Winkler runs a dairy near Falls City.
1918 "C. W. Winkler was over from Falls City Sunday. Mr. Winkler returned with him to Falls City."

In 1918 the Kansas Citian listed Mr. C.W. Winkler of the Stafford Motor Company as chairman of a commmitte on machine shop equipment.

This is (if you believe the age and birth places of the hotel proprietor were incorrect in Wray ) the Charles W. Winkler in 1910 Wray. He's the husband of Mary E. Moss, and was a bookkeeper in a car company in 1910 Kansas City.

In 1900 Keokuk County, Iowa, James E. and Ann E. Moss are 55 - and he's a railroad inspector (so he could have cheap fares to Wray), Mary E. Moss 20.

In 1910 Wapello County, Iowa, James E. is 65, Anne E. 67.
James Emerson Moss 1844-1921 is buried in Monroe County Iowa # 36331683.

Francis (Winkler) Boling 1860-1950 buried in Shelby County, Missouri # 71644168 "Survivors include her husband Max Boling, five children, Mrs. Anna F. Barr, Mrs. Mary Lee Timbrook, Oscar H. Boling, and John M. Boling of Clarence, and Charles W. Boling of Huntsville; a half-brother, Charles W. Winkler of Kansas City; a step-sister, Mrs. Mary Boling and several grand children."
Her father was Henry Winkler, mother Margaret Fischer.
Henry 1837-1925 is buried in Benton City, Missouri # 27259918, with Anna (Ximmerman) Winkilder 1845-1924.

Charles W. Winkler 1883-1967 is buried in Bradenton, Florida # 124584463, with Mary E. 1875-1965 # 124584475.

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