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Yuma County Pioneers -

John T. Wisdom, Joseph G. Wisdom

, Wray

In 1880 Audrain County, Missouri, Thomas Wisdom is 36, farming, born in North Carolina?, with Mattie 36, also North Carolina. John 11, Joseph 10, Wilma 6, Hamilton 2, and Katie two months.

Thomas S. Wisdom and Martha E. Gant had Gussie Wisdom on October 22, 1882 in Centralia, Missouri, later marrying a Fagg.

Martha Emile (Gant) Wisdom 1848-1890 is buried in Mexico, Missouri # 35391813.

Thomas Smith Wisdom 1843-1925 is buried in Mexico, Missouri # 21310091, "son of James Madison Wisdom and Catherine Turner"

Maude Lee Wisdom married Homer J. Pickett on February 11, 1903 in Audrain County, Missouri, later divorced"

May 1904

July 15, 1904 Wray "W. H. Gant and Tom Wisdom went over on the south divide Wednesday."

July 29, 1904 "Tom Wisdom who has been visiting the I. H. Gant family and other relatives in this city for the past month, returned to his home in Missouri Monday evening."


Joseph G. Wisdom, 39, married Florence Estelle Root on October 8, 1909 in Yuma County.

"Estelle" Root is in Waupaca County, Wisconsin in 1900, born December 1873 in Wisconsin. G. B. 59 and Amanda 52 were born inNe York. Widowed Eda Gibbons 24, and Anna root 20 were born in Wisconsin.

(Gardner Byron Root 1840-1919 is buried in Farmington, Waupaca County # 10387761, with Saloma Alelia (Washburn) Root 1847-1924 # 103787915. )

July 1911 "Mrs. Joe Wisdom, west of town, departed last Saturday evening for her former home in Wisconsin where she will attend a reunion of her family, and will also be present at a big temperance rally. Mrs. Wisdom will be absent about six weeks, and will visit her husband's people in Missouri before coming home."

In 1912 Joe applied for land in sections 11, 12, and 13 of 1N 45W, witnesses Addison B. Churchill, Isiah H. Gant, Patirck T. Rummel and John T. Wisdom, all of Wray.

February 1913 "Joe Wisdom of a few miles west of town was seen at this place on Monday. Homer Pickett, who lives west of town was seen at this place on Monday."

July 1913 " H. S. Cosby and wife entertained at an elaborate dinner Sunday . The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Homer Pickett and children, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Price and little son, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wisdom and Mr. Lamar."

July 1914 "Thomas Wisdom of Centralia, Mo., is expected the first of next week for a visit with his sons, John and Joe Wisdom, and his daughter, Mrs. H. J. Pickett, and their families."

In 1910 Eckley precinct, Joseph is farming, 39, with Florence 36 born in Wisconsin.

August 1913

December 1913
February 1914 " Fred J. Bolander, who bad been visiting in the Joe Wisdom home, left for his home in Chicago last Friday. Mr. Bolander is a nephew of Mrs. Wisdom and has been to Denver looking after a real estate deal."

March 1916 "Mrs. Joe Wisdom left Tuesday morning for Denver, where she goes to purchase stock for her millinery business here."

December 1916

July 1917

March 1919 "Fern Gibbons, who had been the guest of Mrs. Joe Wisdom, left Saturday night for her home at Waupaca, Wisconsin."

Joe and Florence are still farming, no kids, in 1920 Yuma County.

Florence Wisdom 1874-1922 is buried in Wray # 30593229.

December 28, 1922

July 5, 1923
Joseph Grant Wisdom 1870-1961 is buried in Audrain County, Missouri # 52787282.
"Joseph Grant Wisdom, 90, of Caldwell Nursing Home in Mexico, Missouri, died at 11:00pm on March 28, 1961 at the nursing home. Dr. H.A. Gerrell, of Mexico, pronounced death caused by Reynaulds Disease of the foot and toes, due to Hypertension and Senility. The informant was Mrs. Ute Fogg of Centralia.
Joseph was born May 17, 1870, in Audrain County, the son of Thomas S. and Martha (Grant) Wisdom. He was a widower. Joseph was a farmer all of his adult life."


In 1900 Audrain County, John Wisdom is farming, born March 1869 in Missouri, married 7 years to Lula March 1878 , with Laura November 1899, all three born in Missouri.

September 9, 1904
This likely should have been J.T. Wisdom.

Lulu Wisdom 1877-1904 is buried in Wray, 1877-1907, # 30593354, "Wife of John Wisdom."

October 21, 1904

October 28, 1904

August 17, 1906 "Mr. Charles Bolander and family and his sister Miss Stella Bolander of Dayton Ohio, and Mr. Otis Cox were Sunday visitors at Mr. O. G. Bolander's.
Miss Stella Bolander of Dayton Ohio who has been visiting her brother C. D. Bolander for several weeks has gone to the mountains for a few weeks before returning home."

March 27, 1908

January 1909 "John T. Wisdom and wife moved to town Thursday from the farm west of town and Mr. Wisdom has taken up his duties as agent for the Continental Oil Company."

In 1910 John is an oil salesman in Wray, 41, with Stella M. 35 and Clyde J. 1.

January 1912 "H. J. Pickett, who is on the John Wisdom farm purchased Coral Willis's grey team Tuesday."

August 1913 "Noah Bolander is in town this week visiting his cousin, Mrs. John Wisdom, and family."

October 1914 "J. T. Wisdom and father, T. S. Wisdom, spent a few days in the mountains the past week , enjoying the beautiful scenery which our mountains provide."

November 1915 "J. T. Wisdom has just completed a commodious barn on his lots in the north part of town, in which to house his horses and dairy cows. The building is forty feet square and is arranged especially convenient for the purpose for which it is used."

February 1916 "Noah Bolander, who for some time has had charge of the Wisdom oil wagon, moved up in the hills this week to the John Styer place just north of Wray."

July 1918 "Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wisdom are enjoying a visit from Mrs. Wisdom's father and sister, T. S. Wisdom and Mrs. Smith Crump, who arrived from Missouri."

In 1920 John is in Wray, no occupation, 50, with Stella 48 born in Ohio. Clyde J. 10 and Imogene 9 were born in Colorado.

John T. Wisdom 1869-1926 is buried in Wray # 30593286.

So is Stella "John F. Wales, a former resident of Yuma, died Thursday of last week at Pueblo at the age of 86 years. His remains were shipped to Wray, arriving Friday. the deceased was a long-time resident of the county. He formerly farmed in the Vernon community, later moving to Yuma where he acquired considerable property in the town. He sold his interests here and moved to Wray where his wife died in 1927. He later married Mrs. Stella Wisdom of Wray who survives him.. He and his first wife had four children."


Clyde J. Wisdom, 20, married Callie M. Whissen on May 25, 1929 in Yuma County.
Callie was born April 28, 1911 in Rockingham County, Virginia to John M.F. Whissen adn Carrie Garfield Dunavin.

Clyde is driving a dray truck in 1930 Wray, 21, with Callie M. 18 born in Virginia.
They have John E. newborn.

In 1940 Wray, Clyde is 39, Callie 28, John E. 10, James M. 7, Betty J. 6, Wiliam J. 5, Carol J. 4, Dorothey J. 3, Thomas W. 1, and Jack W. four months.

Clyde 1909-1986 and Callie 1911-1999 # 48271294 are buried in Wray.
So are John M.F. Whissen 1875-1971 # 81493636 and Carrie 1881-1952 # 81493550.


In 1940 Denver, Louis H. May is an office manager, 32, born in Washingotn, with Imogene L. 29 COlorado. They have Norman W. 2 born in Colorado.

Henry May, born October 3, 1908, died in July 1950.

Norman is buried in Fort Logan 1938-1999 # 962014, with Misako May 1931-1988.

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