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Yuma County Pioneers

Joseph F. Ball

"Heirs of Joseph F. Ball, deceased" cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 3N 48W in 1891, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.

In 1902 The Empire Ranch and Cattle Company sued A. C. P. Warwick, George A. Clark, George K. Clark, "Joseph F. Ball, trustee for the State Bank of Yuma", Frank H. Young and wife for a land claim issue.

There's a Frederick Ball in 1880 Boone County Iowa, a coal miner, 48 born in England, with Ann 44 Nova Scotia. Edward 19 and Thomas 18 are coal miners born in Illinois, and Alexander 13, John 5 and Robert 3 born in Iowa.
This one is still alive in 1900 Appanoose County, "E.F. Ball" with only ANne H. 60 and robert F. 22.

Ann is in Denver in 1920, widowed, 79, living with Robert F. 42 and his wife Bertha M. 38 both born in Ioa. Robert is a shoe salesman.
So this Frederick is not the Joseph F. of Yuma County.

Joseph Ball is a miner in 1880 Leadville, with Mary Jane, both 38 born in England. Annie 5 and Lottie 3 were born in Ohio, and Henry newborn in COlorado.

Lewis W. Ball cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 5N 46W in 1890.

Robert P. Ball cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 5N 47W in 1891.
That land was owned by W.C. Bell in 1920.

August 1913 "Andrew and Robert Ball were in Wray over Sunday returning to their home south of Yuma Monday morning. Thoy have been employed out on the flats south of Wray for some time." These are probably German Ball's sons - from Mildred precinct.

February 13, 1919 "Judge I. L. Barker performed a weddings ceremony one evening last week with Robert Ball of Yuma, and Miss Grace R. Protsman of Eckley, as the principals."
This Robert is a railroad fireman in 1920 Logan County, Colorado, 25 born in Illinois, with Grace 17 born in Nebraska.

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