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Yuma County Pioneers

Artemas L. Bellingar, Eugene A. Bellingar

In 1870 Isabella County, Michigan, Artimus is 46, Christiane 38, Eugene 15, Albert 10, Frank 7, and Minnie 2.
In 1870 Allegan County, Michigan, Esther M. Pierce is 36, Ida R. 11, Edward E. 9, and Mary 7.
Edward Pierce married Emma Mayfield in Muskegon County September 7, 1893.
They're buried in Poplar Hill - same cemetery as sister Mary. Edward 1860-1948 # 104237972.
Esther, born about 1834 at Tarma, Ohio, married John LaDue in Grand Rapids April 11, 1872.
In 1880 Allegan County, Esther M. LaDue is 46, married but no spouse, with son Claud 7 born in Michigan.

In 1880 Muskegon County, Michigan, Artemas is 54, born in New Jersey, a carpenter, with Christina 47 Germany. Albert 21, Franklin 19, Marie 12, and Louisa Bell 7 were all born in Michigan.

Artimus Bellinger is buried in Muskegon dying Sept 2, 1886, per # 84095986.

In 1900 Kosciusko County, Indiana, Elizabeth Bellingar born January 1832 in Germany, is widowed. He grandson Edward Devanin born April 1890 in Michigan is with her.

John E. Davanon 1890-1919 is buried in Kosciusko County # 69604169.
So is Christina E. Bellinger 1831-1915 # 69490202.

Eugene, born at Toledo, Ohio, married Ida Pierce in 1879 in Muskegon County.

Eugene is a carpenter in Muskegon County in 1880, 25, married to Ida 21 with Marie I. 3. Ida's sister Mary Pierce 18 is with them.

Eugene A. Bellingar in 1890 and "Heirs of Artemas L. Bellingar" in 1891 cash-claimed quarters in 32, 3N 48W in 1891, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.
Next to them, "Heirs of Esther M. Pierce" cash-claimed a quarter in 1891.

Kate Neal proved up a quarter in 21, 2N 48W in 1891, just a mile west of Yuma.

In 1910 Laramie County, Wyoming, Eugene is 51, with Kate L. 53, second marriage for both. Eugene L. is 17 born in Colorado, Cathleen 13 Missouri. Nora Paxton, his stepdaughter 32 married to Ralph Paxton 48 is with them.

August 11, 1911

Eugene registered for WWI in Goshen Wyoming, born June 23, 1892 at Yuma Colorado.
Eugene Lewis Bellingar - June 23, 1892-June 6, 1954 is buried in Morrill, Nebraska, # 47090881.

The family has a nice history:
Eugene A. Bellingar was a lumberman in his early years. By 1880, he was working as a carpenter at Muskegon, Michigan. About 1886, he homesteaded at Yuma, Colorado where his sister Minnie Davanon had settled several years earlier. He sent for his wife and children shortly afterwards. Eugene assisted in the construction of the first buildings in Yuma, including the first church. Several years later his wife Ida came down with a fever and died suddenly, leaving him with three small daughters to raise. As he was unable to care for them, he took them back to Michigan and placed them in the homes of relatives. Maud lived with her aunt Mary Pierce Henderson at Holton, Michigan; while Stella lived with her grandmother Elisabeth Bellingar at Muskegon, Michigan. Mina lived with ?] Eugene returned to Yuma and continued with his contracting and carpentry business.
In 1891, Eugene was married to Kate Neal who lived with her daughter Nora on an adjoining homestead. Eugene's daughters returned from Michigan though Maud and Mina eventually returned to Michigan where they married. Later Eugene and Kate moved to York, Nebraska but the hot winds and grasshopper plague forced them to leave. The family moved to Clinton, Missouri in about 1896 and remained there until 1909, when they moved to Torrington, Wyoming. Eugene and Kate operated a hotel there until 1911 when they moved to Morrill, Nebraska and purchased the Morrill Hotel.

Esther M. and James Pierce's daughter Mary is buried in Poplar Hill Cemetery, Allegan County, Michigan 1862-1926 # 39324845. Her death certificate says she was the daughter of James Pierce born in England and Esther M. Eggleston born in Ohio.

Abraham LEWIS and Margaret WATERS DAVIS (see #31) were as follows:

i. Sarah A. LEWIS.

ii. Katherine L. "Kate" LEWIS was born on 15 Jan 1853 Deep Valley, Tyler or Marion County, West Virginia. She married Derwick NEAL. She married Eugene A. BELLINGAR. She died on 23 May 1947 at age 94. She is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Morrill, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.
In 1885 Cass County, Nebraska Kate Neal is 29, with Nora 1, born in Nebraska. She's a housekeeper. On the same page is George Lewis 27 born in West Virginia.
This is the Nora Paxton with Kate and Eugene in Torrington, Wyoming in 1910.
Nora Neal Paxton 1879-1967 is buried in Glendale, California # 85485317.

iii. George R. LEWIS was born on 25 Feb 1855. He died on 7 Jul 1907 at age 52. This must be the one who proved up a quarter in 7, 2N 48W in 1890.
George is buried in Clinton, Henry County, Missouri 1854-1903 # 47077452. (The stone says July 25, 1908)

In 1885 Cass County, George is 30, a railroad employee, with Anna 27, Albert 4, Alberta 4, and a two month old daughter. In 1900 Mercer County, Missouri, George R. Lewis born Feb 1854 in West Virginia married 21 years to Anna April 1858 Iowa, have Alberta M. 19, Jay R. 19, Jetty 15 these three born in Nebraska, and Judson 4 Missouri.

William Judson Lewis was born Sept 28, 1894 at Spickard, Missouri to George R. Lewis and Annie Goodwin, and died in Houston May 3, 1961, to be buried in Pasadena, Texas - informant Pauline Lewis. He's buried in Palestine # 121537157, with Jessie Pauline Lewis 1910-1973.

A.J. Lewis married Emma "Henis" in Grundy County Missouri April 16, 1905.
In 1940 Grundy County, A.J. and Emma are farming, and her brothers Edward 65 and Carl Heine 52 are with them, no occupation.
Albert Jay Lewis 1880-1961 is buried in Mercer County, Missouri # 10884569.
He was born in Colorado October 2, 1880 (Should be 1890) and died June 16, 1961 in Kansas City. The informant was Mrs. Carl Nystrom of 4312 Sunrise, Kansas City.

Emma (Heine) Lewis 1883-1953 is buried there, too, # 10884573.
She was born in Missouri to Valentine Hein and Caroline Kaw.
iv. Hattie LEWIS was born on 9 Jun 1857. She married Mr GREEN. She died on 7 May 1931 at age 73.

v. Rebecca LEWIS was born on 13 Nov 1859. She died on 30 Sep 1890 at age 30.

vi. Aaron LEWIS was born in 1861.

vii. Maggie LEWIS was born on 9 Feb 1865.

viii. John LEWIS was born on 14 Sep 1869.

ix. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' LEWIS was born West Virginia. She married Fred "Fritz" GARDENER.She is buried in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska.

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