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Yuma County Pioneers

William G. Crammer

In 1885 Osborne County, Kansas, Chas. E. Crammer is 38, Phoebe 36, with Lilly 13, Robert O. 11, and William G. 4.

Fairview Cemetery in Osborne County has:
Crammer, Chas E., b. 1846, d. 1920, CO. A 9 IA. CAV
Crammer, Phebe A., b. 1848, d. 1937, s/w Chas E Crammer

In 1900 Osborne County, Wm. born July 1880 in Kansas is farming, and brother Bert 22 is with him.

In 1905 Osborne County, W.G. is 23, Mae 22, and Olive 1.

In 1907 "A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed in this office by William G. Crammer, contestant, against homestead entry No. 3180, made April, 1906, for SW 1-4 Section 1, Township 3 N, Range 48 W by Charley Scharff contestee, in which it is alleged that Charley Scharff never settled upon or cultivated said tract since the dale of his said entry, and his failure to settle upon and cultivate said tract exists at the present time; and that said alleged absence from the said land was not due to his employment in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States "

In 1910 Yuma County, William is farming 29, married six years to May L. 28, with Olive 6, all born in Kansas.

William proved up a quarter in 1, 3N 48W in 1912.

October 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Crammer, who had been visiting with their son, Wm. Crammer, departed yesterday afternoon for their home at Poston, Kansas."

December 11, 1914 " Wm. G. Crammer was operated upon this morning for appendicitis."

December 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Crammer are entertaining Mr. Crammer's mother and brother,and Mrs. Crammer's mother,. who arrived from Portis, Kansas."

January 1915 "Card of Thanks—Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Crammer wish to express their appreciation of the many kindnesses to them during Mr. Crammer s illness, and especially for the postcard shower coming so beautifully on New Year s Day. —Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Cammer."

March 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed E. McIlvain and Mrs. J. C. Mcllvian came in from Smith County, Kansas, last Friday. The latter is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Crammer. Mr. McIlvain and family will make their home on the farm north of Yuma which he recently purchased. "

William registered for WWI in Yuma, born July 7, 1880, wife May Pearl Crammer.

March 11, 1920 "Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Crammer, who had been residing at Canon City, this state, during the past year, returned to Yuma the latter part of last week, and expect to again make their home here."

In 1920 Canon City, Colorado, William is a teamster in a coal mine, 39, Mae 37, Olive 16, and Oscar 9 born in Colorado.

1921 Iowa City, Iowa "Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crammer and family of Yuma, Colorado, who have been spending a few days here at the home of Mr. Crammer's aunt, Mrs. R. C. Wagner, left this morning for Niagara Falls, N. Y. They are making the trip in their car, and carry a complete camping outfit. "

In 1922 W.G. Crammer was the administrator of the estate of C.E. Crammer.

1922 "W.G. Crammer motored in from Osborne, Kansas to attend to business matters."

March 1923
September 1928
In 1930 William requested that his Pioneer be sent to Littleton instead of Fort Lupton.

William is a filling station clerk in Littleton, Colorado in 1930, 49, Mae 48, Oscar 19, and son Dwayne , 5.

In 1934 Denver, Wm. G. (Mae L.) live at 3430 Gilpin - so does Oscar E. a driver for Carlson-Frink Co- (a dairy)

February 27, 1936
March 24, 1938

"Watseka Wooers Wedded-
Clinton, Illinois, Jan. 13, 1908.
Miss Juanita Wilson and Fred G. Parker, both residents of Watseka, were united in marriage Sunday by the Rev. S. L. Boyers at the Methodist church parsonage. The license was secured Sunday morning by the groom. The couple returned to Watseka after the ceremony where they will make their home. "

The license said Juanita Parker. In 1930 Roswell, New Mexico, Fred G. Parker is a truck driver, 47, and Juanita 42, both born in Illinois, have Clinton R. 6 born in Colorado. One treesaid she was Juanita Wilson
The 1939 Denver city ddirectory has Juanita G. Parker (wid Fred G.) living at 107 Grant.

August 2, 1956

William is buried in Loveland Burial Park, 1880-1956 # 150356703.

Olive was in Fort Lupton in 1920, 20, with husband Edward Bell 26, a truck driver. In 1940 they're in Boulder, with Billy H. 3, born in Colorado.

The Yuma class of 1923 had a 1958 reunion

Olive 1903-1966 # 126707194, and Edward 1903-1956 # 126707242 are buried in Riverside, Califonia.

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