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Yuma County Pioneers

John E. and Minnie (Bellinger) Davanan

In 1860 Clinton County, New York, John "Devenon" is 5, with parents John 39 and Maria 28. Josephina is 9, Maria 8, John 5, Victory 3 and Rsilla eight months.

John Edward Davanon, age 23, born in Manchester, New Hampshire, married Minnie Bellingerin Muskegon, Michigan on March 10, 1883. So Minnie's brother claimed land, too.

He was a painter in Muskegon in 1889.

John cash-claimed a quarter in 29, 3N 48W in 1891, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.

" John and Minnie DaVanon homesteaded at Yuma, Colorado shortly after their marriage. Minnie delivered her son Frank in a sod-house at Yuma, Colorado during a severe blizzard. Her husband John had gone to get a doctor and the blizzard was so severe that he was unable to return, leaving her alone with their little son Charlie and giving birth to Frank unassisted. By September, 1893 they were living at Chicago, Illinois. "

1897 Chicago
Your oratrix, MINNIE DAVANON, of the City of Chicago in said County and State, respectfully represents unto your Honors, that she is an actual resident of the said County of Cook, and is now, and has been a resident of the State of Illinois for over one year last past; that on March 10th, 1883 at Muskegon, Michigan, she was lawfully married to one JOHN E. DAVANON, and from that time until March 19th, 1895, lived and co-hatibed with him as his wife, and during all that time faithfully performed all her duties and obligations as his wife, bearing with her husband's faults and errors and striving to make their home and family comfortable and happy. Your oratrix further represents that the said John E. Davanon, wholly regardless of his obligations as a husband, a short time after the said marriage, commenced the excessive use of intoxicating liquors and for more that two years last past, has been guilty of habitual drunkenness; that he has constantly been on sprees and remained in an intoxicated condition almost continually, and has been wholly unfit to attend to his usual occupation and business during that period; that while he is thus intoxicated, he is very quarrelsome and ill-treats his family, using abusive language and opprobrious epithets, rendering your oratrix's condition intolerable and her life burdensome, and that he has contributed but very little to the support of your oratrix and her children, but that she has been compelled to support herself and family during nearly all of said time. Your oratrix further represents that the said John E. Davanon has been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty toward your oratrix; that is to say, that the said John E. Davanon on divers days and times since said marriage, has beaten, struck, kicked and choked her, and particularly, that in September, 1893, at the place where they were then living, in Chicago, Illinois, the said John E. Davanon choked your oratrix and pulled her hair on two or three different occasions and while he was in an intoxicated condition. That afterwards, in July, 1894, he again choked and nearly killed your oratrix and was only prevented from doing so, by the interference of friends and also March, 1895, at Mentone, Michigan, the said John E. Davanon again struck and choked your oratrix, inflicting serious injury, and otherwise ill-treated her, and on each of said occasions, and at numerous other times toward your oratrix and her children, the most obscene, profane and opprobrious language, rendering her life miserable, in consequence of which she was compelled to withdraw with her children from their home. Your oratrix further represents that as the issue of such marriage, she has had by the said John E. Davanan, three children, viz: Charles E. Davanan, now aged eleven years; Frank Davanan, now aged nine years; Edward Davanan, now aged seven years, and that in consequence of his drunken habits and abusive language and cruelty, the said John E. Davanan is a person wholly unfit to have the care, custody and education of said children.

Minnie Devanon, age 30, married Thomas Fletcher October 14, 1897 in Chicago.

In 1900 Chicago, Minnie is married to Thomas Fletcher three years. She was born Octo 1867 in MIchigan. He sons Charles Doavanon May 1885 Cand Frank Dec 1886 were both born in Colorado.

In 1920 Chicago, John is a laborer, 60, widowed, born in New Hampsire, living in a rooming house.

One tree said that John died August 12, 1921 in Chicago, to be buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery.
He is the father of John E. Davanon, serving as a private in D, 30th U.S. Infantry, with an invalid pension commencing October 9, 1915. He died February 28, 1919.

John is with his grandmother Elisabeth Bellinger in 1900, born April 1890 in Michigan, .


Charles L. Danavon was born at Yuma, Colorado, when he enlisted in 1904. He was discharged in 1907 at White Horse, South Dakota.
Charlie DaVanon served in the U.S. Army during the Philippine Insurrection and also served along the Mexican border. The biography of Charles E. DaVanon was printed in The History and Achievements of The Fort Sheridan Officers' Training Camp. The book mentions that "Charles E. Davanon is top sergeant and is the real goods. He doesn't give a continental care whether Cleopatra was a real nice lady or not; he is interested only in the strict discipline of his company." Charles E. Davanon was single, age 25, a sergeant, stationed at Angur Barracks, Jolo, Jolo, Philippine Islands in 1910.

Lucille H. DaVanon 1915-1916 buried in Kosciusko County, Indiana # 69604185, per one tree, is Charles' daughter. He was in Chicago in 1920, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army, 33, married to Josephein 27 Illinois, with Frank 6 and Charlotte 2 both born in Illinois.

One tree said he was born May 15, 1885, and died March 17, 1920 at Camp Custer, Calhoun County, Michigan, to be buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Chicago.
Josephine is a bookkeeper, widowed in 1930 LaPorte, Indiana, 37, with Frank 16 and Charlotte 13. Her mother Lucile Duffner 65 widowed is with them.


John E. Davanon, age 27, born in Illinois, a railroad fireman, married Opanl Primley 18, born in Indiana, in Berrien County, Michigan April 3, 1916. Her father was Albert Primley, mother a Foreman.

John E. Davanon registered for WWI in Burkett, Indiana, born at Chicago April 30, 1888, with a wife and child. He had served as a private in the infantry, and was disabled.

John E. DaVanon 1890-1919 is buried in Kosciusko County Indiana, # 69604169.
John's widow Opal received a pension from March 1919 to 1933, with $2 for minor Gladys.

Opal 1899-1945 died at Kankakee, Illinois, to be buried in the State Hospital Cemetery, father Primley, spouse John.

In 1920 Chicago, Opal is 20, widowed, with Gladys Mariettta 24 bon in Illinois.

William M. Primley 1897-1975 is buried in Grant County, Indiana # 2863951.

In 1930 Kosciusko County, Indiana, Thomas Fletcher is 75, Minnie 61, with grandaughter Gladys DaVenon 13 bonr in Indiana.

Frank L. Davanon, age 22, married Katherine Fairfield, age 21, in Chicago NNovember 3, 1909.
In 1910 he's a helper in a steel mill, with Katherine born in Illinois.

Frank J. Davanon, born 1888, died September 2, 1913 in Chicago, a crane operator, living at 913 W. 59th, married. He was to be buried in Calvary cemetery.

Catherine is living with her parents in 1920, widowed, with Joseph 8 and Leonard 7.
In 1930 they'e still with the Fairfields. Catherine using the Fairfield name.

Joseph Francis Devanon, born March 18, 1911, died November 9, 1995 in Los Angeles County.

Leonard E. Davanon, Sr. 1912-2000 is buried in Miller County, Missouri # 157248733, with Helen .

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