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Yuma County Pioneers

Valentine Diehl

Valentine cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 3N 48W in 1890, near a number of other cash claims of 1890-1891.


Richard Charles Diehl, who was a freight and retail merchant entrepeneur in Montrose, Colorad, going to the Klondike, for example, buried in Montrose in 1910.

October 20, 1910 "All Montrose was shocked at noon Thursday to hear that Mrs. Sarah Diehl, widow of the late Charles Diehl, had dropped dead at her home. Mrs. Diehl was stricken with apoplexy while working in her kitchenand suddenly fell over backward. She was dead when Dr. Meredith reached the house a few minutes later. Dr. Meredith said that she was probably dead before she reached the floor. Mrs. Diehl was one of the pioneer women of Montrose, and came to Montrose twenty-seven years ago. The last part of the journey from Gunnison to Montrose was made in a stage coach. For many years she has been one of our most popular and respected women. She was 57 years old. Chas. Diehl, the late husband, died at his home in Montrose on January 9, 1910. The couple were married in Center county, Pa., of which place both were natives. Daughter, Mrs. Ed Silva of Montrose, survives. The funeral will be held Sunday, the exact hour will be announced later. Mrs. Diehl was engaged in canning fruit in her kitchen when she was seized with the fatal attack. Dr. Meredith was immediately telephoned for; her daughter and Mr. Silva were also immediately notified and reached her house a few minutes after Mrs. Diehl had expired."

Valentine Diehl, son of George and Regina Diehl of Rochester, New York. "Vally" was 13 in 1880, John A. 9, Flora 7, George 4, Joseph 2, and Fred six months.
Valentine 1831-1897 is buried in Genesee County, Michigan # 156600799.

Valentine Diehl, born about 1830, farming in Genesee County, Michigan in 1880, with Catherine 49, Fanny 18, Phillip 15, May 14, Joseph 11, and Jacob 5.


Valentin Diehl, a druggist in 1900 Bon Homme County, South Dakota, born Nov 1859 in Wisconsin, married 14 years to Elizabeth, with Doris 13, Maurice 9, Philip 4, and Valentine 2, all born in South Dakota.

This V.B. Diehl 1857-1915 is buried in Mitchell, South Dakota # 114149771.


Gabriel H. Diehl cash-claimed a quarter in 8N 47W in 1891 (Phillips County, about thirty miles north east of Valentine's claim)
Henry Gabriel Diehl 1851-1925 is buried in Twin Falls, Idaho, # 81703020.

William S. Diehl also cash-claimed a quarter in 8N 47W in 1891
He's probably the one buried in Salt Lake City 1849-1895 # 21284081.

Philip R. Diehl cash-claimed a quarter in 5N 51W - (Washington County, about twenty miles west of Valentine's claim) in 1891.

William and Henry Gabriel Diehl were sons of Rev. John Diehl 1823-1894 # 136815497.

In 1870 Lincoln, Nebraska, John is farming 47, Elizabeth 40, William 20, Henry 18, Isaac 9, and Charles eleven months.
William, 30, Henry 28, and Isaac 21 are farming together in 1880 Hitchcock County, Nebaska.

Jacob Lingenfelter Diehl was born in Snake Spring Valley, near Everette, Pennsylvania, April 1, 18fi4. When a year old his parents' family moved to Fulton County, Illinois, where he grew to manhood on a farm near Sunniiuiii, Illinois. In 1885 he worked on a farm for W. H. Boyer, near Ipava. In 1885 he went to Akron, Colorado, pre-empted 160 acres of land, (This was 1891, land in 2N 53W) took a timber claim of 160 acres, and worked nearly three years as locomotive fireman for the C. B. & Q Railroad, until the great railroad strike of 1889. He then returned to Illinois a year. In 1892 he went to Pawnee County, Nebraska, and worked on a farm a year. On December 21, 1893, he married Clara Coi)enhaver, of Pawnee, Nebraska, who was born Nov. 30, 1867. He then engaged in farming and operating a corn sheller — shelling as much as 2,200 bushels a day. In 19(!l he moved to Holton, Kansas, and continued farming. In 1907 he sold that farm and bought 1()0 acres near Emporia, Kansas, which is their home.

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