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Yuma County Pioneers

Marshall Farrar

In 1880 Schuyler County, Illinois, Marshall "Farrer" is 18, with Abraham - a retail grocer - 50 and Hester 37. Alma is 16, and Vernon is 11.

Abraham died October 11, 1882, and is buried in Schuyler County # 158357581.

Hester Ann Farrar, per # 158357582, was born April 1843, remarried and moved to Colorado after the death of Abraham.
Hester and Isaac B. Cadwallader married Nov 4, 1885 in Schuyler County, Illinois.
In 1895 Sherman County, Kansas, I. B. Cadwalader is 58, H.A. 53, with M. H. 17.
Hester A. Colwalader dying 1913 age 70 buried in Riverside, block 11, lot 49, has to be the same one.

Blanche was in Clearfield County Pennsylvania in 1880, age 8, with Daniel 38 and Eliza Jane 31 "McMonegle" Sarah is 10, Amanda 7, Henrietta 5, Stephen 4,a nd Gardner W> 2.

Blanche's brother Stephen 1876-1960 is buried in Arvada # 19231010.

Marshall cash-claimed two quarters in sections 22 and 23, 3N 48W in 1890, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.
He had a record of a homestead filing in that township, but it wasn't completed.

Marshall A. Farrar married Blanche McMunigal July 7, 1890, recorded in Arapahoe County (Denver was the county seat.)

In 1900 Arapahoe County (ValVerde area of Denver) Marsahll is a teamster, born Feb 1862 in Illinois, with Blanch A. Sept 1871 Pennsylvania, with Hazel V. April 1891 and George A. April 1895.

November 8, 1901 "Friday of last week Marshall Farrar, better known here as Illinois, who is employed by the bureau of highways of Denver, met with an accident which may prove fatal. He was standing astride the lever of a scraper, which flies up with tremendous force when released. His body was almost rent in twain, his liver split asunder, ribs were broken and other organs were horribly mangled . The lever cut into his body ten inches His physicians say he may yet recover, but in case he does, it will be to eke out the miserable existence of a helpless cripple."

In 1910 Denver, Marshall is 47, driving an ice wagon, with Blanch 37, Hazel and George.

George A. Farrar married Mary E. Burke July 19, 1915, recorded in Denver.

Blanche A. Farrar, dying Sept 30, 1917 at age 46, is buried in Riverside, Denver.

Marshall is widowed in 1920 Denver, living next to George and Mary.

Marshall A. Farrar, dying May 12, 1949 at age 87, is buried in Riverside.
(So is Vernon A. Farrar, dying January 29, 1940 at age 74.)
George Alvin Farrar registered for WWI in Denver, born April 5, 1895 at Denver, a teamster for the city of Denver, married.
In 1920 Denver, George is an ice dealer, married to Mary E., both 24.
George A. Farrar and Elizabeth M. Farrar divorced in Denver in 1922.

George A. Farrar and Alice D. Warner married July 30, 1924, recorded in Arapahoe Count.

George died October 12, 1952.

Hazel Farrar married Guy S. Carleton February 1, 1911, recorded in Larimer County, Coloado.

Hazel V. Farrar married Frank McCoumb July 2, 1911, recorded in Denver.

Vernon A. Farrar married Sarah E. RIchazrdson November 11, 1890, recorded in Araapahoe County.

In 1900 Denver, Vernon born Dec 1867 in Illinois, married five years to Emma April 1856 Kansas, with Frank January 1887 Missouri.
Next household is I. B. Cadwalader born January 1837 in Illinois, married 14 years to Hester A. Cadwalader April 1843 Illinois.
In 1909 Denver, Mrs. Hester A. Cadwallader is living at 3929 Vine.

# 29497753 says "Isaac Bogue Cadwallader was son of Isaac and Elizabeth Ackerson Cadwallader, and 3rd great grandson of John Cadwallader the Quaker who died in Tortola, West Indies [this John Cadwallader was not the same person as General John Cadwallader of the Rev War].Isaac B's first wife was Permillia Kost who passed away 24 Jul 1882 in McDonough Co., IL. To this marriage were born 10 children. Isaac is buried by him self in an unmarked grave in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, CO. "

Isaac B. Cadwalader cash-claimed two quarters in 33 and 34, 4N 48W - about six miles north of Marsahll, in 1890.

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