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Yuma County Pioneers

Lee R. M. Halvorsen

Otoe County, Nebraska "J. D. HALVORSEN, P. O. Syracuse, was born in Norway, April 22,1845. Emigrated in 1866 to Cook County Ill., and remained two and one-half years. Then in 1868 came to Nebraska, and took a homestead of eighty acres and bought eighty acres besides. He married in 1868, Miss Sophia Swanson, also a native of Norway. They have three children."

In 1885 Otoe County, Nebraska, Leroy M. Halverson is 6, with parents John 35 and Sophia 30, farming. Haerman R. is 9, and Edith 3.
John D. Halvorsen 1845-1924 is buried in Otoe County, # 61824275, with Sophia 1850-1935.
Edith Julia (Halvorsen) Woods 1877-1971 is buried in Otoe County # 62003033, with Herbert Woods 1878-1951.
Heman R. Halvorsen 1871-1926 is buried in Otoe County, # 61873467.

Lee cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 3N 48W in 1907, witnesses John Deering, Henry Deering, Charles Nelson, and Harvey Mann.

Lee Halverson is in 1910 Otoe County, Nebraska, a bookkeeper for a carton factory, 36, married nine years to Sula 31, with Ruth 5 and Dororthy 1, all born in Nebraska.

1917 Yuma "L.R. Halvorsen, of the Faultless Caster Company of Evansville, Indiana, and family came in last week for a visit at the homes of Henry Deering, north of town, and Fred C. Strong, south of town. Mr. Halvorsen departed for his home Tuesday, but his family remained for a longer visit."

Lee probably knew Fred from Otoe County, and that's why he claimed land near Fred's claim in 3N 48W.

In 1920 Evansville, Indiana, Lee is treasurer for a caster manufacturer, 46, with Lula 41, Ruth 14, and Dorothea 11.

In 1925 Lee Roy M. Halvorsen is a Captain in the Indiana National Guard, at Evansville, born Sept 14, 1873.

In 1940 Evansville, L.R. is 64, Lula S. 62, with daughter Helga married to Wayne Asbell, both 35.

The Socialist Party nominated Lee for Indiana state treasurer in 1940.

Lee died April 3, 1970 in Broward County, Florida, age 96.

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