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Yuma County Pioneers

Oscar L. and Rose (Traxler) Hamsher

Oscar was born June 12, 1848 in Sparta, New York to John W. and Harriet Hamsher.
His second cousin Jonas Hamsher of Dansville, NY attested to his birth on Oscar's 1919 passport application.
His brother-in-law Jesse A. Van Doren of Hastings Nebraska siad he had known Oscr for 65 years.

In 1860 Livingston County, New York, John W. Hamsher is 39, Harriet 34, Oscar L. 11, Byron R. 7, and Emma W> 5.

In 1870 Nunda, Livingston County, New York. P. H. Traxler is 42, "Rasa" 16, and Hattie 8.
Oscar is also in Livingston County in 1870, 23 with John 48 and Harriet 44. Byron is 18, and Emma E. 16.
(Emma E. Chase in 1900 Livingston County is married to L. Chase 48, with Ora 20 and Ray H. 1 4.)
Emma Chasey is buried in Livingston County # 111699038,.
John W. Hamsher 1821-1896 # 111249156 and Harriet 1825-1900 111249171 are buried in Livingston County.

In 1880 Allegany County, New York, Oscar L. "Hampshire" is farming, 31, with Rose E. 25, Lloyd E. 3, and a one month old son, all born in New York.

Oscar proved up a quarter in 31, 3N 48W in 1894. Hattie E. Traxler proved up the quarter next to him, also in 1894.

December 2, 1898 "A very pleasant dinner party at the cozy home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deering, ten miles northeast of Yuma, on Thanksgiving day, was enjoyed by a large number of friends of the host and hostess. The day was very pleasantly spent at amusements of different kinds. At noon an elegant dinner of turkey, chicken and a host of other good things, was served, to which the guests did ample justice. Those present were the Misses Bertha and Stella Ryan, Carrio Klein and Maud Houston and Messrs. Lloyd and Scott Hamsher and Ed Lisle. After dinner the games were resumed and kept going merrily until evening, when the guests departed for their homes, having passed one of the most pleasant days of their lives."

November 3, 1899 "O.L. Hamsher, James Sheedy, and Leonard Smith attended the Mack Leonard sale Wednesday."

In 1900 Yuma, living on Weld Avenue, Oscar born June 1848, married 25 years to Rose E. June 1854, is a dry goods clerk. Lloyd E. Jan 1877 is a hotel clerk, and Scott May 1880 a telegraph operator.

May 1900 " Lloyd Hamsher says he is no relative of Charlie Ross, but he is lost."

January 1900 "Manager O. L. Hamsher of the Farmers Exchange was a Denver visitor a few days this week."

February 1902 "Mrs. O. L. Hamsher left the first of the week for Bird City, Kan., where she was called to the bedside of a sick aunt."

October 1903 "0. L. Hamsher will ship his cattle to Nebraska tomorrow."

June 1904 "O. L. Hamsher and son, Lloyd, are in the grocery business in Denver."

Oscar L. Hamsher owned a lot in Elyria - an area of Denver - in 1904.

December 1913 " O. L. Hamsher, of Denver, spent Christmas with the family of his son, Scott Hamsher."

June 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Hamsher came down from Denver Saturday, via the auto route, to visit their son, Scott T. Hamsher, and family. The guests were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. James Knowles, of New Yok."

August 16, 1917 "Pioneer Yuma county residents now residing in Denver, reinforced by a number of tourists, also former residents of Yuma, assembled at Washington park yesterday for an old fashioned picnic supper and to revive acquaintances and retell experiences of younger days. As a result of the picnic and because of addresses made by Attorneys Joe Fowler and E. L. Williams — addresses full of reminiscences of Yuma county's early history — a Yuma County Society of Denver was organized with a charter membership of more than eighty. F. B. Durham of Denver was elected president, P. H. Shea, Fairbury, Nebr., Secretary; Mrs. L. E. George, Denver, assistant secretary, and 0. L. Hamsher, historian. The society will meet the last Saturday of July each year for a picnic and reunion at Washington park. The following attended the picnic: T. B. Bowles, wife and daughter; B. F. Durham, wife and daughter; E. L. Williams and Mrs. Williams; Joe Fowler, son and daughter; Dr. L. E. George and wife; Max Binford and wife; George Cook, wife and children; Herman Walrod; A. Binford; wife and daughter; Harry Stamm and wife; Ben Ward; Louis Ward; Russell Tules and wife; Mrs. A. Gardner; Roy Gast; O. L. Hamsher, wife and son; J.W. McKiernon and wife; Mrs. M. T. Branch; W. A. Sheedy, wife and daughter; Clint Perch, wife and children, Frank Nanke and wife; T. J. Tuttle; Frank Tuttle; Harvey Mann and wife; W. R. Compton and wife; Mrs. Swan; Miss Christie Swan; C. Klein and wife; Oscar Bingham and wife; Harold Frantz, wife and children; John Keichers and wife, Wyman Tuttle and wife; Otto Tuttle; Ray Young and wife; Burr Gardner; Ed Lett, wife and children; George A. Potts, wife and daughters; Bob Lovell; W. A. Ogle, Jesse Dougherty and wife; Dwight Branch and wife; J. W. Schook; and Mrs. John Perch, all of Denver; and Louis Benge and wife, Sterling; J. M. Graham and wife, Loveland; A. N. Turney and wife, Loveland; Mrs. L. Brown, Sterling; Sam Woland, Ault; W. H. Conkling, wife and children, Arvada; and P. H. Shea, Fremont, Nebraska."
1919 "A letter received in Yuma this week stated that O.L. Hamsher and wife were then at Tusarora, New Yok, enjoying the scenes and friends of long ago."

May 1920 "Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hamsher, who motored to New Yok state last fall to visit relatives, and from there went to Florida and Cuba, returned to Yuma Thursday of last week."

May 10, 1923 "Mr. and Mrs. H.W. VanDorn motored in from Hastings, Nebraska, and are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Hamsher. The two ladies are sisters."

July 1923 "O. L. Hamsher, long time citizen of Yuma, was in Wray last Friday attending county court. Mr. Hamsher is the police magistrate of Yuma."

March 13, 1924

1925 Mrs. Hamsher moved from Larkin, Florida to Hastings, Nebraska.

Oscar Lee Hamsher 1848-1924 and Rose E. (Traxler) Hamsher 1854-1933 # 50790343 are buried in Yuma.

February 23, 1933


Loyd E. Hamsher married Mary "Block" December 24, 1900, recorded in Yuma COunty.

October 1901 "A goat was trying to chew one of the legs out of Lloyd Hamsher's pantaloons the other morning. The trousers were hanging on a line. If Lloyd had have had them on at the time, this might have ended in a very serious way."

May 1904 "Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hamsher visited this week with their Yuma friends and relatives. They will go from here to Denver where they decided to make their home."

In 1920 Denver, Lloyd is a factory foreman, 43, born in New York, with Mary B. 35 and Myron L. 3, both born in Colorado.

September 1925 "Mesdames J.S. Brown and Lloyd Hamsher of Denver, daughters of Mrs. and Mrs. Wenzel Blach, visited at the Herman and Buster Blach homes a part of last week."

June 27, 1957
May 28, 1964

Myron L. Hamsher married Doothy C. Kelly November 14, 1935, recorded in Douglas County, Colorado.
Myron died Feb 8, 1992, age 75, and is buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson County, per # 137360139.


August 1898 "Lloyd and Scott Hamsher wheeled to Akron Wednesday."

September 1899 "Scott Hamsher took No. 6 for McCook the first of the week to attend a circus."

August 1900 "Scott Hamsher has severed his connection with the B. & M., and will attend school in Denver during the coming winter."

November 1901 "Scott Hamsher, who has been working in the beet sugar factory at Loveland is expected home in the near future."

Scott Hamsher married Bertha M. Ryan August 20, 1902, recorded in Yuma County.

July 1914 "Scott Hamsher is building a 26 x 28 dwelling house on his property north of the depot."

September 1914 "Violet, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hamsher, had her hand severely burned by boiling syrup Wednesday."

1914 "Mrs. Scott Hamsher entertained her Sunday school class of girls last Friday evening at her home. The evening was spent in playing games, reciting pieces and singing songs. Fine refreshments were served, and at a late hour the girls departed for their various homes able to say that Mr. and Mrs. Hamsher were royal entertainers."

July 1915 "A few weeks ago The Pioneer mentioned the fact that Scott Hamsher had decided to erect a building on his property north of the railroad for the purpose of installing an ice plant and cold storage room. Now the building is practically completed, and it is thought the first artificial ice ever made in Yuma will be placed on the market sometime next week.
The building is 26 x 36 feet in dimensions. One of the latest improved ice machines will be used in the manufacture of the congealed moisture and the power is furnished by a 10-horse-power Morse-Fairbanks gasoline engine. Nearly half a mile of pipe is coiled around in the building, most of which is used in the cold storage room and in the brine tank. The brine tank is 17 x 4 feet in size and the brine around the ammonia pipes and ice cans is kept in constant motion. The cooling is done by what is called the direct expansion system, and the latest improved ammonia compresssor is used, the compressor having been manufactured by the Baker Ice Machine Manufacturing Company, of Omaha. There are twenty-eight ice cans, but not all of them are used at one time. Each can will make a cake of ice 11 x 18 x 32 inches in size, and this lump of frigidity will weigh 200 pounds. The cans are filled with water by means of an automatic filler, thus insuring that all the cakes are of uniform size. It takes from twenty-six to twenty-eight hours to freeze a cake solid. The ice can be made in less time, but it impairs the quality of the product to freeze it too fast. The well which furnishes the water is 200 feet deep and the water is drawn up by means of a Morse-Fairbanks deep well pump, the gasoline engine being used to run the pump. The plant can turn out four tons of ice every twenty-four hours. The cold storage room is 14 x 30 x 8 feet and is divided in two compartments. The refrigerator will hold a full car of fruit at a time, and the temperature can be lowered as much as desired. The material used in this refrigerator, without the pipes, weighed 13,300 pounds. The machinery was bought of the C. W. Kittering Mercantile Company, of Denver, and D. F. Auborn, of that city, has charge of the installation of the plant. Mr. Auborn hopes to be able to commence making ice next Monday." "

March 1918
January 1919

May 6, 1920

1925 "A number of old-time schoolmates met at the home of Miss Beth McClelland, south of Yuma, Monday in honor of Mrs. V.C. Knupp and her sister Miss Melva Hamsher, of California, who were visiting with relatives here."

June 18, 1925

1928 "Mr. and Mrs. V.C. Knutt and children motored in from California. The gentelman was the town electrician of Yuma for a time a few years back, and his wife was better known in those days as Violet Hamsher."

1929 "Mrs. Bertha Hamsher and brother, Chester Ryan, arrived from Palm Springs, California, Saturday evening to attend the funeral of their father J.E. Ryan."

June 7, 1956

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