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Yuma County Pioneers

John D. Kaiser

In 1880 Williams County, Ohio, John D. Kaiser is 15, with parents John G. 47 and Elizabeth C. 37. Katharine J. is 16, Elizabeth 13, George W. 10, and Clara L. 2.
In 1880 Crawford County, Ohio, Eva Rockey is 13, born in Ohio, with parents George 50 and Sophia 44 Rockey. Jacob is 25, Valentine 10, and Catherine 7.

In 1900 Williams County, John Kaiser born May 1866 in Ohio, is married 13 years to Evva Feb 1868 Ohio.
Danna G. was born August 1887, Ulias E. Nov 1889, Otelia June 1897, and Ora P. March 1900 wee born in Ohio.
He's on the same page as John G. i67, widowed and William 33 and his wife Alice Kaiser

Edon, Ohio - October 4, 1907 "Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser returned to their home in Syracuse, Ind., Sunday after a week's visit in Edon with relatives and friends."

April 1908 "George Rockey of Edon, Ohio, is out on a visit at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John D. Kaiser."
(George W. Rockey 1852-1931 is buried in Edon, per # 113334674.)

One tree said Eva died 1908.

July 1908 "For sale—Almost new surrey and a good road mare and a good milk cow. —John D . Kaiser six miles north of town."
April 1910 "John D. Kaiser has returned from Edon, Ohio, where he has been for some time."
In 1910 Yuma County, John D. is 44, widowed, born in Ohio, with son Ora P. 10 Ohio.

John cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 3N 48W in 1910, near a number of 1890-1891 cash claimants. Witnesses were Francis Hammond, Clarence C. Conover, Henry O. Hoch, and Ernest Loring.

October 1910 "I will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder, on Tuesday, October 18th, at nay farm 6 miles north of Yuma, all of my stock, household goods, machinery, etc. —John Kaiser . "
In 1912 that land was to be repossessed by J.F. Heiserman, and assigned to W.F. Hoch.

June 7, 1912 "John D. Kaiser, of Edon, Ohio, who arrived in Yuma last week to look after business matters, received a telegram Sunday that one of his sons had been accidentally drowned that morning. Mr. Kaiser left for his home on No. 14 the same evening." "
This paragraph from the Williams County Ohio history has a description of one John G. Kaiser's biography.

BUT that one doesn't appear to be teh same as the 1880 census.

John D. Kaiser died June 27, 1918 in Lucas County, Ohio.

Daniel George Kaiser registered for WWI with an Edon, Ohio address, farming, born August 21, 1887 at Edon, married with three children,

Julius Edward Kaiser, born Nov 1, 1889, was baptised December 8, 1889 at St. Peters Lutheran church in Edon.
In 1910 Julius Kaiser, 19, is attending college in Jasper County, Indiana.

One tree said he died June 2, 1912 at Edon.

Ottilie Sophie Kaiser was born June 20, 1898, baptised August 21, 1898 at Edon, father Johannes D. Kaiser, mother Eva Racke.

Otilla Kaiser is boarding in 1910 Williams County with Edward 53 and Rebecca 49 Schaffter.
She married George Ray Schaffter 1887-1936, and died in 1959 in Williams County.
They're buried in Edon # 89665379.

In 1930 Williams County, Ora P. Kaiser is a retail merchant, 30, married but no spouse, living with Linfal S. Kaiser 30 and Emma J. 27.
Mary C. Kaiser, 27, is married but no spouse, living with her parents John and Dora Bumb in Williams COunty.
In 1940 Dekalb County, Indiana, Ora P. is working for a lumber company, 40, Mary 39, both bonr in Ohio. Kay is 3, Roadie 1, both born in Indiana.

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